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    Josh Gordon Buy Low?

    I drafted Gordon in 6th thinking he could be a steal. Watched a majority of the games this year. He is just lumbering. He lacks flexibility. A two weeks ago people where saying he would see his breakout @ Washington. Then he goes 5/59/0. On the Fantasy Feast Joe Dolan said JG was going to explode against NYG! Then he goes for 1/7/0. Now he is a big inflexible WR with a bad knee. I'd rather have AJ Green. At least if AJ comes back he is worth starting. JG is not.
  2. BobSanders_33

    Jordan Wilkins

    Did that when Mack started breaking down a week ago. It is a matter of when not if Mack misses time.
  3. BobSanders_33


    Diggs to AZ to secure the future of the air raid. A man can dream.
  4. BobSanders_33

    AJ Green

    How fast was he running?
  5. BobSanders_33

    AJ Green

    I drafted him in the 7th thinking that he would be a steal and a great fill in for bye weeks if he only missed the first 3-4 weeks. At this point I do think that he slow plays this to the fullest. Would not be shocked if he doesn't come back until after the bye in week 10.
  6. BobSanders_33

    Weather Concerns: BAL @ KC

    Bad ankles and a wet surface. Shady is a top Dfs play.
  7. BobSanders_33

    Damian Williams update?

    10 carries, 18 yards and 2 receptions for 15 yards.
  8. BobSanders_33

    Who are you starting Darwin Thompson over ?

    I dont think Williams is back next week. If McCoy is out then he is a must start. I think McCoy plays and is ineffective.
  9. BobSanders_33

    ROS: Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston or Kyler Murray

    3. Winston- as a Godwin owner I fear they will pull the plug. He is a head case and good melt down for a benching at any time. Their schedule is brutal with traveling across the country and a lack of home games. 2. Murray- the awesome thing is that he has a huge yardage floor on passing. They just dont seem to have guys that make plays in the red zone. Would like to see him take off and run. 3. Mayfield- has not been great. True that OBJ's yac made his game last week. It helps that he does have the playmakers. Cleveland might be still figuring out the offense.
  10. BobSanders_33

    Damian Williams update?

    I know this is one of those places where the holder of a player thinks they have the value. McCoy is not the guy. I've watched all the KC snaps. He is an aging RB that has hit a cliff. He hasn't looked good pass blocking or in the receiving game. Now he has a gimpy ankle. Sorry McCoy owners but this is not the recipe for success. The KC OL has also looked horrid run blocking and they lost their best OL for a few weeks due to sports hernia surgery. I think what you are going to see is a lot of passing and Darwin Thompson coming out of the backfield. That is the player that could take this job. That was the hype in the preseason and it was crushed with the McCoy signing. Now the door is open.
  11. BobSanders_33

    Is Sony Michel dead?

    There needs to be an injury before we can have Sony League Winner or Rex League Winner.
  12. BobSanders_33

    Ronald Jones to get more carries....

    Jones sucks. I was listening to a radio show last year and there was a story about Jones smoking dope and eating cheese burgers at 4am in the club shortly before training camp. Poor work ethic. Doesn't understand protections so can't be trusted on passing downs. Best case is this is a 1a, 1b and Dare as the 3rd down back on a team with a poor OL. Not the recipe for success.
  13. BobSanders_33

    Welp....who's rolling out Hollywood this week?

    I'm rolling him out there. I'd like to have some action in what could be a fun game to watch. Both these teams run plays at a top 5 pace. AZ showed last week that you can't just get a lead and let up. Balt will have to keep a foot on the pedal. There is not a CB playing in AZ right now that can keep up with Brown. All he needs to do is get a step on one throw and he makes your week. Balt pounds and keeps the safeties up near the box. Then it is RPO and Brown is in the third level. BOOM!
  14. BobSanders_33

    Better QB rest of the season

    I like Brady. I think NE has weapons and Brady will want to prove himself as still being in the MVP conversation. Not sure what you mean about ATL having a brutal schedule. Ryan operates best indoors and he plays indoors a lot this season.
  15. BobSanders_33

    Ronald Jones to get more carries....

    Until he pukes?