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  1. Considering starting him over Toby G at Flex in a 12 teamer PRR ....talk me out of it
  2. Striker99

    Rate My PPR Team

    Andrew Luck Andre Ellington Alfred Morris Demarius Thomas Victor Cruz Toby G (Flex) Jordan Reed B.Walsh Pats DST Bench Tomo McFadden Floyd C.ivory R.Hillman K.Britt 12 team PPR with 12th pick in the draft. Traded 13th and 8th pick for 26th and 50th before draft
  3. Striker99

    Trading Draft Picks

    Just struck a deal with another member - i need some insight My 2nd rounder at 13th pick, and 7th rounder at 84th pick for His 3rd round (26th pick) and 5th rounder (50th pick) That leaves me with 12th pick, 26th pick, 36th, 37th, 50th, 60, 61 thoughtS?
  4. I have the 12th pick in a 12 team PRR ( 1 pt per). He has the 4th pick. I gave away the 36th and 37th pick for the 16th pick and 76th Am I an idiot? I like the idea of having potentially, AJ Green, BMarsh, and Julio as my first 3 picks. Did I just up my fantasy season
  5. If you're drafting in spots 7-12, will you grab him?
  6. Hey guys Looking for a 1 year, $70-100 buy in league, non PPR not IDP, standard scoring format (similar to CBS) with a good payout for the best in the league. I don't really care what site it's on, let me know if you have something that fits this description. Preferably draft end July/early Aug. I'm an active owner (very active, almost too active) Let me know - thanks
  7. Striker99

    Evan Royster

    "I think Evan can be as good as he wants," offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan told the Washington Examiner. "He can be a top back in this league. He’s got to attack every play and every fight for every yard, just really get the mentality that he wants to be that guy, to be our lead carrier." Royster will receive his first opportunity to prove his worth after being tabbed the starter for Thursday's exhibition game at Buffalo. The 24-year-old earned the nod over Roy Helu after Tim Hightower was ruled out while he continues to rehab a knee injury. "Royster is a very nature zone runner," Shanahan said. "He wants to suck people up and get back door cuts a lot faster than Helu does. There is a reason he is the all-time leading rusher at Penn State." Fantasy owners should continue to monitor the situation and begin to target Royster as the Redskins' possible lead back. - per cbs So who's the best running back to go with right now?
  8. Simple trade: Ryan Mathews for Chris Johnson. I had LeSean who had the same bye week as Mathews. I see CJ as basically the same player but an even safer pick than Ryan.
  9. Striker99

    Fred Jackson

    Can we discuss Buffalo's situation!? ESPN.com reports that the Bills said they have a better plan for tailback C.J. Spiller this season. He was mostly ignored as a running back until starter Fred Jackson was put on injured reserve with a broken leg. But Spiller, a former first-round pick, is getting more carries in practice and looks sharp heading into his third season. The report says "expect Spiller to get more carries this season, but it's still going to be a major challenge taking Jackson off the field.
  10. Striker99

    Detroit Running Backs

    With Kevin Smith nursing that ankle injury, will Maurice Morris see the bulk of the carries in Week 13 against the Saints? Is he worth starting in a Flex position? Over someone like Santonio Holmes?
  11. Striker99

    Choosing last bench player?

    Danny Amendola or Donald Brown or Williams, Mike WR SEA I already have.... RB: Gore, Chris Johnson, Brandon Jackson, Ronnie Brown WR: B.Marshall, S.Holmes, B.Edwards, A. Boldin This will fill my last bench position.....who has more upside?
  12. Striker99

    Best Fantasy Fball Team Names?!?!

  13. Striker99

    Welp, my draft didn't go as planned

    heres the draft https://docs.google.com/a/revinate.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BxL5C9KiebTFNmUwMGU3NDMtMGY3Yi00ZWFkLTk0YmYtNGY3MmNlNjM0ZDAx&hl=en_US
  14. Striker99

    Welp, my draft didn't go as planned

    well you're right. i cant find one ;-)
  15. Striker99

    Welp, my draft didn't go as planned

    yeah. im not that disappointed in the draft as I was before. The WW is solid so I'll be dealing....