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  1. Lamb of God

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    The freak!!!!
  2. Lamb of God

    Keenan Allen. Time to be concerned.

    A guy in my league just posted he's looking for qb help. So I was gonna offer brady/Allen for Hopkins/minshew and I'd ride wentz as my starter. Maybe I'm panicking but three weeks of 5pts in a full ppr is a trend not a fluke. I feel like nuke/Thomas have a safer floor. But idk if he'd do the trade.
  3. Lamb of God

    Keenan Allen. Time to be concerned.

    I have Barkley and in his place has been Ingram so I've been middling in that spot while also watching Allen get me 5 a week so yeah it's been tough.
  4. He's killing me in my full pt ppr league. I shouldve blown my opponent away but Allen laid a total dud giving my opponent a chance. Anyway is it time to move him say in a package deal for someone like Michael Thomas, Hopkins, maybe obj owner. Or hold and hope he flips around. My other WRs are godwin, thielen and cooks so each Allen laying an egg hurts cuz cooks isn't lighting it up either.
  5. Lamb of God

    Eagles at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Of course I’m playing Adams. Who’s with me. Dudes gonna have 35-40pts by the end of it all. But I have Wentz in and that no huddle moved the ball well on this packers d that last drive. But yeah. Adams. Ugh crapping on me.
  6. Lamb of God

    Melvin’s value right now

    I have Thompson and white on my bench right now. And I misworded it I was only offering one guy like cooks for Gordon or Hardman for Gordon. I wouldn’t do a two for one for Gordon.
  7. Lamb of God

    Melvin’s value right now

    Just lost Barkley, got Ingram in as my de facto rb1 in 10 man full ppr league. Owner has Gordon on his bench and needs WRs badly. I have thielen, Godwin, Hardman, cooks, dorsett id Trade, Keenan Allen is my #1. What would u give for Gordon. He’d fill a great need for me. Frankly I’d prob offer any of those guys but thielen and godwin would be my first two offers. Thoughts. Is Gordon worth more or less
  8. Lamb of God

    Thompson or white ROS.

    My thinking is Ingram is my rb1 now and I’m not gonna play white. It’s a 1pt ppr so I play 1rb and 4wrs so I only need 1rb really and I’m te deficient so figure I need an upside player that will play vs a rb that won’t while having kinda two of the same players white/Thompson on the bench.
  9. Lamb of God

    Thompson or white ROS.

    So I just lost Barkley, but I have Ingram, white, Thompson and J. Hill as my rostered rb’s. I need a te desperately as I have only cook and witten and I was just offered dissly for white. I think looking at their respective schedules Thompson and white are essentially one and the same player but Thompson’s role could be larger as they’ll be playing from behind more often plus he doesn’t have 2-3 other rbs in his way. Do the trade for white?
  10. Lamb of God


    I’m so happy. I mean I have Wentz but in the last pick of our 10 man draft and cuz people just wanted to finish up and leave I clicked on Brady. Now I have a serious qb controversy on my hands. Lol. I mean he keeps this up, and why not he’s def gonna finish top 5.
  11. So I have the #1 pick and am pretty set on taking Barkley so when it comes around I'm looking at prob WRs of maybe Evans who I'd take no prob but if he's gone looking at AB, Allen and thielen. I wanna go two WRs at my 20/21 picks cuz they fly off the board in this league. So I'm looking at either AB/Allen or skip Ab and go Allen/thielen. Thoughts??
  12. Lamb of God

    UPDATED: Doug Orth's Big Boards - Top 200

    Well of course but I don’t think it’s his weapons that have people skeptical it’s his health. But if u can get him in the right spot, prob double digit rd or even as a backup if u do that thing then yeah he could pay off with huge value IF he can stay healthy. This is the new ff. It’s not production necessarily that drop guys down adp, it’s the “other” stuff that does, just guys get injured so much more nowadays than 15+ yrs ago u don’t want ur #1 qb going down again. I’d feel safe taking him as a backup even if it meant going Winston/ wentz than loading up on other players and drafting him in like the 8-9 range expecting to be my full yr starter.
  13. Lamb of God

    Consensus #1

    I’m taking Barkley in my 10 man redraft full ppr. His workload is without question, catches the ball and is prob Eli’s main target when that pocket breaks down and even if the rook takes over at qb in passsing situations what’s a rook qbs best friend his dump off to the rb or te plus quan can break the big runs at anytime. Kamara while I love his talent also has talent behind him and we know as Payton has said they don’t want to feed him the rock 20-30x a game, cmc at the same time will undoubtedly regress in the catch dept and may now have to deal with cam vulturing some gl tds. I’m sure in the end they’ll all be close and an argument can be made both for and against all three going #1 but give me the guy with the workload and athletic freakizm to make anything happen at anytime. I’m also targeting Murray in all my leagues as my #3rb hopefully but if I get Saquon and 3 good WRs and a top qb I’d prob even be fine with Murray as my flex guy.
  14. Lamb of God

    Preseason Games - Week 2

    Yeah either Az’s oline is that bad or the raiders rush is that good. Idk yet but I’m out of the dj talk anyway having the 1 pick in my ppr but Murray, while making some good decisions at times looked kinda lost, He had like 3 DOG penalties so I’d def move him down the ranks if anyone had him in a tier where he’d be a starting qb. Give me Big Ben, rivers, or maybe even Lamar Jackson ahead of him. His talent and that O will gel at some point but doesn’t appear it’ll be fully operational to start he season.
  15. Lamb of God

    Preseason Games - Week 2

    Darnold looks good. Lamar Jackson had a sick td run called back. Eagerly awaiting to see this Az offense.