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  1. Concrete Charlie

    Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck to tour as The Yardbirds!

    I heard it this way: Page got together for a drinking session with Keith Moon and John Entwistle looking to form a band, with Plant already lined up for vocals. Entwistle and Moon had been at odds with Townshend over all sorts of rockstar ego matters, when Moon or Entwistle said if they actually went thru with it, 'it'll would go over like a LEAD zeppelin with Townshend and Daltrey'. They eventually turned Page down and got on with starting work on recording the Tommy album. A few weeks later, Plant suggested Bonham and JP Jones(or whatever his name really is) to Page as a rhythm section.....they all got together and jammed, and viola, Led Zeppelin. I last saw Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes, he was in fine form but with the wrong band, got kinda lost in the sauce. R. I. P. Ronnie Lane!
  2. Concrete Charlie

    The best slugfest you've never seen

    I remember watching that fight when it happened, holding my 1 yr old son and going crazy, a war. I miss Cosell calling fights too.
  3. Concrete Charlie

    Chairman of C.A.I.R. admits wanting Muslim Dominance

    I'm not Christian in the usual sense but it seems to me there is a tremendous difference between Islamic dogma and Christian dogma. Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, went thru its violent spell in the middle ages when political leaders were at the beck and call of the Vatican. The Reformation, and the advent of the printing press, spurred dramatic changes in the Catholic church after which the political involvement of the church was less, shall we say, obvious. Its still there, I admit, but much less blatant, and the violent aspect of the Church is all but ended. Islam is in its own adolesence right now, like the Catholic church of 1500, being heavily involved in the political realm, using extremely harsh measures against non-compliance, spreading death and destruction. Their thirst for violence is second to no one's. Its a dangerous religion in a way that modern Christianity can't hold a candle to. The fundamentalist movement in Islam is a global threat and the man quoted in the opening of this thread is just one example of why it can't be left to itself any longer, to grow ever more dangerous to the rest of the people of the world.
  4. Concrete Charlie

    Iran's Proxy War against US

    Iran is pursuing its age old ambition of becoming the dominant power in the Islamic world. For years, the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates(all Arab) etc etc, have held the upper hand within Islamic world. The Persian Iranians would like to take the reigns and dominate the religion, as well as the region, and thereby all of its oil resources. I don't see them(mostly Shiite Persians) as an ally of Al-Qaeda(Sunni Arabs) and its associated groups due to the ancient schism separating Shiite and Sunni, Arab and Persian. As it stands now, we are emeshed in a civil war being waged for the title of leader of the Islamic world, with Shiite Persians on one side, and Sunni Arabs on the other. Its the main reason the Iranains want nuclear weapons, to win the war to control the Middle East and its oil, thereby giving them control of the world economies. Short of deploying hundreds of thousands more troops, and the possible use of nuclear weapons, its a no win proposition for the USA. We haven't the troops to deploy, and we haven't the will to nuke them. I say we let the Shiites and Sunnis have at it, see who wins, and take the winner on as needed, if needed(see below). All the while, we must wean ourselves off the oil. As hard as that may be to do, it will be well worth it. We will have to do it anyway, regardless of the warring towelheads. They just give us much more incentive to begin in earnest, now. We're held hostage by these violent oil producing cultures. Lets leave them behind via our technical expertise, take the only leverage that they possess, away from them, and move on.
  5. Concrete Charlie

    Most depressing movie you've ever seen

    "True Confessions" a great cast including Roberts Duvall and Deniro, Charles Durning etc. Actually, a good movie, but way over on the dark side, heavyduty.
  6. Concrete Charlie

    World War IV....the enemy is stronger than we imagine

    Whatever we call it, its already started, and will continue to grow gradually(with spikes) into an intercontinental war such as WWII in scope. From here to Europe to northern Africa, thru the tired and torn(and corrupt) Middle East, to south Asia, the battle is being both waged and planned. The interconnections tying the various battles together becomes clearer by the day. The major powers of the West have not deployed massive numbers of troops as in previous wars, perhaps because the leader of the West hasn't massive numbers of troops TO deploy, and that i think is the main reason most people would say it doesn't exist. I doubt that will change much until another major(thousands dead) terror strike against Israel or a Western nation occurs, but it will occur, I think we all know that deep down inside. The next big one will have a sobering, and hopefully unifying, effect on the Western public. We(the West) seem to believe we are too sophisticated for waging war, that we left all that behind with our primitive ancestors. The current 'safety fetish' running rampant thru American culture also contributes, IMO, to the idea that major wars are no longer a valid possibility in the world. I defy anyone to put forth a sequence of events that has even a small chance of averting a major catastrophe involving the Arab/Persian(read: Islamic) world on one side, and virtually, the rest of the world on the other side. Or put another way, the oil producers on one side, and the oil consumers on the other(yeah, that desription, if true, leaves Russia kind of ambiguous, scary). Be as specific as you dare in looking away from the abyss, but be warned that ignoring it will guarantee its swallowing us.
  7. Concrete Charlie

    What the hell happend to Michelle Wie?

    i hope she gets worse, more strokes
  8. Concrete Charlie

    Question for hardcore Beatles fans

    not a bad pop song, and try "Its Only Love" Lennon's singing is great on this and "I'll be back" from A Hard Days Night, old old old but good.
  9. Concrete Charlie

    Questions for Boz/BoFan on the Iraq War!

    The first thing i think, in answer to you, is that these oil revenue-addicted Arab and Persian countries wouldn't be third world nations if the populations were cut in on the benefits of economic oil dealings with the USA and other oil consumers. We're by a good margin the biggest consumer of oil, and therfore the country doing the most to fill the coffers of the sheiks and hardline clerics. I think that creates a lot of resentment throughout the Arab world. The Middle East hasn't been a shithole since the dawn of man, you're wrong about that. I'm not a historian but I know that Arab societies, before the oil orgy, were at the forefront of science, arts, etc. They're not any dumber than any other people. As to 'they blew it in Iraq', yeah, i think the timing was bad. I would have taken Saddam out in 1991, BTW. But in the aftermath of 9/11, we sent a force into Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and kill Bin Laden and co., neither of which is completely true. IMO, what we didn't need in view of our much smaller ground force, is another front opened in Iraq, at that time. I have no qualms about taking Saddam out, I just would have prefered it be done later. Okay, so we went when we went. I supported the administration during the Baathist take down, but from there on out, its been one blunder after another. I'm not talking about the rank and file, they're doing what they're told to do. But at the highest levels, major mistakes were made that allowed the situation to become what it is today. We're crushing those who stand and fight us, but we're not winning the hearts and minds any longer, our national guard is being asked to fight foreign wars, our deployments are being extended, some of our troops are bordering on being old men, gilrs are doing men's work. This isn't Japan and Nazi Germany sized opponents, this is a bunch of towelheaded pipe bombers running around all over the place picking off Hummer crews. They're crafty, but in 1991, we'd have cleaned them up in a year or two. If we had a 500,000 man force ready to deploy, I'd do it today to crush them once and for all, but we don't, and that's why I say its the administration's fault: they've conducted a war where it should have been winding down by now, but they blew it. You're right, war does suck. Do you think that if we had the forces available, that we'd continue allow Bin Laden and co. to hide out in Pakistan indefintely? No way in hell, we have given them an ultimatum yesterday, give him up or we're coming in, and rightfully so. You're right, the casualties in Iraq are not comparable to some other wars we've won. But you've got to consider the number of people deployed then as compared to now, and how long it took. Other threats are gathering while we spin wheels in Iraq. I hate the bastard hardcore Islamics for their actions towards us, but i hate propping up slimeball sheiks too. I think we should pull out of Iraq, redeploy some of those troops to Afghanistan(the border area with Pakistan mostly), enlarge the military to pre Gulf war levels at least, and prepare for the coming, wider, war that will arrive wether we win Iraq or not. It will, IMO, span from Egypt to Pakistan and even beyond. We're not anywhere near ready for it today. Obviously, i haven't near all the answers, but i don't feel good about the future anymore unless we get ready for it, starting now.
  10. Concrete Charlie

    Everest debunked

    I wanted to wait a few days to see if you'd come clean, but i guess you're not equiped. Here's the lesson, the same one i gave my sons when they reached about 10 years old: Whenever you are going to put a man down in a degrading way, like name calling, or trying to ridicule his view, never, ever, do it thru a third party, or the mail, or email, or a phone call, or any other way, than to his face. I told them this because when its done like you did to me, you're hiding behind something, in this case, a keyboard and telephone lines. A real man will never say stuff like that of another man, without being face to face. Obviously, a lesson you either never got, or haven't learned. So now you know. Have a nice day.
  11. Concrete Charlie

    Immigration numbers!

    Guy makes some solid points. Its obvious we have to get the thing under control or this country won't be nearly as good a place to live as it is was in the past, and still is now. It won't even be recognizable as the USA. As for the illegals, and they are just that: illegals, they have to go.
  12. Concrete Charlie

    how do you feel about the look of a woman's private area?

    during the lead up, its the best looking thing in the world after, , no thanks
  13. Concrete Charlie

    Most expensive middle reliever in MLB history?

    Yankees have Bobby Abreu disease, the man is contagious.
  14. Concrete Charlie

    What if Barry Bonds retired before breaking Hank Aarons Record

    I don't know him personally, but his disdain for the paying public has been well documented. Agree?