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  1. I'll trade them in a redraft league but I don't do it a dinasty. Bulger/Lendale will be better this year but I'm not sure they will be in the next years.

    WR help needed

    People don't use to look at their fantasy matchups and I think this is one case is worth loking at (safier player vs upside player). Coles/Holmes/Curtis I´ll go with Homes, I like this year steelers and they have a good match. They will run in the 4ºQ, but they will score some TD in the first 3 Q.

    which WR should i pick up?

    Hurd: Lottery ticket. High reward but now he's at best wr3: TO, Crayton, Witten, Jones, Barber... too many people Burleson: Safiest pick at short term. What will hapen when Hacket returns? Carter: Somebody has to stay behind Smith in the scorebox. Stockey: He's WR3 and Denver is not going to pass a lot. Jones: Long term proyect. Maybe more than long... he's in Houston! I' try with Burleson, you don't have to wait to much to see if it works

    Mike Furry vs. Randel El

    Furrey: 1 year making good things Randle El: 1 game making good things ---> Furrey ever Here's mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=287656

    3rd WR help (1 pt. 10 yds / 6 pts. TD)

    Branch has more upside.. but Welker is safer, when Brady is in troubles (and he'll be against the chargers), he's going to look Welker. Her's mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=287656

    Flex help - Brown or Henderson

    Brown. There's too much people around Brees. Ten is a one dimensinal team, they need the ground game. Here's mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=287656

    WR help needed

    Who do you start at WR2 (1,0 PPR)? Why? Branch (vs ARI) Crayton (vs MIA) V.Jackson (vs NE) James Jones (vs NYG) Marshall (vs OAK) McDonald (vs MIN) Welker (vs SD) The other 8 starters: QB Roethlisberger RB1 S.Jax RB2 McAllister Flex Peterson WR1 Berrian WR2 ?? TE Scaife K Graham DST Steelers

    Vick's big numbers

    After his big game against the steelers, Vick is on the top 5 QB of most leagues (third in mine, after Donovan and Peyton). ¿Time to sell high? ¿Do you think he's going to stay up there for long?

    Change names

    Sorry, I cant find where to chage it. ¿Any other way to do it?
  10. ERIERD

    Change names

    ¿Is there any place to change my name from ERIERD to Erierd? I dont know why I log in with that big letters, I dont like them...
  11. ERIERD

    Chris Henry

    ¿Any answer? Ive also got him in my watch list...
  12. This are my 6 RB in a 14 teams redraft league (2 starting RBs, no flex): Larry Johnson, Thomas Jones, Marion Barber, Jones-Drew, Mike Bell, Cedric Benson. I need to drop one of them to face the byes coming. ¿Benson? He's not playing but I've got Jones. ¿Bell? All RBs have a chance with Shany... ¿Trade Jones Drew now he's up? ¿..?