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  1. UPDATE! When I tried again on my company's LAN line I had NO issue. SO, I'm ok and assume it was a limitation with my infrastructure at home. Sorry and thank you....Heres' to further success with my draft buddy! Side note: The league that I have won 3 out of 4 years (would have been 4 out of 4 if Romo doesn't smash hand on helmet) has moved to a NO TECHNOLOGY draft this year. I'm like hello??? I'm still gonna print out my info boys! Dave
  2. Hey guys, As the title implies, I'm having an issue. Get connecting to web message on the bottom info bar but it esentially locks up my laptop until I kill excel in task manager. I have opened the draft buddy a few times without issue since my download. Nothing new downloaded to my laptop that what obviously impact. Rebooted a few times... Any ideas?
  3. Checkmate

    Top Ranked Players Available Help

    Hey Mike, I'm sure that there is an easy explanation but I have never understood this. Please help me understand the players that are listed on the ACTION TAB> Top Ranked Players Available. Here is a snap shot of what I am seeing. How can Foster be ahead of Rodgers or for that case Shady ahead of Graham? Mandatory 2 QB's, 2 RB's, 2 WR's. THANK YOU. RB Arian Foster HOU 8 376.1 1.02 QB Aaron Rodgers GB 10 513.9 1.03 RB Ray Rice BAL 8 339.2 1.03 RB LeSean McCoy PHI 7 317.4 1.03 TE Jimmy Graham NO 6 318.7 2.05 QB Tom Brady NE 9 458.1 1.05
  4. Checkmate

    Keeper league

    I have S Jax as my keeper, but he goes against my strategy. I like to draft players from strong offenses that will: A) be scoring TD's have sustianed drives resulting in a high amount of offensive plays. Dallas argueably has 1 of the best offenses in the league, the Ram's do not. Marion Barber has alot of upside and I think he'll have a strong year. S Jax has a sketchy O-LINE and we saw what happened to Bulger last year. Points per reception makes S JAX more valuable as he can go for 10/100 in receiving in any game. SJAX/MOSS is my call.
  5. Checkmate

    keeper help trade whir

    I agree with taking JL. Although some "experts" think he has too many carries in him, no reason to think this is the year he implodes. If you are asking about 4th keeper I personally like Hines for several reasons.
  6. Checkmate

    Keeper League Pop Quiz

    It depends on what type of drafter you are. Safe would be MJD and Plax Upside would be MJD and KW. Plax played though alot of pain last year it would seem and that may come into play. Good luck.
  7. I have been playing FF for about 6 years and have been a student of FF for about 3. In this time I have generally seen that conventional drafting wisdom would be to draft RB's with the first 2 picks, then WR's with the next 2, then QB and later Def. Again, this is just a general rule of thumb that I have seen. Of course there are always players that transcend this strategy every year. As we all know the last 2-3 seasons the number of offenses that have 1 RB receiving the majority of carries has dwindled and most offenses now have 2 RB's that split time more proportionately. To back this up, I came across a stat that said that last season only 4 RB's averaged 20 or more carries per game. My question is this: Is it time to change conventional drafting strategy to something more like RB then WR (OR best available)? For clarity let's assume a vanilla scoring league with 1 starting QB and point per catch. Not sure if anyone out there has been pondering this question but I have been. Last year I grabbed 3 RB's in the first 3 RD's. Thank you for chiming in!
  8. Checkmate

    How valuable are RB

    I think that you should take AJ. You'll have a stud backfield AND a stud WR. I think that you'll be able to get another RB with your next pick that will fill out your backfield nicely.
  9. Checkmate

    Trade LT for Gore & Wayne?

    I can't believe this is even being considered. Can you imagine going the whole season watching LT highlights on ESPN thinking " I had that guy".....
  10. Yikes. Tough call. I assume you would want to stay in 6th for the return pick coming your way? If this is the case, who do you have your eye on at number 18? (if I did my math right). Personally I am liking moving up to take Gore. Good luck.
  11. Checkmate

    4th pick in a 12 man league.

    This seems to be the million dollar question. It comes down to upside vs. downside for me. Someone who argues for Gore would point to his breakout year and the improved offense. Someone who argues for LJ would say the O-Line is suspect and there offense as a whole appears weak. I am a Niners fan and watched virtually every Gore carry last year. I was amazed by his ability to make people miss. He was caught from behind several times when I thought he had broken a long TD. I am not worried about his fumbles as he pretty much got this squared away half way through the season. I like Gore for the upside.
  12. Checkmate

    12th pick in 12 team league...

    Stud WR scares the crap out of me. There will be another 20+ picks before you even get a chance to grab a quality RB, let alone 2 RB's. I like Travis Henry here and would back it up with Mahroney. I know what you are thinking (Beware Shanahan) but I hear that Henry is likely to get most of the carries. You could ask 10 people and get 10 different opinions though. Good luck my man!
  13. Checkmate

    2 Draft Buddy Questions

    One more comment as I look at my overall tab on DB. DST are not listed either. This is another situation where I originally had it checked not to show but have since unchecked.... THank you again!
  14. Checkmate

    2 Draft Buddy Questions

    Hello Mike! I have taken a look at the forums and can't find answers so here I go...... On the draft buddy "overall tab", I can't get TE's to show in a separate color and they are grouped with WR's. I had originally set them up in the compiler to combine but I have since removed the checkmark and chosen "Compile Cheatsheets" but they are still grouped together. Further, on the ADP tab of the Draft Buddy, it shows as you would expect it to with WR's and TE's separate. I'm sure I'm missing something and appreciate your guidance.... Also, on the ADP tab I'm not seeing High's or Low's. How do I get that info and where does it come from? I'm sure your very busy and I appreciate your time! Dave