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    import league settings

    Importing league settings is not working. Windows 8, office 2013. Macro runs and acts like it is working, but team names and scoring do not change from default. I have the files saved in the same folder like I should so there is not a problem with the worksheet finding the older file. Please help me out. I have a lot of leagues to setup
  2. lilsug

    Point Projections

    This may be a dumb question......But.... Are the point projections in the rankings based on a full 16 week NFL season? or.. Is there some setting in Draft Buddy for how many weeks are in your FFL's regular season that I cannot find that sets this? I am trying to see how many FF pts / week players average so that I can build a full team that averages enough points per week to get me into my playoffs starting week 15.
  3. lilsug

    AP at #1?

    Sorry for not clarifying. Last year they both had 60? receptions. This will keep their rec. stats about the same. Rice will probably get around 340 carries with better blockers and more goal line attempts. Plus, several touts and articles have Rice's schedule weak, and Foster's considerably harder (albeit I have no idea how accurate those are). I guess I shouldn't have put an emphasis on rec stats between those two, but it makes them both better than AP, CJ, or JC in PPR. However, AP is probably the safest pick at #1 in non PPR formats.
  4. lilsug

    AP at #1?

    Ray will have Leach (a real blocking FB for the first time) who blocked for Foster last year. McGahee and McClain gone should mean goal line carries. If you get PPR than you have to take rice over Foster. Especially with the quote "easy" schedule every site thinks he has. Just my thought.
  5. lilsug

    CC/DB combine WR / TE

    Min is Office Pro 2010 instead of 2007. Sorry
  6. lilsug

    CC/DB combine WR / TE

    I have excel 2007 if it matters
  7. lilsug

    CC/DB combine WR / TE

    I have set my league's to combine WR and TE by checking the box, but the cheatsheet is not combining the positions. What do I need to do?
  8. lilsug

    People out of the playoff race ruining league

    We do this to. For as long as I've been in the league (about 11 seasons) we have had 1/2 the teams go to the Championship Playoffs, and the other half going to the Beer Bowl Playoffs. You have individual matchups, and win your way out. The team that loses, brings the beer to next years draft. We do this in a 12 team and a 14 team league. Make sure you bring plenty! I also like the idea of fining teams $5 for starting players that are on bye or hurt. We also pay out $ each week to the highest scorer. This gives them something to play for. We also give the last Championship playoff spot to the team with the most points that is not already in on record. This lets teams that may be 3-11 still have a shot at getting in if they just had a bad schedule. It also makes sure you get the best teams in the playoffs.
  9. lilsug

    Week 9 Survivor Picks

    I have to pick the NYG, SD, or MIN. Min is turble and Houston plays pretty good at home, but I think they'll lose to SD an I'm still scared of this one. Gonna have to go with the G men even though I'm a Cowboy fan.
  10. lilsug

    All time top 10's

  11. lilsug

    All time top 10's

    Manning has thrown for more that 4k yards in 10 of 12 seasons. He has better than a 2 to 1 TD/INT ratio in 8 of those seasons (and in his overall career), and will add 1 more positive year to all of those stats this season as he already has over 2100 yards and 15 TD with only 2 INT's! And, unlike Favre, he's started every game in his career (favre didn't start in Atlanta as a Rookie). Excluding extra SB rings; In what way could Montana ever be listed as the best QB ever? That's ridiculous! And to say Marino has crap stats is even more absurd. Did you even look at them when you posted this? You obviously are a Favre fan, and that's ok. But think about this.. Favre has a career passer rating of 86.3 which, compared to active QB's today, is lower than Carson Palmer and about even with McNabb. Nowhere close to: Manning Rivers Brees Brady Big Ben Romo (shouldn't count because he hasn't played that long, but still!) Favre has a 1.54-1 TD/INT ratio in his career, and almost a 1-2 ratio this year. He has 6 years passing over 4K yards, which is tied with Marino, but he has played in 2 more seasons and working on his 3rd. Marino has a 1.67 - 1 TD/INT ratio and an 86.4 career passer rating. Marino has 255.67 yds/start, 1.75 TD/start, and 1.05 int/start average vs. Favre's 242.39, 1.73 and 1.12. So other than his ring, how is he better? Because he's gonna play til he's dead? Looks pretty much the same to me. He certainly didn't ERASE Marino. Manning 95.5 career passer rating. 1.91 TD/start 262.87 yds/start .92 int/start Montana 92.3 career passer rating. 1.66 TD/start (1 season over 30 TD vs. Mannings 5) 247.26 yd/start (only 7 of 15 seasons over 3K yards, and no season over 4K) .85 int/start (incredible!) Stats aren't everything when deciding who's the best, but if you're gonna quote them and try to use them in your favor, you should at least see if you're right!
  12. lilsug

    All time top 10's

    List is pretty good. Everyone loves to argue over this stuff though. Someone mentioned that a QB is the only position that can win it all by himself. Well, no position can. And what about the SB 35 Ravens D? Surely the worst SB winning QB of all time! Some may argue that Ray Lewis won that SB. Someone mentioned that Manning is only this good because he's had great WR's. If true, how did those WR's play at their other teams? They didn't have other teams, so we can't know! I'm 6-1 265, white, slow, with brick hands but I think Manning could make me look good. He is undoubtedly the best QB of all time and the best OC in the league today. He may even be the best player of all time at any position. Montana is overrated in my opinion but still very good. Brady is low, Aikman is high, and Staubach should be in the list (but I'm a cowboy fan and he was better than Aikman just maybe not smarter). And if you want to go on wins and SB's, be prepared to put Big Ben in the list a few years from now. That sounds crazy to me too! It will be even harder to make these arguments going further because the defense will have to play "two below" with the QB's and the WR's! Many of you are tired of the Jim Brown Fan Club (and I'm not in it), but no RB has ever rushed for as many yards in as few games. Emmitt is not overrated because he played through injury, age, and became the all time rushing leader with no real top end speed. Defensive linemen could catch him. But his initial burst was incredible and gave him a decent 40 time. He won several rushing titles in a time when Sanders and T. Thomas were in their primes. And I agree that Barry Sanders was the most entertaining player to watch in my short 32 year lifetime (and my favorite). Martin, Bettis, and LT have to be put in the top 15! I like the WR list, but think Irvin is high and Harrison is low. But he may have shot some people, so maybe he's not so low. TO should be above Moss because he's not a quitter, but the top 3 are the top 3!
  13. lilsug

    Downlaoding Compiler

    Just read your message again and thought that I would add this to the email I sent you. I never did get the email confirm receipt. So if a new profile was created, I don't know what it would have been. Now that I think about it, I remember the boxes asking for what you wanted your username and password to be. They were located right above the BUY NOW! button. I didn't put anything in there because I already had a FFToday account. It was in this moment that the light bulb should have flashed in my head telling me to log in, but apparently it has burned out and needs replacing.
  14. lilsug

    Downlaoding Compiler

    Just sent you an email. Let me know if it has what you need. Thanks
  15. lilsug

    Downlaoding Compiler

    Hey guys, I sent Mr. McGregor an email on this, but I thought I would post it here as well. I got on the site and purchased the software, but can't download it. I purchased it approximately 20 minutes ago, so that should have been plenty of time to be able to get it unless they are experiencing some real difficulty in communications right now. Anyway, I think what happened was that I purchased the software without logging in first. I never entered my fftoday username and password, so I don't think that the purchase was tied to my account. Never the less I did make the purchase and need to know what to do now. Can someone help me. I'll watch this board so I can reply to any questions quickly. P.S. I also never got the confirmation email for the purchase, but did print out the receipt.