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  1. Seeking 2 experienced FF owners for a well established, highly competitive 12 team redraft league. $40 entry fee with payouts for 1st ($200), 2nd ($100) and 3rd ($50) place, as well as $5 weekly high score bonuses. Our low frills, non-PPR format features team defenses and bonuses for long scoring plays. Roster 16, start 9 (including 2 flex slots), bench 7. Host site is myfantasyleague.com, the premier online FF platform, in terms of setup flexibility and owner customization. Our abbreviated regular season consists of 11 grueling weeks of round-robin play and no divisions, which insures that the four teams with the best W-L record qualify for our 4-5 week double elimination playoff tournament. Draft order will be determined by a virtual dice roll, which transpires after all 12 owners have paid in full. First year owners are faced with a slight handicap in the randomization process; something I'd be happy to go over in more detail, if you're interested. Rest assured, they're still entirely capable of landing the draft slot of their choice. Mutually agreed upon trades are executed at my discretion (no owner voting). It would have to reek of collusion for me to veto it. All rules are spelled out on the league's message board. Dues are collected via Venmo, PayPal, Chase QuickPay with Zelle, check or money order. Feel free to ask any questions below or you can email me directly at tiptoeburglar@yahoo.com Thanks and best of luck to everyone in FF this year. Erik
  2. Still have one spot open, if anyone's interested.
  3. I’m looking to fill the one current vacancy in our FF league. It’s a low risk, low reward money league. $40 per team entry fee, payouts are as follows: Weekly High Score Bonuses - $5 x 16 weeks, $80 total Division Winners - $40 x 3 teams, $120 total Wildcard Team - $20 x 1 team, $20 total Runners-Up Share - $40 x 1 team, $40 total Champion’s Share - $150 x 1 team, $150 total -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Pot - $40 x 12 teams (less $70 site administration fee), $410 total Refund checks are cut and mailed out in early January. You’re able to check your account balance at any time throughout the season, as I keep all of that stuff pretty up-to-date. The big difference between this league and other FF leagues is the scoring set up. It is extremely basic and intentionally so. Because of it's no-frills nature, it’s admittedly not a scoring system for everyone. If you have your own steadfast, pre-carved ideologies about what a FF league should be, then this probably isn’t the league for you. Here’s the scoring breakdown: Passing (QBs only), every 5 yds - 0.1 pt Passing (all others), every 5 yds - 0.2 pt Combined rushing and receiving, every 5 yds - 0.2 pt Interceptions thrown - minus 1 pt Touchdowns (any), 0-39 yds in distance - 3 pts Touchdowns (any), 40+ yds in distance - 6 pts Field goals, 0-49 yds in distance - 1.5 pts Field goals, 50+ yds in distance - 3 pts Missed field goals - minus 0.5 pt PATs - 0.5 pt Two point conversions - 1 pt Interceptions - 1 pt Fumble recoveries - 1 pt Safeties - 1 pt Shutout bonus - 5 pts That’s it. No fundamental scoring of any kind. No points per reception, no demerits for fumbles or missed PATs, no sacks, no yards allowed, no points allowed (other that the shutout bonus), etc. As you might have guessed, it’s a team defense league. There isn’t a whole lot of emphasis placed on shutting down opponents, so you’re forced to focus on opportunistic defenses, not necessarily dominant ones. Also, special teams is considered to be one in the same with the defense. If you had the balls to start Devin Hester at WR and he ran a kickoff back for a TD, that touchdown would net you 6 pts. If you had also started Chicago’s DEF, you’d get double credit for that touchdown. Make sense? Scoring tends to run relatively low in this league (football-like scores, as opposed basketball), and the 40+ yd bonus can prove to be huge. Kickers also tend to matter a little more here than in most leagues. They’re not of paramount importance -- mainly because your opponent is forced to start one, as well -- but chances are you’re not going to run the table with a complete dud in your lineup. Starting lineups (min/maxs by position): QB - 1/1 RB - 1/2 WR - 2/4 TE - 1/2 K - 1/1 DEF - 1/1 Total - 9/9 Roster limitations (min/maxs by position): QB - 1/3 RB - 1/10 WR - 2/11 TE - 1/3 K - 1/3 DEF - 1/3 Total - 16/16 Waivers and free agency are also handled a bit differently in this league. It’s a two-phase system. Worst-to-first waivers runs first kickoff through Wednesday night, followed by first-come-first-serve free agency, which runs Wednesday night through first kickoff. Once you release a player, they can’t be re-acquired by anyone (including you) until the following week’s waivers. Consentual trades are pushed through immediately, pending commissioner approval, unless games are already underway for that week. The trade deadline is Thanksgiving kickoff. Three divisions of four teams each. You play the other three teams in your division twice and everyone else once. Four teams make the playoffs. The highest seed carries a half point advantage into the post season to prevent ties. All pretty standard stuff there. The draft will be held sometime in late August. We typically shoot for a Sunday night, when most people are home twiddling their thumbs anyway. Serpentine rounds, draft order and divisional assignment TBD systematically. If you decide to join up, I’ll add you to our group email list and you’ll be kept abreast of everything clear through ’til draft night. The league is a lot of fun. Our host site is myfantasyleague.com. There’s a message board, a weekly pick ’em contest, plenty of cutting up, trash talk, etc. You’re able to design your own team logos, helmets, theme songs, etc. A newlywed couple put together a 12-2 record last year in their inaugural season and the guy who won the whole thing walked away with $157.50, so it’s a pretty sweet little incentive-based program that’s not all that difficult to get the hang of, provided you at least semi-know your stuff and remain active. With that being said, we're an extremely competitive bunch and strongly prefer owners with FF experience. As I mentioned earlier, we only have one spot currently open. In a concerted effort to keep the pesky feds off my doorstep, I ask that you be at least 18 yrs of age. If you’re interested or have any questions, please don’t hestitate to contact me at tiptoeburglar@yahoo.com. Thanks, Erik