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    Post your 6-0 Team

    same here haha it doesn't seem all that great to me
  2. Vilma=GOD

    Post your 6-0 Team

    League average-97 PPG 12 Team Redraft PPR start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/TE/K/DST QB-Farve/Romo RB-Rice/LT/Mendenhall/R. Bush/Choice WR-Welker/Boldin/Nicks/Collie TE-Clark/Olsen(picked up bc of buy, will probably pick back up leon or a WR) DST-different each week K-different each week Scored 124 121 113 134 146 164(with LT and K left) CONTENDER?
  3. Vilma=GOD

    Who started...

    lets goooooo 5-0 baby
  4. Vilma=GOD

    T.O. vs Ray Rice

    Ray Rice is doing BETTER than expected in my PPR he is the #9 RB
  5. Vilma=GOD

    The WR dude in CLE worth getting ?

    He's from charlotte
  6. Vilma=GOD

    *** OFFICIAL *** What do you need Monday night?

    I need farve to get 14 to win pass tds=5 and 20 yd/pt
  7. Vilma=GOD

    Whick 3 RBs?

    PPR, I'm 3-0(by luck partially), this is a big week for me Pick which 3 RBs to start LT Rice R. Bush Mendenhall Choice Leon Washington I will answer back, thanks
  8. Vilma=GOD

    Pick one RB & 1 WR

    I would go with Harrison, they need to run the ball sometimes, and the Jets have a dominant defense as for the wr, idk honestly. in my league the guy with both is starting knox, so, there you go good luck http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=352690
  9. Vilma=GOD

    fanball sucks

    Fleaflicker.com By FAR the bext site i have ever user, not those flashes scouting reports but free live scoring and easily the best setup
  10. Vilma=GOD

    The Official What Do You Need on MNF Thread!

    I have a three point advantage with Romo, he has Stewart 3-0
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  12. Vilma=GOD

    For the rest of the season...

    Boldin and Smith both were major disappointments this week. which would you rather have for the remainder of the season?
  13. Vilma=GOD

    Trade offer

    i'd roll with it
  14. Vilma=GOD

    1st pick who is the best choice

    point 3 not 3
  15. Vilma=GOD

    Can i win my league?

    Hey guys so i'm done with my moves before the season heres the league setting 12 teams, PPR, standard scoring otherwise, QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/TE/DST/K can i win my league with this team? also what would you rate it any help to improve it would be greatly appreciated. thanks QB-Romo, Farve RB-LT, R. Rice, Bush, L. Washington, J. Davis, Coffee WR-Welker, Boldin, Coles, S. Rice TE-D. Clark D/ST-Saints(they play the lions the first week) K-Vinatieri
  16. Vilma=GOD

    Just drafted yesterday......how did I do?

    wow this is s stacked team, even with the ridiculous $10 fee. but with your depth you didnt really need those picks If i were you i would try to package rice/mcfadden with one of your WRs and go for a upper tier WR. i think that would solidify your team http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=349587
  17. Vilma=GOD

    Team/trade help

    Hey guys in in a twelve team league that starts QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/TE/DST/K It's PPR and there are a lot of bonuses for long touchdowns My originally drafted team from the 8th pick was QB-Romo(6) RB-LT(1) RB-Rice(4) WR-R. Moss(2) WR-Welker(3) FLEX-Holt(8) TE-D. Clark(5) DST-Saints(14) they play DET week one and i play D's based off matchups K-Vinatieri(15) Farve(13) Benson(7) L. Washington(10) J. Morgan(11) Coles(9) Maclin(12) I'm not a fan of R. Moss or having 2 NE WR's so i made a 3 team deal where i sent Moss/Morgan and received S. Holmes and R. Bush. Im a huge fan of bush in PPR and i like having 3 RBs that all may have 50+ catches So now my lineup is QB-Romo RB-LT RB-Rice WR-S. Holmes WR-Welker FLEX-R. Bush TE-D. Clark DST-Saints K-Vinatieri QB-Farve RB-Benson RB-L. Washington WR-Holt WR-Coles WR-Maclin I like my team as it stands now, but a guy in my league loves Holmes and is thinking about doing this trade I get Boldin He gets Holmes Holt L. Washington Would this be a good deal for me? I think it would really help leave a link and i will answer back
  18. Vilma=GOD

    Team/trade help

    that never effects me, as i would've drafted rice anyway. the ravens are going to give him a ton of catches this year as the preseason's showed
  19. Vilma=GOD

    Who to start, to much talent or to much risk?

    i would go bowe/colston and gore/slaton/rice IMO rice gets too many catches to not start in a PPR league, plus thomas may be out. i wouldn't worry about bowe's matchup. he's your best receiver, start him
  20. Vilma=GOD

    Should I be trying to trade for RB depth?

    i would wait it out fitzgerald/welker and slaton/rice/ward is a nice combo to go along with rodgers
  21. Vilma=GOD

    Team/trade help

    i see what you mean. i feel good about this team
  22. Vilma=GOD

    RB's to start week one!

    i would go mcfadden without a doubt, he has the most upside and should be a feature in that offense. theres no real threat so steal touches from him. plus he will be playing a little in the slot which helps with the partial ppr http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=349303
  23. Vilma=GOD

    Should I be trying to trade for RB depth?

    i like youre top 5 picks in the draft, they are VERY solid, and rice should be big this year im not sold on ward but he will get the majority of the carries so you cant really argue there how manyrb/wr does your team start?
  24. Vilma=GOD

    Team/trade help

    I'm not looking at washington as a starter, just a bye week fill in who i am trying to package for boldin and i've been high on rice since he came out of college, partially because my dad went to rutgers, but i love the way the ravens use him. if i can manage to get boldin, between boldin/welker/LT/bush/rice/clark i COULD easily lead the league in catches which is huge in ppr