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  1. Lamb of God

    Stream Levis vs dobbs

    Dobbs safer floor maybe with the rushing but Levis matchup is prime plus TB has two dbs out this game too. Idk
  2. Lamb of God

    TNF Discussion: Jaguars at Saints - Wk7

    I guess I missed it but did Kirk fumble at some point? I should have 6.5pts in full ppr but have just 4.5 which sux cus 6.5 is halfway to prob his projected total.
  3. Lamb of God


    For sure. It’s atleast a 6-9month if not 12month recovery but these guys have the best care around. If it is a patella tendon u have to think it’s a big tendon holding the knee cap to the femur and tib/fib bones of the lower leg. I’m no dr but the way I saw him holding the front of the knee vs the back which is usually where an acl tear is makes me think that. Plus guys with acls can walk off usually with a patella tendon ur leg is useless depending on the tear.
  4. Lamb of God


    My guess is he tore his patellar tendon. The way he just grabbed at the front of his knee I had a friend with the same injury. Sucks cuz he’s so good.
  5. Lamb of God

    Still chase at 2 spot in full ppr

    Is it time to start thinking of moving chase down the longer burrow is out or if he also misses week 1 and on??? I have the 2nd pick in a full ppr redraft.
  6. Lamb of God

    Still chase at 2 spot in full ppr

    Last I saw/heard on the Sirius fantasy channel was he’s still a “few” weeks away. My draft isn’t until Aug 31 so hopefully they’ll be some clarity by then. I haven’t seen any of the rankings move home down just yet.
  7. Lamb of God

    Aiyuk dillon moestart or pickens

    1pt ppr I’m down 20 thanks to goodwin doing zilch need two
  8. Lamb of God

    Aiyuk dillon moestart or pickens

    Well I didn’t play aiyuk so he’ll go off
  9. Lamb of God

    Sprained Shoulder for Jalen Hurts

    Same here fellas. Advanced in the playoffs and have a beatable opponent with hurts but now idk and there’s zero left on the ww. Purdy or Minshew are prob my best bets. What ya think.
  10. Lamb of God

    Saturday: Dolphins at Bills

    Of course I did. Not. Hence why he’s doing well.
  11. Lamb of God

    Saturday: Dolphins at Bills

    Is moestart even a viable play say over rachaad white, dillon or pickens now that Wilson out. He looked kinda cooked last week even after Wilson left the game. Idk
  12. Lamb of God

    Trouble her in full ppr decisions

    I got jj and Barkley played and I’m down 30pts and he has Taylor, dionte, and Higgins left. I got Pickens, aiyuk, Pittman and Sutton but I wanna play racchad white now so who to sit of those wrs is the question. I’m thinking Sutton but would love thoughts.
  13. Lamb of God

    Aiyuk, sutton or Pickens full ppr

    Trying to decide. I need one of these 3.
  14. Lamb of God

    Carr, Ryan or jimmy g

    I need a hurts bye week fill in. All these guys are available and have pretty decent matchups I think carr has the lowest ceiling if they start pounding the running game against Houston and jimmy g has shootout potential but that team is never one to pass a ton regardless carr vs hou ryan vs tenn jimmy g vs kc
  15. Lamb of God

    Guess I’ll ask agin on pittman

    Idk if my post got deleted didn’t think it was that bad just asking if any Indy insiders know more about his inj then what’s being said on roto ie quad.
  16. Lamb of God

    Michael Pittman Jr. Out for Week 2

    How worried do we pittman owners need to be? Any more news on what exactly happened and are they thinking this is a multi week injury.
  17. Lamb of God

    TNF Discussion: Bills at Rams - Wk1

    I’m nervous for A Rob. One target. ONE!, wtf he performed better with worse qbs and now he’s an afterthought. Stanford is gonna have to realize teams are gonna double kupp and he’ll be out there. So I hope. Lol
  18. Lamb of God

    TNF Discussion: Bills at Rams - Wk1

    A Rob 1 freaking target like dang Matt look his way. Ugh. He gave more love to worse wrs when he was with the lions.
  19. I have hurts as my main qb and he’s in my mind playing every game for me in a 10 team ppr non keeper 4pts pass td. I drafted tannehill like in rd 15 late but as I look at schedules hurts has a week 7 bye. Tannehill play against the colts in tenn and Winston plays at the cardinals which on paper should be a better matchup. Should I just drop Tanny for Winston now to lock him up for week 7 or just wait and see if anyone drops a better qb at some point before then. Guess if that happens I could always drop Winston and worst case he’d play week 7 for me. Most guys in this league which idk why draft two qbs even though they have very viable starters anyway like he guy who drafted Allen in the 3rd drafted Dak later? Why
  20. Lamb of God

    Winston vs tannehil as backup qb to hurts

    Lol ur a funny guy but I like ur input on Winston
  21. Lamb of God

    Pick 7 ppr

    So how high would u take Henry in full ppr
  22. Lamb of God

    Pick 7 ppr

    So how high would u take Henry in full ppr
  23. So it’s a 10 man as said above non keeper with five flex spots so we play 1 mandatory qb one mandatory rb then 5 flex rb/wr/te and one defense no kicker. When a leagues been around 23yrs we look to change it up so premium as I know the drafters and we did this style last year is on wr it gets wr heavy fast and early. I have pick 3. I’m going jefferson. I’m aiming for upside guys if I have a chance vs regression guys like ekelar or Kupp in this spot. Rd 2 plan is best rb, Jones, barkley poss kamara or Lenny then I’m gonna hammer wr for the next 3rds then poss qb in 6th like hurts or lamar then hit rbs after like hunt, aj Dillon, Stevenson, Edmonds in the next few rds to round out rb depth. Takes????
  24. These are the guys I believe I’ll be looking at in rd two pick 18 overall 10 man ppr non keeper with one rb mandatory spot and 5 flex spots of rb/wr/te. I’m kinda leaning barkley with the most upside, Lenny as the safe pick and Jones whom I initially loved but the lasted news from gb makes me shaky as how much they love dilllon. If I go barkley I’m def aiming for Dillon and will prob reach later in the draft. If I go Jones then I’m looking at hammering wr in the following rds and looking at guys like hunt, Stevenson, edmunds etc later to fill out the depth. How would u have em ranked.