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  1. bpork

    I was just offered this trade

    well, i think sanchez is in for a matt ryan kind of year (risky assumption) so i'd try and get value elsewhere seems like an even trade to me though and i agree with a previous poster that it is an upgrade at QB and downgrade at RB
  2. bpork

    Not sure what to do this week

    drop moreno for hill -- denver offense is suspect and hill could be in a shootout with the rebirth of the seattle offense
  3. bpork

    Pick 2 for Week 2

    I'll rank these 1. Lewis - hard to believe but I like the matchup... 2. Addai & Barber- I think these guys are similiar in numbers, but not in style of play of course... they are getting goal line carriers and the better end of RBBC ...both have tough matchups -- 80 yards from scrimmage and a TD? 4. Bush - watched MNF -- raiders are committed to the run it looks like and Bush is talented-- he gets the low-end of the RBBC 5. LT - injury...i'd stay away for this week. 6. FWP - didn't watch the game, but the numbers say he's done for -- i'd consider dropping him
  4. bpork

    who would you rather have and why

    i think it's a risk/reward situation -- i didn't monitor bennett in the preseason, but maybe that would be helpful to check in on. It seems like the ceiling could be higher with Bennett whereas with Driver, you kind of his history and can expect a small decline for his age depends on your team's needs
  5. bpork

    QB Quandry

    Warner was listed in one of the FFToday articles http://fftoday.com/articles/thompson/09_anatomy_wk1.htm "Player: Kurt Warner Injury: Torn Labrum in his hip Healing Time: 12 weeks from surgery Impact on the Field: I am including Warner here because there is speculation that his injury is a reason why he played so poorly. I am here to tell you that is nonsense. The bigger concern was the play-calling now that Tod Haley is coaching elsewhere and all the injuries to his wide receivers. Not having Boldin or Steve Breaston healthy was a major reason why Fitzgerald was double and triple covered. He was missing key pieces to his offense, which left him having to check down to Tim Hightower. If Boldin and Breaston get healthy soon, Warner will be fine. He still put the ball in the air 44 times. If he is throwing that often, the fantasy numbers will be there. " I'd go with Ryan vs. Carolina since Carolina played so poorly..
  6. bpork

    Do I dare bench S Jax this week?

    i'd agree and bench Jackson even though that's probably your #1 pick -- I don't think he has stud status this week. I also picked Sjax high and benching him when i have options..
  7. bpork

    ochocinco or brandon marshall?

    that is pretty tough 85 vs. GB Marshall vs. Cle I say 85 since we still need to see if Orton can get Marshall the ball
  8. bpork

    Which RB?

    bradshaw -- game could be a shootout plus he seemed to be effective to be running...
  9. bpork

    0-5 but lead league in points?

    that's not something you hear everyday - sorry bro
  10. "If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time."
  11. bpork

    two words for all you Ronnie Brown owners

    i'd buy -- but yeah, i bet the person selling would ask for like 2nd/3rd rounder at this point for it (maybe a Hoosh or a Steve Smith) no thanks
  12. bpork

    Can the Cowboys go 16-0?

    16-0 is asking a lot...even for last years Pats who squeaked by a few games -- they have to play all the NFC east teams twice...they should lose at least one of those games
  13. bpork

    Big Ben or J.T. O'Sullivan?

    Ben couldn't light up the browns though and the Eagles played against possibly the best offense in the league...his shoulder is messed up too. That said, I think I agree with Dan...go with Ben
  14. bpork

    Buy Low Baby...

    lol, haven't seen much of that this year maybe it's the in thing now
  15. bpork

    Rodgers or Palmer week 3

    I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn't going to post it