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  1. cdogge

    Taysom Hill

    You think so? I just need a 5 point floor and I'm good... Again... who else you got?
  2. cdogge

    Taysom Hill

    Ok so you nailed my position... I like Kmet... only because I ignored TE's for basically the entire draft. But I agree it wasn't a good example this week. But... here we are. I doubt Kmet does anything to make me regret the decision of replacing him... but here we are.
  3. cdogge

    Taysom Hill

    I guess my point is... he doesn't need a lot of work to be a decent fantasy scorer each week. Seems like his floor is very solid. Again considering the state of TE's
  4. cdogge

    Taysom Hill

    Can we talk about him? He's a QB/TE in most leagues.... obviously nobody is playing him at QB.... but the TE position is a joke in general. Who do you play him over?
  5. cdogge

    Barkley for CMC

    Barkley is an elite athlete... When he came out of college he was the best prospect since AD. But.... so is CMC. If both are healthy they are 1a and 1a Whichever team you think will have more success would be what I base my decision on.
  6. cdogge

    M. Evans - if out Wk 16, then ..

    In a full-point PPR I'd have to have Johnson near the top of that list. Assuming Evans is out... leaving only AB. Johnson should have a pretty decent floor
  7. cdogge

    Michael Carter

    Well... that didn't work out.
  8. cdogge

    Multiple Games postponed

    Besides that.... I thought teams that couldn't field a team would be forced to forfeit? Is that not the case?
  9. cdogge

    Multiple Games postponed

    Which is why they should just play the games. It's a team sport and if I'm the other team who's made sacrifices all year to avoid an outbreak I'd be pissed. There have been countless key players thru-out the year that haven't been able to play due to COVID. Adams, Rodgers, on and on and on
  10. cdogge

    Multiple Games postponed

    They are... but there's no guarantee they will actually end up being played. What if the outbreak gets worse? Can't afford to gamble with certain guys who might not play and have no replacements available.
  11. cdogge

    Multiple Games postponed

    Man... what a freakin cluster
  12. cdogge

    Michael Carter

    I've got him in the Flex
  13. cdogge

    Michael Carter

    Going to win people their 1st round matchups this week.
  14. cdogge

    What's up with David Montgomery?

    Wednesday... He's a vet. The dude touched the ball 29 times last week. Hopefully he gets a limited today and full on Friday.
  15. cdogge

    Keenan Allen / Mike Williams land on Covid-19 list

    Certainly possible that Jackson is a flex consideration regardless if they pull Ekeler just due to them more-than-likely using Ekeler out-wide