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  1. Flint5

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    Yeah, somehow I convinced myself he would be the bellcow and drafted him in my two leagues. Never again, he practiced today and can't even have the decency of staying hurt as I have Snell in both leagues and don't want to start one or the other.
  2. Flint5

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    1998 standard league which I am still in with some original members. 5th pick Kordell Stewart. Obviously I didn't know what I was doing at the time. I do recall the first pick of that initial league draft was Jerome Bettis.
  3. Another Zuerlein owner who hanged on to him.
  4. Flint5

    Broncos at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Exactly, totally ridiculous, but the inept AZ coaches will think it is 4th quarter and not early in the 2nd
  5. Flint5

    Broncos at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Now forget about D Johnson and now go with C Edmonds as he gives a team the best chance to come back
  6. Flint5

    Broncos at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Of course now I assume that AZ will abandon the run game and air it since they are trailing. Good coaches keep their heads and stick to the game plan assuming it has some validity.
  7. Flint5

    Anybody starting Hogan tonight

    Cut Hogan this week, which means he will have maybe 2 TDs before going back into his shell for a few weeks. I should have learned from 2016 to not roster him.
  8. Benched Kupp for C. Ridley. Keep getting burned by these Thurs night games.
  9. Flint5

    Colts at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    Yep, I had hoped being at home and fighting for a playoff spot might provide proper motivation. Maybe a late defense TD in the rain. Who knows
  10. Flint5

    Colts at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    Where is this vaunted Ravens defense that was supposed to dominate the hapless Colts?
  11. Flint5

    The FU Thread

    Yee of little faith, not so bad now
  12. Flint5

    Eagles at Cowboys: Game Discussion

    Eagles seem determined to have a different RB in on almost every down. So much for continuity, great strategy.
  13. Flint5

    Robert Woods Carted Off

    Woods' left arm was in a sling after Sunday's 24-7 defeat in Minnesota, Lindsey Thiry of the Los Angeles Times reports. Analysis: In the waning minutes of the contest, Woods was carted from the field with an unknown injury. The use of a sling could mean the ailment ranges from his wrist to his shoulder. As the Rams' No. 1 wideout, the team will likely update his status in a prompt fashion. That said, it can wait until the first injury report of the week, so his upcoming availability won't necessarily be relayed soon.
  14. You got that right; better off sitting him even if one has no one else start, same result.
  15. Flint5

    Dolphins at Ravens: In-Game Discussion / Tilting

    Ajay has a nice 21 yard gain outside and then they give him the ball up the middle for negative yards on three carries. Someone must have told him I reluctantly had to start him tonight.