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    Need Owners for a Great League

    Hey, everybody, we need 1 MORE Owner. If you want competition and the chance to get BIG $$$, then give us a shot.
  2. Looking for a couple of Owners. This is a $100 league. 2 Conferences with 12 teams/Conference. The same player can be on 1 Team/Conference. This is a PPR league. This is a 4 Player Keeper Dynasty (every team has some good players). Openings available because: this league started as a "Hometown, draft around the water cooler", $10 type league. Some Owners wanted higher $$ POs, so the cost went up. The problem then was that some Owners were always winning and others were always losing. Last year probably eliminated most of the remaining losing Owners (some just because they didn't have the time to do Player due diligence). There are no "Gurus" but many of us are pretty good. We would prefer a long term commitment. There is some GREAT $$$, if you are good enough. Can you say "Pings". Send an E-Mail to Matt Rauch, for more info. Hope to hear from you. E-Mail addy is: operation.domination@businesslikefootball.com Prefer that you E-Mail, but if there is a problem, 512-619-6273.
  3. I am unable to PM anybody. I've been trying to register for an account for 4 days now. I would like to get into this league. My E-Mail addy is golfjim@hopitelecom.net. Or you can call me at 888-921-7677 (toll free). Golfjim, the Best of the Best!!!