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  1. king41

    ***Official Colts Bengals game thread***

    Is it me??? Or does it seem like Indy's D is just hitting everyone like freight trains....OH YEA RUDI!!
  2. king41

    ****The official Eagles-Giants thread****

    Who cares? Both teams suck....Neither one has a shot at the bowl...
  3. king41

    5 worst teams this year

    Detroit homer here and they need to be #1 on that list!
  4. I grabbed him based on his rapport with Cutler....Is he the starting TE in Denver anyway??
  5. king41

    Quit Complaining and Get DirecTv

    DirecTV Blows...... Worst Service ever....Cable is much better and the HD quality blows the doors off of DirecTV
  6. king41


    He just got LIFTED by Julian Peterson!!!
  7. king41


    Thank you gentlemen...Found it!
  8. king41


    Which Channel?? I can't find it!
  9. king41

    defensive scoring?

    A team in my league drafted Chicago's D 3rd Round! I thought he was an idiot for it since this was his 1st year of FF--Well, Chicago has been a monster for him in regards to points and finished thie season in 2nd and has advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs--- As commish of the league, as a whole D scoring has been a pretty big topic based on how much the D has changed games in our league---Next year, we are taking a vote on how the scoring should be determined for defense. Most agree that someone's defense should not dictate a large %age of how games are won. I feel your pain and we will be adjusting our league based on votes.
  10. king41

    $hit! I have to bench Hasselbeck for V.Young!

    I am benching him for Palmer.... ...But then again I only considered starting Hass for a minute...
  11. king41

    Anyone starting Cutler this week?

    I would like to see those #'s! I dumped McMichael this week and grabbed Tony Scheffler....I have J. Walker also, but it already looks like his #1 is the TE
  12. king41

    Palmer @ INdy?

    Thank you gentlemen....I am now truly convinved to start Palmer, No Questions Asked!
  13. king41

    Palmer @ INdy?

    Hesitant to start Palmer this week on Monday night against Indy...I have a feeling that Rudi will have about 200 and 2 TD's and limit Palmer's production.... My other option is Hasslebeck vs. SF--- Any Thoughts?