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  1. IGotWorms

    Sexual Abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention

    It’s the dominant religion in this country. If it were Muslim instead I’m sure we’d see similar stories about that
  2. Yeah there’s that element and then it’s also cool and popular now to be something other than a normal straight person who thinks they’re the actual gender they were biologically born as
  3. President Joe Biden made Russia's "blacklist" but former President Donald Trump didn't. Russia's Foreign Affairs Ministry on Saturday released an updated list of nearly 1,000 Americans permanently barred from entering the country, a largely symbolic slap in response to harsh sanctions imposed by Western countries for its brutal invasion of Ukraine in February. Biden since mid-March had already been banned from visiting Russia, as were Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But the updated list now includes Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as Biden's scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and first lady. The actor Morgan Freeman and billionaire investor George Soros also made the list. Soros' philanthropic support of liberal causes, and groups in the former Soviet bloc, have made him a boogeyman for both Russia and right-wing conspiracy theorists. Biden, Harris and Clinton can’t go, but Trump is welcome. Sounds like a right wing utopia!
  4. IGotWorms

    My daughter needs a place in NYC for 3 months

    She was hot but at this point she’s had too much work done imo
  5. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    Pathetic. It’s not hard to say 1/6 was wrong, but you can’t do it. Not without every manner of qualification. And you didn’t even address the “stolen election” lies, which are being continued to this day.
  6. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    I don’t think you can disprove a single thing I said. That’s what you guys stand for now, and it’s shameful.
  7. IGotWorms

    Cook and Kamara

    Top 5 qb in round 10 or later? That’s pretty ambitious
  8. IGotWorms

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    He was wrong on that just as he was wrong on red line in the sand
  9. IGotWorms

    I need to stop drinking and visiting FFToday...

    I thought maybe you got the banhammer
  10. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Don’t expect me to have a frame of reference on insane conspiracy theories or random right wing gripes du jour
  11. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    You have no evidence whatsoever. It just isn’t a thing
  12. IGotWorms

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    Yep, Erdogan is a real piece of sh1t and right in Putin’s corner. No wonder so many of the board righties love him
  13. IGotWorms

    You have GOT to try nair down there!

    In his mouf
  14. IGotWorms

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Oh I’m sure there are left wing guys that can’t get laid. Maybe some of them are even misogynists. But most of the really angry misogynistic incels are right wing and you know that, because that’s why the righties cater to them.
  15. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    Who are you referring to here? Doesn’t fit me And you guys have forfeited that rant. I love America for its democracy. You do not. You want to stop people from voting. You want to engage in baseless conspiracy theories and sack the Capitol when you don’t win. You don’t want to support a fellow democracy under attack by an autocrat. You are anti-democracy, and America is equated with democracy, or at least it was until you guys came along
  16. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    No I don’t
  17. IGotWorms

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Sure, misogynist incels. They do tend to be right-wing and that’s why the right wing sites cater to them
  18. IGotWorms

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    I told you: right wing incels hate women.
  19. IGotWorms

    Many Geeks should move to Russia

    I don’t know what would lead you to believe that. I don’t root for America’s enemies against its allies, support violent insurrection on the Capitol, or anything like that
  20. IGotWorms

    Maggie Q

    I’ve never really gotten the allure. Huge head and way too damn skinny. And I often like them skinny, mind you, but there is a line
  21. IGotWorms

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Lol this is rich from you
  22. IGotWorms

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    What are you even babbling about? Seriously — total non sequitur. You’re crazy and should seek help
  23. IGotWorms

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    No sane person follows you. You understand that, right?
  24. IGotWorms

    Shallow Hal is on right now

    You’re a rotten human - just kill yourself already