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    What do you do to promote trading in your league?

    Maybe 18 is a few too many, but I truly thought I came out on the good side of all of them. Its actually the one deal I was scared to pull the trigger on that ended up likely costing me the championship. Way back just prior to week 5, about 30 minutes before kickoff, I could've done my newly surging Rashard Mendenhall & struggling but explosive Carolina WR Steve Smith for up and down Ahmad Bradshaw, also struggling WR Greg Jennings, and a depth pickup of WR Miles Austin (who knows -- he could have a decent showing v a porous KC defense with Roy Williams out). Sonofabitch. I didn't wanna give up what I thought would be big weeks for Mendenhall and Smith.
  2. skittles

    Tecmo Bowl

    Perhaps this is the thread I need to see. My buddy and I were working on setting up the first ever Tecmo Super Bowl Fantasy Football League. We have a blog setup to post results, but never got more than 5 people interested from all the facebook spamming we did trying to recruit. Basically you'll draft a roster of 9 positions (2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K) with PPR and decimal scoring. I'll do all of the results work on my Wii, simming and recording results (and then posting them each week). We'll play head to head to make it a little more crazy and fun. Obviously this isn't for the casual fan of Tecmo. You need to have a pretty detailed knowledge of the rosters and what players you would actually want on your team. Although I'll admit, I have a giant list of rankings compiled by gamefaqs that I'll distribute to any owner who wants it. Drop a message here if you're interested. It won't take any work other than one night of drafting. Oh, and here's the blog: http://tecmofantasy.blogspot.com/
  3. skittles

    How are you going to spend your winnings?

    2nd place this year in my main league -- 600 dollars. All going to formula and diapers for my 2.5 month old son.
  4. skittles

    What do you do to promote trading in your league?

    My main league (100 entry, 5 bucks a trade for each team, Blind Bidding limit of actual 100 dollars) had its most lucrative pot and activity ever. We had 53 trades, 4 of which were draft pick trades prior to and during the draft. I personally had 18 trades. The advice I would give is that first off all, get the right people into your league. We usually have about 3 owners turnover on average, most of the time because we give them the boot for not being active enough. Another big requirement of this league is to be available often, whether online on messenger, via text, or whatnot. Myself and another owner are ridiculously assertive when it comes to trades. Even at times in my season where I felt my roster was near perfection, I kept trying to make slight improvements, and the other guy is the same way. It seems to be a bit contagious as we got 2 of the newer owners on board as well. So thats 4 of us throwing alot of offers out there, and seems to be a recipe for cold hard cash. Of course -- I lost the championship, with my 18 trades and 70 dollars Blind Bidding -- while the winner made 0 trades, and made 3 pickups all year. ######.
  5. skittles

    Atlanta at New Orleans

    I just lost my game by 3 thanks to Drew Brees' 1 yard touchdown pass from the 1 yard line. Seriously -- run that shiz. I was 6-1, taking on the only winless 0-6 team in the league. My MVPs? Steve Slaton, a last minute bye week sub Dennis Northcutt, and my stellar Packers D with 2 flukey fumble recoveries. And with that, in my league's toughest division, I'm now tied for first at 6-2. C'mon.
  6. skittles

    QB Help

    Garrard. Until Romo gets back on track, I just don't touch him.
  7. skittles

    Need to pick up a QB

    Gross. If you get negatives in your league I wouldn't touch Anderson. He could be good for 4 turnovers. I'd go Hasselbeck, if he's healthy and 100% go. If theres any doubt on him -- I wouldn't mess with him. Hill would be my 2nd choice. Cassel available? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=353392
  8. skittles

    Turner and Fitz for Chris Johnson and mason

    Tough one. Chris Johnson is quite a ways above Turner in a PPR, but with 2 other good pass-catching backs (Pierre & Rice) on your lineup, do you really need to worry about Johnson's extra catches? Will they make up for the difference between Fitz & Mason? I don't think so. Its not a bad deal at all -- but I just don't see a reason to make a move that could burn you later.
  9. skittles

    Roddy White, TO, Garcon

    I go Roddy & Garcon. I know Owens and Roddy have both done nothing, but Roddy is alot less likely to get you a 1 catch for 12 yards game than Owen is. Bench Owens till they figure out how to use him (which might be never). http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=353392
  10. PPR league, 12 teams. I'm 3-1 and would give up Mendenhall (picked up prior to last week) and Steve Smith (Carolina) for Reggie Bush & Greg Jennings. Smith and Jennings have been just about equally disappointing, and Bush has to be considered a better long-term solution at what would be my RB3 spot. I just traded Pierre Thomas for Vincent Jackson, so I'm not opposed to taking Bush. We start 2 RB and 3 WR, and here is my current team: QB T. Brady (J. Delhomme) RB R. Rice (R. Grant, J. Fargas, D. McFadden, D. Ward) RB R. Mendenhall WR R. Moss WR S. Smith (CAR) WR N. Washington (V. Jackson, T. Ginn, E. Royal) TE D. Clark (J. Finley, Z. Miller) Just looking for some thoughts. Rice & Grant might not be able to win me matchups for the rest of the year, but they'll be solid. I think Mendenhall fades into a timeshare, whereas Bush, even in a timeshare, always gets a few catches if nothing else. Smith & Jennings might be a wash, even though I've always been a Smith fan. Leave me a link, gladly answer yours.
  11. skittles

    Pierre Thomas

    Essentially traded Pierre for Vincent Jackson. Full deal was Pierre/Kevin Walter for Vincent Jackson/McFadden. I figured if I was gonna sell Pierre (and I wasn't sure I wanted to) it had to be now. Next his schedule goes Bye - NYGiants - Dolphins. Not good, and a good chance his value goes down in those games, not to mention the return of Mike Bell. I still believe Pierre has a very good chance of finishing as a top 10 back, and a shot at top 5 if the pieces fall right. But I've been working on Vincent Jackson since about week 3, and superficially increased his value in my own head by my inability to get him. Ahhh, the woes of being an active fantasy trader. So my backs are left as Ray Rice, Ryan Grant, Rashard Mendenhall, Derrick Ward, and Fred Taylor. I feel like it'll get me by in my PPR with my new WR trio of Randy Moss, Steve Smith (CAR), and Vincent Jackson. I figured even with Pierre, my weekly RB output was going to be just above average at best, and probably never anything crazy like 30+ pt games from either of Rice or Pierre. With this trade, I'm pretty sure I have the hands-down best WR corps in our league, and thats even with a struggling Steve Smith South.
  12. skittles

    Calling out those who LOVE to trade

    I'm this guy as well. I feel that 25% of your fantasy season is in season management -- whether its trading or free agency. Usually a combination of both. Our trades cost 5 dollars a pop (from each owner) and so far, heading into week 4, I've made 9 trades (including 1 pre-draft move). I always think its fun to look back on deals and realize what might've been, or what bonehead move you made or avoided. I don't feel like I'm the guy that offers people horrible offers. I try to make things fair and never insult an owner. So many people want to fleece another owner and they end up turning all of the owners off of them, to where they won't even listen to the reasonable offers. We have a few of these in our 12 team league. This week alone I've traded: My Marion Barber & Jerricho Cotchery for Randy Moss & Derrick Ward My Steve Breaston for Pierre Garcon My Pierre Garcon for Kevin Walter When the week started, my 3 WRs were looking to be Cotchery, Nate Washington, and Ted Ginn (with Steve Smith on bye). Now its Randy Moss, Kevin Walter, and Nate Washington.
  13. skittles

    The Official What Do You Need on MNF Thread!

    I have an 18 point cushion with Steve Smith v Jason Witten. PPR. If I blow this I'll be very disappointed.
  14. skittles

    R Grant v R Rice

    It wasn't as if they brought Kuhn in for that purpose. He's the fullback -- they crossed em up. It was a very effective football play. Just not a fantasy football play. I have both Grant & Rice in my PPR. I'd probably be slightly more likely to part with Grant. I also agree that McGahee eventually gets beat up and gives a little bigger piece of the pie to Rice. Plus all of these McGahee touchdowns are impossible to predict/count on. Eventually it evens out and Rice has more weeks like this one (finding the endzone) while continuing to be a good all purpose guy. So -- Rice is my answer. And he should be slightly cheaper too.
  15. skittles

    Ted Ginn, Jr.

    Started him today after acquiring him this week. Despite the goose-egg I still have Steve Smith & 18 pts v Jason Witten tomorrow. Should hold it. Looks like 6 targets for Ginn. Didn't see any of the live action though. I gotta find something at WR3 with Ginn, Royal, Nate Washington, and Breaston on my bench making a revolving door of suck. Looks like Breaston to me.