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    Cold Canadian Beer or Kegonsa Stinging Hornets?

    This was the first time I lost my 1st rounder, finished first in points against and won a championship. The waiver wire is a wonderful thing. Thanks to Zap for giving an FBG noob a shot. See you in the summer! BTW how did those of you in money leagues fare this year?
  2. ExtremeFajita

    So how is everyone who had the #4 pick doing?

    Seems like the Portis pickers are not chiming in as much on this one. I took Portis #4 (18 hours before the shoulder injury) and am tied at 9-3 with two other teams for 1st place (only one division in a 12-team league). I am #1 in Points Fared and Points Against so at this point will win any tiebreaker. Keys to my season: 1.) Gore (6th round)/Chester Taylor (3rd round) 2.) Colston off waivers 3.) I managed to fill my roster with Top 10-20 players at every position (50% draft, 50% waiver wire) 4.) IDP league...I got great defensive value through research and used the WW to improve it every week
  3. ExtremeFajita

    I went to church today thinking...

    Losing because of a lineup decision is the worst. Seeing as I finally get to watch a Monday night game w/o a fantasy game depending on the outcome, I'll take it...too bad the game doesn't look so hot.
  4. ExtremeFajita

    Week Five

    I was pretty happy too...that it was the week AFTER I had to play you!
  5. ExtremeFajita

    Newbie question

    I notice some posters have emoticons uploaded from outside this site. I tried using the "Insert Image" tool ("enable emoticons" is checked) and pasted an emoticon url but it just comes out: Much appreciated if you can clue in a clueless rookie here.
  6. ExtremeFajita

    Week Five

    Do yourselves a favor and go to the league homepage, select "Teams">"Matchup">"White Mandingo". Can we get some music to go with those dancing mascots? James Brown perhaps?
  7. ExtremeFajita

    Week Two

    Yeah...our game was the only thing that kept me watching Monday night. I feel your pain on the Green issue. GTD's have killed me more than once. Good luck from here on out.
  8. ExtremeFajita

    Week Two

    I can't complain. Frank Gore, Chester Taylor and my D are carrying my team. I'll take what I can get. Three weeks ago I was mourning Clinton Portis' shoulder. Today I'm sending psychic messages to Brad Childress to start Ray Edwards this weekend. Much fun.
  9. ExtremeFajita

    POrkchops #1!

    It was disappointing to get 0 points from Brandon Lloyd and Kevin Williams, but considering my #1 pick hasn't cracked my starting lineup yet I felt pretty good about scoring over 150. Would have been more fun with a W, but week 1 was the most fun I've had watching games in a while. This is my first IDP league and I'm hooked.
  10. ExtremeFajita

    My IR blunder

    LOL. Well, I emailed Zap right after it happened yesterday morning but I think he's been out since then because I received no response. I tried to resnag him when I had a chance at work but you were too speedy.
  11. ExtremeFajita

    My IR blunder

    I made an attempt to put Jeremy Stevens on my IR yesterday. I'm not sure how this got so botched but in attemting to shuffle my roster to get him on I ended of with he and Clinton Portis on the waiver wire now. I never clicked on anything that said "drop" or anything similar and had assumed (not ever using this interface before) that a player would not be released from your team without some sort of confirmation or prompt. I'm very confused how I managed to do this and obviously am hoping that I can get a pass on this one and have C.P. put back on my roster (which is at 24 players after this). Just my luck! He gets injured less than 24 hours after I draft him and now I accidentally bump him off the roster.
  12. My wife joined her own league this year. She has a very passable knowledge of all the basic do's and don'ts, who is injury prone, stud RB and best value theory etc. She relies on me for ADP info to avoid reaches and more recent player info. so I tagged along to her draft last night. Now this is a small league (8-teams) comprised primarily of Catholic school teachers, mostly women (now I am a big fan of both those groups of people but just laying the groundwork). My first surprise was that this was a money league ($20 entry) where every trade ($5) and waiver wire transaction ($1) goes into the pot for the league champion. Upon arrival, the hostess and league commissioner offers me a beer. Ahh...maybe this won't be so bad after all. I usually wait until I draft my kicker to drink, but one pre-draft brew can't hurt. "I don't drink at all" she says, "so I didn't know what kind of beer to get. Is O'Douls ok?" I don't have the heart to tell her it's a non-alcoholic beer, so I just pass and take her up on a cup of coffee. "It's sugar-maple decaf". Hmm...I go with ice-water. Next my wife and I are going over the draft format when the Commish mentions, "I don't like those serpentine drafts. If there are 12 teams the 1st team has to wait over 20 picks before they get another chance and they miss out on all those players." At this pont I am unable to keep my mouth shut. "Well having a Larry Johnson or LT2 more than makes up for the wait, and then you are also the first team to pick your 3rd player. The huge advantage of picking first is balanced by picking last in the next round. Plus, there are only 8-teams in this league." "Well, I figured out a way so everyone only waits 8 picks before they pick again", she replies. Here is the draft order she came up with...Round 1: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 Round 2: 8-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Round 3: 7-8-1-2-3-4-5-6 etc. Even my wife had to pipe in..."So team seven gets screwed", she says. The final word was simply, "Well we're not doing this the man's way". OK. I'm a guest here and I'm going to smile and shut up now. Of course we get Team 7 in the draft order and I just keep the smile glued to my face and get ready to help my wife have the best draft possible. At this point I felt like the guy in the Bud-Light commercial with the helmet and goggles on who has a talk with his girlfriend about their relationship. The league starts 1QB/2RB/2WR/TE/K/D. Rounds 1-2-3 we take Rudi J., Larry Fitz and Edgerrin James. OK off to a good start. Typical guppie draft with QBs and big-names flying off the board quickly. Round 4 LaMont Jordan is sitting there...great! Round 5...Roy Williams. Round 6...Donald Driver. Round 7...Reggie Bush. Round 8...Jake Plummer (backup QBs were going at this point) Round 9...Steve McNair Round 10...Ben Watson Round 11...Terry Glenn Round 12...Baltimore D Round 13...Chris Cooley Round 14...Giants D Round 15...Terrell Owens...yes, they had all decided he was a big doo-doo-head and they wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole. Fortunately I was able to convince my wife by whispering, "You don't get points off for character...do want these people's money or not?" in between every round and I finally broke her. Round 16...Josh Brown. Round 17...DeAngelo Williams My wife made all the picks and I should have kept my mouth shut about T.O. In retrospect it would have been golden if he went undrafted. An evening to remember for sure. They were all very kind and personable people, but in the context of a FF $$$ draft it took on a very surreal atmosphere and reminded me that FF sharks in the real world are much more rare than they are in cyberspace.
  13. ExtremeFajita

    Round 22

    Put some players in my queue and set it to autopick. I have a gig that ends at 1am EST and will check in when I'm home. Hopefully there's enough players that there will be no delay.
  14. ExtremeFajita


    Draftus Interruptus? I could handle it, but the withdrawal would be significant. Seems like we've built some momentum here. If I had to vote, I vote for continuing but would not object if we paused.
  15. ExtremeFajita

    Round 13

    You see Scooter? I'm not all that bad. As a matter of fact, if you email a list of your preferred players for the next few rounds I promise not to pick any of them.