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  1. Lamb of God

    Patriots at Jets: MNF Discussion

    The jets have crowder sitting on the line and blocking like a te. Idk what that means I’m just glad I sat him this week.
  2. Lamb of God

    Packers at 49ers: TNF Discussion

    Ugh why no Aaron Jones on the 1yd line. Twice now. I need help. I also have Davante so I’m not super upset. Lol
  3. Lamb of God

    Aaron Jones?

    Looks like they’ve mailed it in I see now.
  4. Lamb of God

    Aaron Jones?

    Is he hurt or have they realized their down and sitting him?
  5. Lamb of God


    For sure I kept Cole I’m. Niiiiiiice
  6. Lamb of God


    Yeah I’m keeping in Cole. He’s healthy chark has really underperformed when not 100% and I agree with the decoy scenario or a chance he hurts his ankle More.
  7. Lamb of God


    Ok thanks. Just saw this. I’ll prob keep Cole in the lineup meaning Chark will go off on one leg. Lol
  8. Lamb of God


    Is he playing???? If so do I roll with him or I picked the Keelan Cole who’s actually healthy.
  9. Lamb of God

    Dynasty half PPR. Chark or Gallup.

    Thanks for the reply wee. There’s something about me that wants to keep chark. I like the fact he’s really the number one in that offense but conversely I like the fact Gallup plays wth a better qb however cd lamb ain’t going anywhere and they have a lot of options in Dallas whereas they don’t in jax if their smart about who to get the ball to.
  10. Lamb of God

    Dynasty half PPR. Chark or Gallup.

    Just was offered a trade. Chark for Gallup. Do it or not. My other wrs are obj, Keenan Allen and other wr 3/4 type guys like Cobb, Jakobi Meyers, David Moore. With Carson and Kamara as my main rbs. It’s a 20 man league so players are Uber thin.
  11. Lamb of God

    Mike Williams in full ppr

    He’s on the ww. I lost chark, Adams, moestart this week and geisecki only got me 8.5pts so I’m in a hole. I can drop crowder, Mattison, Cohen, Hines, or Tate to pick him up. If I picked up Williams he’d be replacing Robert woods or gage. I have Kelley in my lineup and I like him this week so he’s staying and I kinda like gage if jones is out too so he’d basically be replacing woods for one week. Do it?? And for who. I’m thinking Hines or Cohen.
  12. Lamb of God


    See hines for current evidence of this. Glad I drafted him.
  13. Lamb of God

    Josh Kelley in full ppr

    I did it more for the stash appeal. I agree tyrod isn’t a dump off rivers type so keep feeding Kelley and if he’s efficient with some gl carries he’ll be a solid flex even in full ppr.
  14. Lamb of God

    Josh Kelley in full ppr

    I picked him up. I’m just looking for the value as I know Thompson may be the more PPR back traditionally but I think Kelly’s situation may serve him better and by years end there’s a good chance he’ll finish higher in pts than Thompson due to the tds if they keep feeding him in the red zone.
  15. Lamb of God

    Josh Kelley in full ppr

    He made it through our 10team ww today and is still out there. I’d prob drop chris Thompson for him. Do it? I dropped duke for gage initially and figured gage would go before me but I got him and Kelley is still there. edit: thnaks for the replies. I ran out and got him and dropped Thompson.