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  1. Thanks for seeing mine. I agree maqs, at first glance Im not sold on the trade, but with your depth at WR, you can afford to loose a little to gain Peterson. Id do it
  2. Standard scoring 1 pt 10 yd rec/rush 6 pt TD 5 pt bonus 100+ yd rec/rush 1 PPR With Ochocinco and RMoss on byes this week, I need some starter help. WR S Smith @ PHI Walker-Sims @ TENN D Avery @ DET Not a big fan of Avery, but he has good matchup...do I start him or hit the Wire and grab M Wallace?
  3. Cadmandeux

    Do you agree with this starting lineup?

    Anymore input?
  4. Cadmandeux

    Steve Smith(NY), Roddy White & Braylon Edwards

    Id start Roddy myself, Like Bjlmonster said, bears D aint what it used to be. Edwards pulls a close second, and Smith gets 3rd due to matchup. Just my 2 cents Click HERE to see my post
  5. Cadmandeux

    P. Thomas, F. Jackson, B. Jacobs, or W. Parker

    Stay away from Jackson for now (His numbers have continued to drop every week for the last 4 weeks) Willie is going to be eased back in to possible secondary role with Mendenhall That being said, Jacobs and Pierre would be my choice this week They are both starters. Just my 2 cents Click HERE to see my post
  6. Cadmandeux

    Portis or Sammy Morris

    Portis Portis and Portis. Click HERE to Help Me
  7. Cadmandeux

    Randy Moss Trade

    Hate to see Benson leave your team,but you have enough depth to somewhat cover the hole he will leave, and you are getting a good WR upgrade to fill the hole you now have (You have decent WR, but you start more WR than RBs) Id take the trade Just my 2 cents Click HERE to Help Me
  8. Cadmandeux

    Opinions wanted for week six

    I like Rice and Mendenhall at RB and I would go Smith & Smith at WR with Ocho in the flex Just my 2 cents Click HERE to Help Me
  9. Cadmandeux

    Lineup Dilemma

    Couldnt have said it better myself. Sit Owens, go RB and Start Matt over Kurt. Just my 2 cents Click HERE to Help Me
  10. Cadmandeux

    Which RB should I start ?

    Chalk another one up for K Smith. I think he will have a better week this week. Just my 2 cents Click here to Help Me
  11. Cadmandeux

    Need 3 WR's in my PPR league

    Johnson Smith Sims-Walker - With Welker almost a toss up with Sims-Walker. I like Sims matchup, and Im sure he is back in the coachs good graces...at least I hope so. I have a similar dilemna. My link Click Here
  12. Scoring 1 pt per recpt 1 pt @ 25 yd pass 1 pt @ 10 yd rush/rec 6 pt TD 5 pt bonus 300+yd pass 5 pt bonus 100+ yd rec/rush Starters in Bold QB start 1 Favre vs BAL Rivers vs DEN Kinda of a coin toss here in my opinion RB start 2 C. Benson vs HOU - Crazy to bench him D. Williams @ TB - Not sure if this is a smart move considering my bench C. Portic vs KC - I like Portis, but how hurt is he this week? (Probable) R. Mendenhall vs CLE - Is Willie gonna take away from his carries and how much? M. Bell vs NYG - He's back, but think Thomas is the go to guy in NO WR start 3 R. Moss vs TEN - Hes hurt, but how can you bench him? C. Ochocinco vs HOU - Great matchup S. Smith @ NO - Eli's Fav target, but dont like the match up M. Sims-Walker vs STL - Great matchup, but is he worth starting over Moss, Ocho or Smith? D. Avery @ JAX - Just picked him up off waivers on a hunch TE Start 1 J. Finley vs DET - Can he repeat his wk 4 performance? G. Olsen @ ATL - Ehhh Kicker - doesnt matter really DEF MINN vs BAL GB vs DET Leave link and Ill see yours
  13. Cadmandeux

    LJ for Winslow

    Thanks for answering mine. I agree with Nos, I like the trade. Looks like you are gaining more than you are loosing.
  14. Cadmandeux

    Which RBs to start?

  15. Cadmandeux

    Which RBs to start?

    Scoring 6 pt TD 1 pt @ 10 yd rush 5 pt bonus 100+ yd rush 1 pt reception Start 2 DeAngelo Williams @TB Clinton Portis vs KC Cedric Benson vs HOU Rashard Mendenhall vs CLE Williams and Portis are my normal starters, But Cedric B is scoring a TON of points on my bench. Rashards value should drop with Willie P back in the lineup, but you never know. Which two of these guys would you be starting this week? Think I may package a deal and get some trade value from these guys, but Im in no hurry.