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  1. Is anyone cutting Hardman after tonight?
  2. dog19

    possible surprise at TE

    Where are people at with Jack Doyle? He has the position to himself this year and a QB who historically throws to the TE position.
  3. dog19

    Marlon Mack's hand

    I have a hunch that Wilkins will be the back to own while Mack is out.
  4. dog19

    Leveon Bell - MRI today

    I dropped Diontae Johnson for him, and I have a ton of WR depth. The Jets play the Giants this week by the way.
  5. dog19

    Leveon Bell - MRI today

    I spent $0 on Powell, picked him up as a free agent. If he doesn't start this week, no harm no foul.
  6. dog19

    Bear fans, Al Robinson-WTF?

    He is going to draw Darius Slay this weekend, I would massively temper my expectations for this matchup.
  7. dog19

    Leveon Bell - MRI today

    Picked up Powell as a purely speculative play. He could be in line for a huge workload this weekend if Bell were to be out.
  8. dog19

    Jordan Wilkins

    Run, don't walk, and pick him up off of your waiver wire if you need RB help. It is very unlikely Marlon Mack plays this week.
  9. dog19

    Diontae Johnson

    I picked up Diontae and dropped Mecole Hardman with confidence.
  10. dog19

    Tyreek - the wait is almost over

    Are Mecole Hardman owners cutting bait or waiting another week or two?
  11. dog19

    Cam Newton

    Are people flat out dropping him at this point? I hate dead roster space, and I am also have holding onto AJ Green. Who are people replacing Cam with this weekend and beyond that didn't have another QB on their roster?
  12. I have Evans, Hopkins, Demaryius Thomas, Murray, and Powell all starting from guys I drafted. I also have Gordon but won't be starting him regardless of his status. I held onto Powell all year and it is finally paying off.
  13. dog19

    Week 16 def Championship style

    I picked up the Packers and am playing them with confidence this weekend.
  14. dog19

    Winston or Flacco?

    I started Flacco with confidence today.
  15. dog19

    Dion Lewis

    This week?