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  1. Gratefulegg1973

    We are the Champions!

    Keeper: Lamar, Cmac, Barkley, Metcalf, Aiyuk, Mcbride, Mixon
  2. Gratefulegg1973

    QB Play

    Honestly, aside from fantasy and my home team, I couldn't care less about the NFL. It's an unwatchable product. Flags on every play, commercials every 2 minutes, QBs I've never heard of, all the political garbage they shove down our throats, etc. It's just a bad product.
  3. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 17 FU Thread

    1-1 in my championships. But I could/should have won both. All I needed was decent games out of Patrick 'Bust of the Year' Mahomes and Justin 'I should have drafted CMAC' Jefferson. Nope. Add in the awesome 1 sack I got out of Seattle D, at home, against the mighty Steelers offense, and it was lights out for me. So FU Mahomes, JJ, R. White, Evans, and Seattle D. You all sucked.
  4. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 17 FU Thread

    I'd give Barkley a FU, but at this point I just assume he missed the bus to the game
  5. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 17 FU Thread

    FU to the NE Patriot offense, and entire organization. What kind of scrub offense has 3 picks, 1 fumble, 1 sack, and 1 pick six in the 1st f'n quarter? Yes, I'm playing against Buffalo D. That's the most embarrassing offensive performance I've ever seen. FU Rachard White. 11 yards? 0 receptions? lol. And FU Dak for having a career day against me last night.
  6. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    Hey Guru. Two decisions I need to make. PPR w/ big bonuses for long TDs Evans or D. Smith. Evans has been great, but never does anything against Lattimore. D. Henry or Mixon.
  7. Gratefulegg1973

    Christmas Football: Raiders at Chiefs - Wk16

    No f'n idea what Andy Reid is even thinking about. Just keep trying trick plays you fat idiot
  8. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Go fock yourself Andy Reid you fat fock. Keep dicking around with this stupid sh!t. And Mahomes, you my friends are the QB bust of the f'n year. Go off yourself. Yes, I have Mahomes, going against the Raiders D and Pacheco. lol. Thought I was a lock. Should have known better.
  9. Gratefulegg1973

    Christmas Football: Raiders at Chiefs - Wk16

    O'Connell > Mahomes
  10. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 16 FU Thread

    FU Mahomes. 0 completions through a quarter. lol
  11. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 16 FU Thread

    This is the FU thread. Rational thought does not exist here. That's the charm of the FU thread.
  12. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Trey Mcbride had 6 catches for 31 yards. Apparently, he just stood at the line of scrimmage all day, caught the ball, and fell forward? It's hard to give a FU to Mostert, but WTF buddy? If you're hurt, stay out. If not, get in the game. Coming in for 1 play a quarter is ridiculous. Once again, FU to Derrick Henry. Start you 2 weeks in a row and you average 0.6 YPC. I bench you this week, you go off. As I said earlier, Barkley will now put up his patented 6 carries for 11 yards tomorrow. Oh, and FU Mcmanus. Thanks for the minus points today azzhole
  13. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 16 FU Thread

    FU DK Metcalf. Actually, fock the homosexual relationship Geno Smith and Tyler Lockett have together. 3 f'n targets? Get the fock out of here. F the Colts defense. All 11 of them. You all suck.
  14. Gratefulegg1973

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Don't worry, obviously I did
  15. Gratefulegg1973

    Lessons learned from 2023

    2-3 leagues for the past 30+ years. I honestly think this was the first year I've had a #1 overall pick. I went; JJ, Chubb, Mahomes, D. Smith, Waller. Somehow I'm still in it. The big mistake I made was Mahomes. I should have waited till all the 'top' QBs were gone, and went with Dak or someone. I'll never take a QB before round 5 again. Never, ever draft Darren Waller. It's a guarantee he'll miss at least half the season.