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  1. Beyond Chaos

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Mecole Hardman
  2. Beyond Chaos

    Hi Guru

    My 2 cents: if the Chargers lack an effective passing game, then it will not matter who the RBs are. They will struggle against defenses that stack against the run. Do you have confidence in the Chargers pass offense?
  3. Beyond Chaos

    Does State Farm Sell Ego Insurance?

    I'm not a big fan of defending AxeElf, but he may have been referring to Jake Fromm's ego being hurt because a kicker was drafted instead of him not questioning Belichick's decision. Also, I think most of us know AxeElf specializes in EGO. Some would say he's an expert on the topic.
  4. Beyond Chaos

    Big Ben Time Out in the Burgh?

    As a Steelers fan, i'd take a hard pass on Winston. I'd feel more confident in a likely washed up Cam Newton. Ultimately, I think they need to draft a QB and get him up to speed. Also: https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/12159/jameis-winston
  5. Beyond Chaos

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    I think the guy was looking at you to see if you were going to do the triple lindy.
  6. Beyond Chaos

    Did you guys notice?

    I'm not a fan of either team, but KC already beat Baltimore this year and though the final score was 33-28, it was 30-13 at the end of the 3rd.
  7. Beyond Chaos

    Thank you for not coaching

    We'll add another to the list. Jets had it 4th and 1 at somewhere around the Pitt 30 or 40. They went for it going in the hurry up offense. Pittsburgh is subbing players and get caught with too many men on the field. They had 3 timeouts and they didn't use 1. He also didn't challenge a potential Haden int later in the game that resulted in a Jets score (can't remember if it was the TD they scored or a FG). I can probably give him a break on the int because in real time, it didn't appear to be one. After watching the replay and hearing a commentator explain the rule, it probably was one.
  8. 2 Teams 0.5 ppr Snake Draft QB: Brady, J. Allen RB: Elliot, Ekeler, Mixon, Mack, Drake, McCoy, D. Williams WR: Lockett, Smoke Brown, E. Sanders, T. Boyd TE: Kelce K: Gould DST: Pit Auction Draft: QB: Garoppolo, Mayfield RB: CMC, Carson, Drake, McCoy WR: M. Thomas, Lockett, ARob, Beckham, Smoke Brown, Ridley TE: Doyle K: Koo DST: Pit
  9. Beyond Chaos

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    If they did record the Bengals to get their signals, it's probably more likely that this is one of the very few times they've been caught as opposed to them only doing it this week because they need to win.
  10. Beyond Chaos

    Flex dilemma

    0.5pt ppr, pick 1
  11. Beyond Chaos

    Flex dilemma

    Thanks all. Went with Ridley. So far looking better than Beckham or Brown.
  12. Beyond Chaos

    Kyler or Brady

    Brady Please vote on mine:
  13. Beyond Chaos

    If L. Bell cannot play....

    whoever is #2 on the depth chart for the Jets (Powell?) please vote on mine:
  14. Beyond Chaos

    Totally confused/lost in playoff

    Cooks, Jacobs, Hopkins, Sutton Please vote on mine:
  15. Beyond Chaos

    2 Flex spots

    Definitely John Brown, then either Washington or Williams. Leaning towards Washington since Schuster is out. Please vote on mine:
  16. Beyond Chaos

    Thielen owners: Are you rolling the dice for MNF?

    Just saw this. I didn't get Woods in on time, but since I had Thielen in the flex, I am rolling with Hyde in an undesirable matchup vs NE.
  17. Beyond Chaos

    Thielen owners: Are you rolling the dice for MNF?

    I think i'm rolling him out over Woods and Sanders. I need the win, but also need help to get in the playoffs. I'm thinking 3 weeks off and 3 limited practices puts him at a very high probability to play. It's a gamble I guess.
  18. Beyond Chaos

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    I don't think a lot of those other players deserve a second chance, it really depends on the offense committed by the player. I also never stated that I believe Kaepernick doesn't deserve a 2nd shot. I just have no interest in seeing him on the team I follow. I never cared for him as a QB even before all the kneeling stuff, I thought he was over-rated and had 1 good year. He can go play for someone else, it doesn't matter to me.
  19. Beyond Chaos

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    You're still on about this? Do you have dreams of him sweeping you off your feet?
  20. Beyond Chaos

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Why u lying to me Trav?
  21. Beyond Chaos

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    No thanks, i'll take my chances with "Duck".
  22. Beyond Chaos

    Sometimes, more is actually less...

    They could always get around this by giving 8 home, 8 away, and 1 nuetral site (London, Mexico, etc.).
  23. Beyond Chaos

    Sometimes, more is actually less...

    I don't think it would be so bad if the refs didn't decide so many games.
  24. Beyond Chaos

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    No thanks. Team just went through the growing pains brought on from getting rid of Brown and letting Bell go. The last thing the Steelers need is more negative attention to deal with.
  25. Beyond Chaos

    Seahawks at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Kind of looked like he was going to kneel down which would keep the clock running instead of a spike.