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  1. I retract the repository comment. However them hiding information is censorship and they're doing it clandestinely i.e. no disclaimers. You support censorship? It's indefensible man. Just stop.
  2. Some truly focked up thinking....."So Google can't do what they want with their company? The world's biggest repository of information can't manipulate the results or hide the truth from people?' I knew the liberals were a tad loony but JFC that's insane.
  3. I hope he gets counseling. It's hell dealing with shanking.
  4. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    Let us know when you start
  5. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    I've learned to read exactly what he says. He triggered those that want to be offended.
  6. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    You're the one pointing out three of the four 'squad' idiots are born in America. Go back and read what he said. Trump said 'These Congresswomen from other countries....' i.e. NOT the 3 borne here. Reading Is Fundamental
  7. Filthy Fernadez

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    Don't only heads rolled but fortunes seized.
  8. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    Still can't find the "where he said the 4 of those women (specifically those 4) are from other countries?
  9. Go research that expert's claim and see what you find AFTER you learn what he's researching.
  10. Just another conspiracy, huh? Like CIA/FBI/DOJ spied on Trump? Like Hillary Pay to Play State Dept? Uranium One? Seth Rich gave the emails to Wkileaks? Aren't you tired of being wrong and writing stuff off that doesn't go along with your political ideology? Pause before you dismiss something and READ up on it.
  11. Apparently so. That's not even accounting for places like California/New York where there's rampant voter fraud.
  12. Filthy Fernadez


    Do you ask them are they happy to take our money? Whoever funds something/someplace should have a say in how it's run.
  13. Filthy Fernadez

    Timmysmith question of the day

    The big tittay ladies are drawn to each other. It's the gravitational pull I believe.
  14. At what point did he know their plans? This military intelligence genius trapped them but when did he set them up.
  15. I can't understand why he was using a law firm that had Eric Holder as a partner. Sh!t's getting real. They apparently are giving his new lawyer (Sidney Powell) all the files.
  16. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    Please show us the quote where Trump said the four of them were from foreign countries because you were pointing out where they're from. Just admit you jumped when the MSM told you and that you're ignorant of the facts.
  17. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

  18. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    Going back to where they came from means go back to where they came from i.e. what crap hole city, town, etc........... Oof.............stay down.
  19. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-tells-dem-congresswomen-go-back-where-you-came-from/ar-AAEjqZN?li=BBnb7Kz MSN.............not a right wing site
  20. Filthy Fernadez

    Naughty Nancy

    What part of 'why don't you come back to where you came from and help them' is wrong?
  21. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2019/03/11/trump-russia_20_dossier-tied_firm_sending_dc_journalists_daily_collusion_briefings.html Ever wonder why people are still pushing the Russian narrative? Schifforbrains, CNN, etc............they're part of a group STILL working to take Trump out. They raised $50,000,000 from donors to keep pushing the Dossier. They're pushing false information to the FBI, Mueller, etc.........anything to keep it going.
  22. They left a paper trail as the evidence is bearing out. A few of them losing their pensions isn't enough for what they've done. I'm talking senior officials, congressmen, senators, reporters............all participated. All need their necks stretched.
  23. Sedition; they should pay with their lives.