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  1. unclemercy

    LeSean McCoy inactive

    ive seen your rosters grandpa. go suck a peppermint.
  2. unclemercy

    Streaming week 11 defense

    i played cleveland. you gotta start these tuesday a.m. if you need help
  3. unclemercy

    LeSean McCoy inactive

    so mccoys active regardless? i hate this chiefs backfield. its the only decision ive had to make outside of dfs rosters all season.
  4. unclemercy

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    of course in ohio the armpit of america. really though are we giving results based reactions? what if he split his skull in half? what if it were worse than? no i dont really care too much. that was just something else.
  5. unclemercy

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    never seen anything like that. dude should be in jail.
  6. unclemercy

    LeSean McCoy inactive

    why does roto speculate that they are shutting him down barring an injury after his third quarter fumble week 8? just bloviations?
  7. idk about playing him over tevin coleman but with shady a scratch i changed my mind about benching him for a dolphin.
  8. unclemercy

    AJ Green Is it time

    a.j. groundhog
  9. unclemercy

    Smartest Play Ever?

    those knowing the rules compilations on youtube are better than pron and also more than half against the lions
  10. flexing devante parker over dbag williams this week. honestly hes probably a wonderful person but am tired of having him rostered.
  11. unclemercy

    AB signing with the Eagles possibly?

  12. unclemercy

    So Is Ajayi this un-signable pariah?

    scarbrough bro
  13. unclemercy

    So Is Ajayi this un-signable pariah?

    lions signed bo scarborough over ajayi today. i dont think bo scarborough even has a regular season carry. ajayi must be burnt toast.
  14. unclemercy

    Jackson vs Patriots DST

    snead may go for 100 and a td. id fade andrews if anyone that belichunk is gonna game plan against.