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  1. bdat13

    Problem with Keeper Draft Order

    That fixed the issue. Thanks.
  2. Using Excel 2013 on a Windows 7 machine where the draft order is backwards and won't change even if I reset the draft order. In other words the guy who should draft last is set to draft first regardless of what I try to do. Draft is Tuesday 9/1 and need a solution to this problem before then.
  3. bdat13

    Keeper Tab

    Thanks! I had just forgotten to do the last step!
  4. bdat13

    Keeper Tab

    Maybe I'm in too much of a hurry but I'm not finding the Keeper Tab in this year's spreadsheet. Am I missing something? Not first year using Draft Buddy. Any assistance is helpful as we have our draft on Sunday the 24th. Using Excel 2013 and did enable macros.
  5. bdat13

    I'm here to help...ask away.

    HELP!!! Just finished my draft.. want a little insight... 1.04 Peyton Manning 2.07 Joseph Addai 3.04 Antonio Gates 4.07 Darrell Jackson 5.04 Chester Taylor 6.07 Eddie Kennison 7.04 Rod Smith 8.07 Jake Plummer 9.04 Bears Defense 10.07 Jason Elam 11.04 Donte Stallworth 12.07 Brett Favre 13.04 Cedric Houston 14.07 Mushin Muhammad 15.04 Keyshawn Johnson 16.07 Mike Anderson Not a great draft, but I am still in learning mode. Any ideas on a different strategy for next year or who should be on my hot seat to trade while there is still value?
  6. bdat13

    Changing Yards per Game

    Is there anything I need to do to update scoring formulas to change the rushing yards per game from 100 to 200 for the extra point values? Thanks.