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    Set up question

    yes the only changes i made were to the back ups I only put in 1 kicker and 1 def as starters and no backups. I added one WR and one RB to my bench. I was playing around with the baselines to see how if I could bump up my WR to put a bit more importance on that position since they seemed low in rankings. With all the baselines set at 1.0 the first WR was ranked at #21 overall which seemed low. Would you keep it at that or adjust the WR baseline up?
  2. stlku

    Set up question

    Mike, I lost my old spreadsheet and can't import my old settings. I tried to reenter them but i can't seem to get my baselines set correctly. Any suggestions on how you would set the baselines with the following rules? We have 3 active WR and it seems like my RB rankings are way to high. 18 player max POSITION ACTIVE MIN ACTIVE MAX ROSTER TOTAL QB 1 1 RB 1 1 WR 3 3 TE 1 1 RB-WR-TE 1 1 K 1 1 DST 1 1 SCORING SYSTEM SCORING FOR OFFENSIVE CATEGORIES NAME SETTINGS FG Field Goals 3 points FL Fumble Lost, Including ST plays -2 points Pa2P Passing Two-point Conversion 2 points PaInt Passing Interception -2 points PaTD Passing TD 6 points PaYd Passing Yards 1 - 1000 PaYds = .04 points for every 1 PaYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 300+ PaYd Re2P Receiving Two-point Conversion 2 points ReTD Receiving TD 6 points ReYd Receiving Yards 1 - 1000 ReYds = .1 points for every 1 ReYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ ReYd Recpt Reception 1 - 1000 Recpts = .5 points for every 1 Recpt Ru2P Rushing Two-point Conversion 2 points RuAtt Rushing Attempt .25 points RuTD Rushing TD 6 points RuYd Rushing Yards 1 - 1000 RuYds = .1 points for every 1 RuYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ RuYd XP Extra Points 1 point Thanks
  3. stlku

    CBS Users

    Waivers will run on Tuesday night and you can only pick up players after that until game time. Once that team has played all of the player are locked. If you have monday night games you can still pick up players who are free agents for teams who have not played. Only player who are dropped during the week go through a waiver process again during the week if you click all the boxes and you select use waivers to do add drops. If you don't click on those boxes then none of those dropped players will be eligible until the following week. If you select Allow owners to do add drops its a free for all.
  4. stlku

    CBS Users

    Its hard to concentrate with the huge subway sandwiches hanging all over the page. I do like the site and it works great with our keeper system but I agree $150 is a bit steep.
  5. stlku

    CBS Users

    It depends we keep all boxes checked, Once the waiver order is run it only resets for players add/dropped. If you only select tuesday, players dropped can only be added the following week.
  6. stlku

    Rookie Draft

    Agreed I like this order as well. I do however like Greene a bunch regardless of who is in front of him.
  7. stlku

    Keeper Question - Can only keep 4

    I would trade Tomlinson before the draft and he would keep him as a 1st rounder I would then trade my draft pick to him 12 overall and he would give me his #1 the 3rd overall. Yeah its a little quirky how the system works but nothing says it can't be done. Looking at what is available he (LT) would go #1 or #2 off the board since the first two picks are not keeping those players.
  8. I have to choose between the folowing I can only keep 4 players in the round they were drafted in. I am keeping Slaton 12th rounder Rivers 13th rounder R. White 5th rounder I need to shoose between Tomlinson 1st Wayne 2nd I pick 12th and there are a lot of people not keeping their 1st round picks we start 1 rb and 3 wr with a flex. I was going to keep Wayne. Thoughts?? My other option is to trade Tomlinson and swap draft picks with the #3 overall pick to make sure I get a better choice in the first round. This is my favorite option.
  9. stlku

    CC/DB 2008 - Known Issues

    Ditto everything looks good. Thanks again for the hard work!! Its only June and I can't wait for he season to start.
  10. stlku


    Help Guide Scroll down to the overall ranking methods section.
  11. I think I would just combine the TE and WR. This can be done by checking the box in the setup tab under league variables. That way you do not have to adjust the baeslines.
  12. stlku

    first time user

    Yes the ADP is just a reference to see how a player is drafted based on a standard scoring method. The cheat sheet uses your custom stats and integrates them with projections to give you the best possible pick for your league. Use your cheat sheets but also be aware that the likely hood of a low ADP player bing picked above a higher one is less likely. So if two players based on your cheatsheet are ranked right next to each other, you might try to draft the player whos ADP is higher and hope the other player might still be there on the way back.
  13. stlku

    Compiler Question

    What is your league scoring system? I would not think that a TE at a 100 point disadvantage would be ranked at #5, something is wrong.
  14. stlku

    Depth Chart -Last updated?

    I am pretty sure Dept Charts are updated weekly. When you update projections (new updates are available every Thursday) the depth charts are updated as well.
  15. stlku

    Draft Input Table question

    In the compiler under league variables make sure you have max keepers set to 1 and check the keepers cost a draft pick option. Open up draft buddy and under actions uncheck the box Clear Keepers and Draft Picks During Setup. Then click set up draft buddy. This will set draft buddy up so that team one will pick 1st in the second round #13 in a twelve team draft). If you set up buddy this way you will need to enter keepers in the first round and not under the keeper input sheet. Mike you have any better ideas?