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  1. Vilma=GOD

    Post your 6-0 Team

    same here haha it doesn't seem all that great to me
  2. Vilma=GOD

    Post your 6-0 Team

    League average-97 PPG 12 Team Redraft PPR start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/TE/K/DST QB-Farve/Romo RB-Rice/LT/Mendenhall/R. Bush/Choice WR-Welker/Boldin/Nicks/Collie TE-Clark/Olsen(picked up bc of buy, will probably pick back up leon or a WR) DST-different each week K-different each week Scored 124 121 113 134 146 164(with LT and K left) CONTENDER?
  3. Vilma=GOD

    Who started...

    lets goooooo 5-0 baby
  4. Vilma=GOD

    T.O. vs Ray Rice

    Ray Rice is doing BETTER than expected in my PPR he is the #9 RB
  5. Vilma=GOD

    The WR dude in CLE worth getting ?

    He's from charlotte
  6. Vilma=GOD

    *** OFFICIAL *** What do you need Monday night?

    I need farve to get 14 to win pass tds=5 and 20 yd/pt
  7. Vilma=GOD

    Pick one RB & 1 WR

    I would go with Harrison, they need to run the ball sometimes, and the Jets have a dominant defense as for the wr, idk honestly. in my league the guy with both is starting knox, so, there you go good luck http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=352690
  8. Vilma=GOD

    Whick 3 RBs?

    PPR, I'm 3-0(by luck partially), this is a big week for me Pick which 3 RBs to start LT Rice R. Bush Mendenhall Choice Leon Washington I will answer back, thanks
  9. Vilma=GOD

    fanball sucks

    Fleaflicker.com By FAR the bext site i have ever user, not those flashes scouting reports but free live scoring and easily the best setup
  10. Vilma=GOD

    The Official What Do You Need on MNF Thread!

    I have a three point advantage with Romo, he has Stewart 3-0
  11. Vilma=GOD


  12. Vilma=GOD

    For the rest of the season...

    Boldin and Smith both were major disappointments this week. which would you rather have for the remainder of the season?
  13. Vilma=GOD

    Trade offer

    i'd roll with it
  14. Vilma=GOD

    1st pick who is the best choice

    point 3 not 3