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    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Damien Harris, Patriots

    As a Sony owner this makes me sick. Billy B will use a player if they are effective in a situation. Like when James Develin was used last year to plunge in for 4 short TDs. If Sony gets stuffed at the goal line and then Harris comes in and finds success. Oh, no!
  2. BobSanders_33

    Ed Oliver vs. Q. Williams

    Yes it is improbable. The Raiders already have Hurst and Parker from last years draft class. Even just drafting Q would be a bit of a luxury. The Raiders are drafting for the future and need an influx of talent. I can't see them packaging 2 first round picks to move up for a player with so many needs.
  3. BobSanders_33

    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies - 8 Game Suspension

    Tyreek Hill says hold my beer.
  4. BobSanders_33

    Players That Are "Being Held Back."

    Kenyan Drake. He was a monster during a stretch two years ago. Apparently the staff didn't think he could be the man. Jon Ross. I don't think he is a super star but Dalton is not the guy to pair with his abilities. Corey Davis. I think he could be great with a QB that throws ducks after about 10 yards.
  5. No. Today's TEs are versatile. It forces the opposing team to keep an extra LB on the field. They can stay in to block the edge in max protection or seal the edge on a run. Also, it is rare that a team has 4 solid receivers to get on the field at the same time.
  6. BobSanders_33

    Antonio Brown says goodbye to Steelers fans

    The new contract is a lot of money to give Brown. The price of the 3rd and 5th makes it a no brainer. The Raiders have to have a face to put on bulliten boards in LV. Carr's face is too hatable. Speaking of hate. Brown is going to realize how good he had it with Big B. Carr plays so scared to catch balls Brown will have to run 8 yard routes and risk being murdered.
  7. BobSanders_33

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    They still take Lock and he sits however many games it takes until Flacco hurts his back/hip.
  8. BobSanders_33

    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies - 8 Game Suspension

    Positive press comes from winning. Someone was going to sign Hunt. Now this means Johnson or Chubb get moved during the draft.
  9. BobSanders_33

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    There isn't a better place for a skill player than KC. As a RB then Dallas and LA are close. I'd say that he ends up in Chicago which is in the top 5 places for a RB based on system.
  10. I don't make the rules bro. Judging by how the NFL has handled these matters in the past the answer is yes. There is an equation that they go through deciding if a player is worth including in the franchise. Talent is the biggest factor.
  11. I'd tell Ray he was already washed and the equation of talent versus blowback didn't add up.
  12. BobSanders_33

    Keeper Question

    I know there is another board but just to have some interesting conversation on this board here is my situation. I feel like all 4 could be decent choices. League is 1/2 pt PPR and 6 pt passing TD. Each year the keeper is +2 rounds acquisition from the prior year. Two keepers each year. Below are the players and the round of pick I'd give up. Mahomes (10th)- Love my boy Mahomes. I think he is the future at the position and a great long term keeper. Aaron Jones (7th)- The new HC seems to be a one back guy. Jones can do it all and is tied to a great QB. I'm concerned that he has been injured each of the last two years and could get popped for substance abuse and get a decent suspension at any time. Marlon Mack (7th)- Got the workhorse treatment. Great OL that could be one of the best in the league for years and a great QB. Mixed in some great games with some duds. Sony Michel (5th)- Never know what Billy is going to do with game plan. Capable of huge games but also doesn't catch passes even though he did it in college. Patriots also get Isiah Wynn back from injury next year and could be a good power running OL. Concern about Sony and reoccurring knee injuries.
  13. BobSanders_33

    Cardinals set to hire Kliff Kinsbury as head coach

    It will be an interesting experiment. Is Cliff going to call the plays? I would imagine so because you don't hire him because of his skill putting together a staff and delegating. Is he going to run a 1:1 version of the air raid? Real interesting. In the air raid you come to the line 100% of the time in a pass play. The QB would audible into a run or RPO if the defense was showing something. This was in the B12 where they don't play D. The OL splits are ultra wide. In the NFL you have lineman that have the speed and quickness to exploit the gap. Rosen isn't the athlete that can be a threat to run in a RPO. In the B12 the defenses are pretty bad from top to bottom. In the NFL can the air raid take advantage of a match up against a team that has a strong pass D but is soft against the run? I don't think so. Can it operate well in the red zone with less space to cover and superior NFL defensive athletes? I don't think so. So with all those weaknesses you might say that Cliff is going to come in with some sort of off shoot that he has never run before. It won't be the air raid. Well his one and only special quality is that offense. If AZ isn't going to bring him in to try that then why bring him in?
  14. BobSanders_33

    Packers to hire Matt Lafleur

    I like it. Some will say risky. Much rather risk for the potential of greatness than all the retread coaches that are mediocre at each stop but get more chances because they have done it before.
  15. BobSanders_33

    Colts @ Chiefs Game Thread

    This is going to he a fun game. I'm a Mahomes fanboy, but I like the Colts in this one. That Colts OL can control the line of scrimmage and the clock.