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  1. cdogge

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    It wasn't surprising that he didn't play... There wasn't an urgency to rush him out there. He'll get some playing time and if he flashes what he did last year you'll wish you had him.
  2. cdogge

    Stat Correction for the win

    Here we go... 4 ints and 2 fumbles lost. One of the craziest games I've seen. https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/261016022
  3. cdogge

    Stat Correction for the win

    I lost on a stat correction only once but my craziest win was several years ago I was down by 3-4 points going into Monday night football and I had nobody left to play. Well... my opponent had Rex Grossman as his QB. The dude turned the ball over like 7 times that game and ended up with -5 or so points. Just enough for me to take the win.... which.. even more oddly allowed me to make the playoffs as the last seed. I won that year as well. Without a doubt the craziest thing I've seen in 15+ years of our league.
  4. cdogge

    Brady's 600th TD ball

    This is the way https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jerry-jones-reveals-his-strategy-if-he-was-given-tom-bradys-600th-touchdown-ball-id-tear-up-150338500.html
  5. cdogge

    Brady's 600th TD ball

    They have it valued @ $500k +. I suppose I would have taken a slight discount. $400-425k
  6. I would bench my defense before a kicker... Unless you have an elite defense that you don't want to drop. I've seen too many negative point finishes from defense this year and every year for the matter.
  7. cdogge

    Jaret Patterson

    I need Gibson to sit out this week due to bye's and injuries. Patterson should have the early-down work to himself if so.
  8. Well... alrighty then. If it's late Nov I'm holding off on adding him
  9. cdogge

    FA TE for week #6

    Ertz not available? If not, I'd go Ricky Seals
  10. Yeah I'm not sure that's what he said recently... I believe it was something like "Hopefully back by Nov... maybe sooner"
  11. cdogge

    Carson and A.Collins question

    Calm down bruh... It's just for the 2 teams on Thursday. Everybody else goes on waivers at 12CST Sunday like every other basic league in existence.
  12. cdogge

    Calvin Ridley Out for Week 5

    Kyle Pitts!!!! 25 Targets. 3 receptions for 7 yards.
  13. cdogge

    Carson and A.Collins question

    Yeah I realize that... Which is why I like it. Something a little different and gives me a reason to watch what are normally sh*t-shows on thursday night.
  14. cdogge

    Carson and A.Collins question

    That's incorrect. If Carson goes down first series you can most-certainly go pick up Collins.... you wouldn't be able to insert him into the lineup.... But in the event of a season-ending injury whoever gets to the WW first gets their guy regardless of where you are on the ww priority. As the commissioner of our Yahoo league I've been asked about it multiple times... but I've left it alone. Our league is ultra competitive.. so when games are being played.. you need to pay attention.
  15. cdogge

    Rodgers or Darnold?

    You can't bench Rodgers