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  1. 12-team, PPR - 8-0, 2-game lead So, I'm not desperate, but keenly aware of the knife-edge I've been balancing on. My Roster: QB: Rodgers, Trubisky WR: Theilen,........Baldwin, Robinson, Cobb, DJ Moore RB: Barkley, Conner, McCaffrey, White, Thompson TE: Kittle, Doyle K: Lutz DST: Streaming (Dallas, Carolina) So, if Theilen got hurt (bye week 10), I'm hurting big time. There are potential question marks with each of my stud RB1 RBs based on usage, or schedule going forward. If I were to trade away one of these RBs, which would you choose, and what kind of WR combo could I get that could help me. Not many teams are active in this league, so my trade targets are somewhat limited. I don't think anyone wants Baldwin, Robinson, or Thompson. Is Conner a sell high now? What if Bell sits out all year, on the condition that the Steelers don't tag him next year?
  2. Sir Sydney

    post your 7-0 teams

    12-team, PPR QB: Cousins, Dalton, Winston RB:Barkley, Conner, McCaffrey, White, Thompson WR:Thielen, Baldwin, Robinson, Snead, Cobb, Kirk TE: Kittle DST: Indianapols (streaming) K: Lutz carried by my RBs & WR1 obviously, and holding serve on the rest. No trades have happened in this league so far.
  3. Sir Sydney

    So are u guys sitting Russell Wilson in a must win?

    only a small handful of QBs are lower risk than Wilson. He accounts for such a large % of Seattle's offense, as he goes, so goes the team. He literally is their only hope to win this tough road game. They're fighting to stay alive in the playoff hunt, so motivation isn't a question. It all comes down to execution. The odds of having a QB in addition to Wilson on your team that would be a no-brainer start (Brady, etc.) fairly low. Even Wentz has a tough match up this week, and you didn't sit him on the road at Seattle last week. You play them and hope for the best.
  4. Sir Sydney

    Need 2. Hyde Howard Mccaffrey Kamara

    Kamara - locked in Hyde gets volume in PPR, Howard has the better matchup, but little PPR value now. CMC is the best of those 3 in PPR, and has the best QB.
  5. Sir Sydney

    Trade Hunt + WR for Fournette + ? (full PPR). WHIR!

    I'm also wondering about Julio for Fournette. or Landry/Hyde for Fournette, though I need Landry's floor in PPR to balance out the Julio roller coaster.
  6. I'm 5-4 and on the bubble, and the Fournette owner is 8-1. With Hunt on a bye, I talked to the Fournette owner who is WR needy and he might consider trading me Fournette. I know there's optimism about what might be coming out of the bye in KC with a healthier OL and a coaching staff who got their heads screwed on straight about how to use Hunt. My RBs: Hunt, Howard, Hyde, Drake, Woodhead My WRs: Julio, Landry, D. Thomas, Shephard, Smith-Schuster His RBs: Bell, Fournette, McKinnon, Veereen His WRs: Hilton, Adams, (Ertz in the W/T flex) Sanu, Decker, Snead, Wallace So, how much of an upgrade is it from Hunt to Fournette (besides this week, obvisoulsy) and which WR to pair with Hunt? Do I ask for a WR back (like Adams? *ick*) Or, should I just stand pat? Leave a link, and I'll reply. TIA
  7. Sir Sydney

    Kareem Hunt...sell or hold?

    He did similar to McCoy this week, at least as far as touches go. I think the two OL injuries are a major factor in opening up holes. Add play calling on to that, and this is what you get. You'd trade to get McCoy, Gurley, Bell, but none of those owners would want Hunt now. I'm sure McCoy owners are feeling the same, but they have more of a track record to bank on. Just got to ride it out I guess.
  8. I have BAL & PHI,and will obviously be playing PHI this week, but both are on bye next week. CIN & DET are both free agents, but who should I pair with BAL going forward? BAL: BYE, @GB, HOU, DET, @PIT, @CLE, IND DET: CLE, @CHI, MIN, @BAL, @TB, CHI, CIN CIN: @TEN, @DEN, CLE, PIT, CHI, @MIN, DET PHI: BYE, @DAL, CHI, @SEA, @LAR, @NYG, OAK (Will Zeke be playing in week 11?)
  9. Sir Sydney

    RB2 - Hyde/Breida or J. White?

    With the Hyde GTD looming, and not knowing if they'll say anything before the 10 am games kick off, do I go with Hyde or Breida, or bail on both and go with James White? (Full PPR)
  10. Sir Sydney

    Which is the better trade

    According to: https://gutshot.github.io/fftrades/ both these are similar and weighted in your favor. However, Elliott is a potential risk (suspension issue). Thielen is better only if Bradford is playing. If you're fine with Bryant being your WR1 then either one is ok. Elliott > Gordon. Getting Thielen helps your WR depth for bye weeks. Thx. for mine.
  11. I'm wondering if I should ride the rookie in the Andy Reid system, or trade up (marginally) for Elliott? 12-team full PPR. Thoughts? 12-team, full PPR QB(1) - Wilson, Winston RB (2) Hunt, Miller, White, Vereen, Perine, Foreman WR/TE (3) - Jones, J., Cooks, Cobb, Landry, Kupp, Kearse QB/RB/WR/TE (1) K - Tavecchio DEF - Ravens IR - Danny Woodhead
  12. Sir Sydney

    Montgomery replacement: Sanu or Patterson (Standard)

    I'm going Beasley in my other league to cover Montgomery
  13. Sir Sydney

    Montgomery replacement: Sanu or Patterson (Standard)

    I could go Janis as well
  14. Just saw that Montgomery was out. I'd have to drop Tucker, but could pick up Sanu or Patterson. Is Cordarelle cleared to even play yet? The only other player I could drop (thanks ESPN for locking bench players) is Roethlisberger. 12 team / Standard scoring. Sanu is the "safest" play for some points. My matchup is pretty close, so no clear win/loss at this point.
  15. Sir Sydney

    Pick 2: Edelman, Pryor, Howard, Melvin ppr

    thanks for mine 1. Pryor 2. Melvin. .......then Edelman (maybe) .....and not Howard...