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  1. mia7997

    Cadillac Trade

    Here is the offer cadillac and jason witten for kevin jones and 1 of the following antonio bryant andre johnson. i am deep at wr and he isn't, i have darrell jackson and joseph addai to wait for cadillac to get it going. should i trade, and who do you think.
  2. mia7997

    D. Williams and/or Colston

    I would pick up colston, but hold on to k. jones for another week, if can do something it should be this week. See Mine.
  3. mia7997

    WR3 slot for Week 3. Please pick

    At arizona I take bruce.
  4. I am trading out one of my receivers and i don't know who to offer up A. Bryant- #1 receiver and has done well, but they are S.F. A. Johnson- better receiver but hasn't had much passing downfield leave a link and i will answer
  5. mia7997

    Who to pick up?

    I agree with the troupe call, i picked up colston as a back up TE and my league just made the change and i have to decide who to keep on as backup WR. Go with Troupe
  6. Dunn or Green who will have a better year leave a link
  7. mia7997

    Ask Away!

    I have been offered the following ahman green or tatum bell for antonio bryant or darrell jackson these are my 3rd and 4th receivers and I have addai and steven jackson as my backs. I would like to pick up another good back but I dont' want to give away too much. what do you think. Thanks for the help.
  8. mia7997


    I need to pick up a second running back and I have an extra receiver. I have been offered the following. Either Ahman Green or Tatum Bell For Either Antonio Bryant or Darrell Jackson Do either of these sound fair, or should I ask for more? Thanks.
  9. mia7997


    I don't know who to start Cowboys D vs. Washington Bucs D vs. Atl I am thinking Cowboys because the bucs sucked last week.
  10. mia7997

    WR help

    Who should i start out of the three, i need to pick 2. Darrell Jackson Antonio Bryant Andre Johnson thanks