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  1. BobSanders_33

    Jamaal Williams?

    He will probably run Jammal Williams "until he pukes". This is just preseason talk and I hope it tanks Swift's ADP.
  2. BobSanders_33

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    AJ Dillion weather.
  3. BobSanders_33

    Bills at Broncos: SAF Discussion

    Ross Tucker is really getting excited about Drew Lock.
  4. BobSanders_33

    Browns Defense

    This is a tough one. Haskins will be starting for Washington and can be a turnover and sack machine. Don't like that Seattle is traveling cross country.
  5. BobSanders_33

    If Williams and/or Allen sits?

    I also put Johnson in as my W3. I had been saving Williams for that spot.
  6. BobSanders_33

    Broncos @ Chiefs SNF

    Lock is a head case. He isn't consistent in execution. He often shows frustration in himself immediately after throws.
  7. BobSanders_33

    Broncos @ Chiefs SNF

    He's in on the conspiracy to keep me out of the playoffs... clearly.
  8. BobSanders_33

    It's Fitzmagic time!

    If you thought he was DGAF before...
  9. BobSanders_33

    Steelers/Ravens Game Postponed Until Wednesday....GAME ON!

    The Madden Curse continues for Lamar Jackson.
  10. BobSanders_33

    Mixon updates

    Ruled out already. Another DNP. You would have to say that he has to be iffy for next week. Then his first game back after over a month I don't think you feed him the rock.
  11. BobSanders_33

    Taysom Hill, if he ends up being the starting quarterback?

    A TE that touches the ball on every play? I'll risk it.
  12. BobSanders_33

    Antonio Brown

    As an owner of Evans in one league and Godwin and Brown in the other I'll quote the old saying when a team has 3 WR1s they have no WR1s.
  13. BobSanders_33

    anyone starting crab legs this weekend?

    I'd say Cousin has weapons and also has a favorable match up without the concern that a wildcat qb steals points around the goal line.
  14. BobSanders_33

    Browns Defense

    I am. Deep bench too so I'm going to wait a week and hopefully get the Seattle D for 14.
  15. BobSanders_33

    David Montgomery: Buy Low ?

    Horrid offense. Horrible offensive line. Multiple injuries this year. Essentially had the backfield to himself and didn't produce. What's not to like?