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  1. Bottles

    Good problem

    Anderson, to minimize variance. I actually think Brees averages a better performance (not by much) but he'll also throw up some clunkers. I feel like it could be one of those weird divisional matches where the underdog can give the favorite more trouble than they should.
  2. Bottles

    Pick My RBs (choose 2 of 4)

    No votes for Rudi as he seems to be coming back into form somewhat?
  3. Bottles

    Who do I Roll with in Week 14?

    Edge Defiitely, then Fred Jackson if Lynch is out. Otherwise RB2 is a toss up, I would wait and hear more Tenn. RB health news.
  4. Bottles

    i hate the ff playoffs

    Go with Barber. Redman is intriguing but risky. Rivers is safer. Depends how tough you think your matchup is and if you think you need the added risk.
  5. Bottles

    Pick My RBs (choose 2 of 4)

    Rudi Johnson vs. Stl Adrian Peterson (CHICAGO) @ Was. Clinton Portis vs. Chi Kolby Smith @ Denver I'm thinking very likely Portis as RB1. Not sure about the other....
  6. Bottles

    Should I expect Heinz Field to be the same?

    Def. stick with FWP. TJ is alittle more of a toss up, I'd monitor the weather situation closely and only switch to Branch if you hear that it will be like it was this last Monday.
  7. What do you guys think?
  8. Bottles

    Despearate WR

  9. Bottles

    WR help

    Welker definitely, then I like Evans over Harrison. Marvin has not shown it yet this season and has some lingering knee issues.
  10. Bottles

    Branch, Jenning, or Crayton As #2 WR

    Branch if he plays, otherwise Cratyon.
  11. I like Garcia--the safe pick. However, I think you could get more than any of those three. I would see what better QBs you coudl target.
  12. Bottles


    What do you think?
  13. Bottles

    Pick one to drop for A. Gonzalez

    I would drop Keith or Warner. You don't need 4 QBs!!! Especially when you have Brady--drop Warner. I think Gonzo is worth a look, but according to rotoworld, Marvin might suit up even though he was held out of practice.
  14. Bottles

    Derek Anderson or Eli Manning

    Ha, unlike mine you have some great choices! I'd go with Manning--Miami without Ronnie Brown might lose to Ohio State.