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  1. krispykleen

    Should I make this trade...Will answer...

    Kind of odd that they are still allowing trades at this point in the season.
  2. krispykleen


    Sherman only plays on one side of the field. Since Seattle doesn't change their coverage, Philly should move Maclin around a little. I'd be angrier with myself for benching Maclin if he goes off on my bench than if I start him and Smith has a good day.
  3. krispykleen

    PPR: Jordan Matthews or Jarvis Landry

    Tough one. I like Landry this week but agree Matthews is a slightly better play. He and Sanchito seem to have a connection. I think Maclin will draw Sherman most of the time unless Eagles move him around.
  4. krispykleen

    Non-ppr flex: Asiata, Latavius, Blount or Andre J?

    Andre or Asiata. I actually like Murray but not a good matchup with the Raiders likely to fall behind early.
  5. krispykleen


    Stay with the Hawks. They can make good offenses look average. Sanchez is a turnover machine.
  6. krispykleen

    Tanny or Mettenberger?

    Agree, Tannehill. Ravens stop the run but can't defend the pass.
  7. krispykleen

    Who to start in ppr flex?Fjax,Harvin,Watkins,Shorts

    Jackson and for me it's not close. PPR makes the difference. Watkins hasn't done much in a month and Orton is regressing.
  8. krispykleen

    RB 1 help

    Think I go Johnson if for no other reason than the Jets don't have choice but try to run and the Lions don't allow people to run on them. Which limits Martin who hasn't looked good in 2 years.
  9. My situation: 12 team 0.5 point PPR RB3: Gore vs Oak, Stewart vs No If I take my advice I go Gore but he and that offense don't look good. Suppose everyone looks good vs Oak though.
  10. I'd go Gio for RB2. I have Stewart as an option but I think NO jumps ahead of CAR and they abandon the run at some point. Ravens pass D stinks and Landry has figured a few things out. I'd go Landry and Edelman since the Pats will be pissed after losing last week and will throw the ball a ton. I see Moncrief as too TD dependent for full point PPR, not enough targets.
  11. krispykleen

    SO Bored shutting down

    Good find, AD.
  12. krispykleen

    SO Bored shutting down

    Man, surprised I remembered my login and password on the first try!
  13. krispykleen

    San Fran vs. Pitt

    It's a tie.
  14. krispykleen

    Clilff Lee traded to Philadelphia...

    Obviously a good deal for Philly since they didn't give up any ML-ready talent, however they could be vulnerable against teams who hit well vs lefties. They'll have 4 lefty starters in the playoffs, since Blanton may get bumped from the playoff rotation. Nonetheless, it's a move they had to make.
  15. krispykleen

    The OFFICAL NBA Finals Thread

    Agreed. Looks like: LA, LA, ORL, LA, ORL, LA Lakers in 6