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  1. jgilkey513

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    I'm confused... Isn't it actually a chest injury?
  2. Waller is a consistent ppr machine and gets a ton of looks and the occasional td. He's your man. Boyd has a new qb and been a turd most of the season. Just my 2cents
  3. jgilkey513

    Colts at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    I need Watkins to be a man and sit the rest of the game out. Up by 10... My opponent sat Fuller too
  4. jgilkey513

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    I've won my division 7 times in last 11 years and have yet to win a single playoff game. I've already won my money back plus a hundred bucks for winning the division but damn I want the big money! Come on Diggs, catch everything thrown your way and knock down anything to Thielen!
  5. jgilkey513

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    Down three, I have Diggs, he has Thielen. Ugh. Looks like another 1st round exit for me.
  6. jgilkey513

    How angry is fournette?

    After squeaking my way into the playoffs having my number one pick sit almost the entire year including the last week of the regular season, I'm praying to God he finally pays off with a big-time run in the playoffs. Will he get 30 carries and 20 catches or injure his pinky finger and be out the rest of the season?
  7. jgilkey513

    Green Bay weather-sit anyone?

    This is true. Much harder for CBs to react.
  8. jgilkey513

    Fournette ejected

    Yea this hurts. Tied for 1st in division and winner takes $300. He's been a beast too. Dude has missed soooo many games already and then this.
  9. jgilkey513

    Fournette ejected

    Same... Why???
  10. jgilkey513

    Cooper Kupp - Knee Injury

    Finally get Fournette back to make my post season run and BAM. He single handedly won me two games this season. Feelsbadman
  11. jgilkey513

    How many points do you need tonight?

    Needed 27 with Adams and Beatherd... Won by 10
  12. Fact: Wyche said that when they were playing Seattle lol
  13. Crowell looked fantastic game 1 but laid an egg last week. Any chance he has a chip on his shoulder as a former Brown and lays the wood?
  14. jgilkey513

    People rollin' w/ "Matty Ice?"

    I have started Ryan pretty much all year and snuck into the playoffs thanks to a horrible division. I have no idea what I'm going to do at this point. Hope that helps. Garappolo?
  15. He's got the Philly D and is banged up and questionable. Also plays Sunday night. Not an ideal week to throw a dart on this guy imo.