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  1. unclemercy

    Dolphins Headed to Super Bowl LV?

    lol tell me thats a real line. thats funny. i wouldnt take it at 200k to 1 tho but good luck.
  2. unclemercy

    Drew Brees Thumb Injury - Out 6 Weeks

    i would wait to judge downgrades. if teddy ballgame gets a week at starter reps i still believe in thomas. guy is great.
  3. unclemercy

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 2

    i need browns defense -16 to outshow bell and crowder. would like leveon to take the night off and record a bad rap song.
  4. unclemercy

    Buccaneers at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    idgaf about anything besides bruce eating jameis w fingers i got laid 50 to what.
  5. unclemercy

    UPDATE: Pats to hold AB out Sunday in Miami? - AB Will Play

    i ran with it. have thomas allen robinson and watkins anyways. 12 team keeper tyvm.
  6. unclemercy

    Who are you trading for?

    i want antonio brown. am considering offering lockett.
  7. unclemercy

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    her case seems legit imo. ff incels will disagree but i digress. pay britney and leave her alone
  8. unclemercy

    Gambling Thread

    saturday miss st -7 1/2 pitt + 17 1/2 iowa st +2 1/2 (fade) mich st +13 1/2 sunday colts +3 1/2 lions +2 1/2 steelers -4 1/2 bungles -1 1/2 but i havent slipped a ticket. i like a lot of these spreads. balt ov 47 1/2 gb ov 44 1/2 kc ov 52 1/2 chi un 40 1/2 phi ov 51 1/2 monday make up browns -2 1/2 un 45 1/2 good luck
  9. unclemercy

    Gambling Thread

    i am hedging broncos as far as bears are concerned. +2 1/2 and wear a flacc jacket.
  10. unclemercy

    Axe Elf's Matchup Lineup Contest - Week 2

    i vote we restart and quote ourselves to submit entries. plus free contests are for girls.
  11. unclemercy

    Will the Pats Cover? Line at -19

    lets hope bros
  12. unclemercy

    Gambling Thread

  13. unclemercy

    Gambling Thread

    need wk2 i have thoughts. am starting out chasing.
  14. unclemercy

    Will the Pats Cover? Line at -19

    so you would sit michel and brady and edelman and white and gordon or nah? roll out dorsett in this? this is mostly for the dailys imo