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  1. GOT theme league, has 3 orphans to fill , league link is here: https://www53.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/16217#0 5 team Dispersal, link to assets here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Af0J08s_PsPYFP0ZGt0zaWJ8FFrZB7y3uJe5F9IXG_k/edit?usp=drivesdk commish email: Eric- 57martel57@gmail.com $50 fee + $25 covering any trades of 2022 picks, total of $75 to join in 2021.... New owners are not taking over a team roster, you will be in a Dispersal Draft in which you draft players and draft picks that are on the Dispersal draft Asset link above.... this is also a Devy league in which you can draft one Devy player each year, has to be NFL Draft eligible player in 2022 tho in otherwards can't draft freshman or true sophomores; can only have one Devy player on your roster at a time, in otherwards you cannot trade for Devy players and accumulate them...
  2. 4 Team Dispersal in 16 team Full IDP with equal scoring, salary cap, contracts, $250 annual fee League Highlights - Very in-depth rulebook with tags extensions taxi raiding holdouts…etc - Long running League going into 12th year - Super Pot every 5th year (currently entering year 2 of 5 year cycle) - Unique All Play Format with All Play Playoffs - This league has multiple phases over the off season to keep you engaged - Salary cap/rookie wage scale/ contract minimums all progress at different rates for a true salary cap management experience - We aim to mimic the NFL in a majority of our rules to give you a true franchise experience. Dispersal with start as soon as filled and you will be allowed to trade with all current teams not in the dispersalScoring – https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=42437&O=09 Rules – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KZ6UsqHZIklyv44gIuBi8qLOLhCokDDjCcpB5X_OEFY/edit?usp=sharing League – https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/42437#0 Dispersal Assets - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rJprUi5HNw1rv75aFd5Q2VuNEOZogOv3FWK2CBJO3hE/edit?usp=sharing e-mail: macinnij@uwindsor.ca for more information or to reserve a spot
  3. MFL: 16th year for league... 16 team Full IDP, Contracts, with equal scoring: Salary Cap League with extensions, tagging, holdouts...etc 53 man roster + 8 man Taxi Squad 12 Team Dispersal/second chance draft loaded with assets (we are doing a soft reset due to a new 5 year super pot cycle and rule changes we imposed) Superpot every 5 years with double payouts All picks from the 1.02-1.05, 1.07-1.15 positions, plus picks in Rounds 2-6. $250 buy in: split over 2 installments: first when ROD begins, second when NFL season begins. Communications all on Slack Link to Assetshttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MEkRVZbZrO4djxuDtzVwejssxeLwSW9eDdsafsmGBPU/edit#gid=816919466 if interested contact: m a c i n n i j at u w i n d s o r dot c a; or contact me here
  4. only 2 orphans left...Philly Vikings and Jags
  5. Giants team is taken.. returning to league so no longer Orphan: a. Bucs B. Steelers
  6. Take the next step in Fantasy Football- for those that want to play against the best- Veni Vedi Vici Come, see and conquer. VVV is a 32 team, IDP, PPR league with a rich history built to last the test of time. The league features top level competition, with some of the best fantasy players around. If you are looking to play with the best, this is the league for you. Features: 32 teams 53 man rosters 8 man TS Dual copy league Full IDP scoring PPR Compensatory picks $250/season to LeagueSafe Previous owners have been hired by NFL teams, and are writers for the biggest fantasy sites in the business. VVV is a proving ground for the best! The format is tried and tested. This league was previously part of the Paragon Leagues, however, as the Paragon commish is stepping down, we have decided to continue the league without modification. Monies are deposited in LeagueSafe and only distributed by majority league vote. 2019 was a "Super Pot" year in VVV. Every year 25% of the entry fees are deposited in the Super Pot which is awarded every 5 years. Because of this, we have a large number of teams leaving this offseason. While this will take some time to fill, it will also allow you to have a wide pool of players to draft during the Rookie Owner Draft. We run a Rookie Owner Draft (ROD) once the league is full, where you draft the players from the teams with new owners. The following teams will be participating in the rookie owner draft. Additionally, the draft picks left behind by the abandoned teams will be drafted during the ROD: Orphan teams below Bludhaven Saints (taken) K-Town Bengals (taken) White Rock Jaguars Glenneration Giants (taken...) Patriots (taken) Queen City Raiders (taken) Days of Thunder Panthers (taken) Philly Vikings Newcastle Ravens (taken) Russican Eagles (taken) Niagara Texans (taken) Rozelle Cardinals (taken) Bloomington Falcons (taken) You also draft the 2020 rookie draft picks during the ROD. As you can see, the cupboard is far from bare- First round picks available in the ROD- (17 picks, 14 teams) 1.03 1.04 1.06 1.07 1.11 1.12 1.14 1.15 1.17 1.19 1.22 1.24 1.28 1.29 1.36 1.37 1.38 League site- www61.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/13825#0 When you go to the site, you will see all of the ROD teams have (ROD) after the team name. (ROD?) indicates that the owner hasn't officially decided yet. Which team you select does not matter as you will draft an entirely new team from the players on these teams. After the ROD, you should have a league average roster and a full set of picks as almost all teams have all their picks. There are more 1st round picks available in the ROD than there are ROD teams, so several of you will have more than one 1st round pick. If interested, please send a brief note about yourself with some information about your fantasy football experience to- themojoworkin@gmail.com
  7. Welcome to LXD... the League of Extraordinary Dynasties! Host site is MFL, leaguesafe majority vote, 2 player pools https://www80.myfantasyleague.com/2018/mb/topic_show.pl?bid=201825588&tid=5183463 if interested email Commish here: l x d dot m f l @ g m a i l . c o m Available teams: 16 teams taken as of this date NFC: ARI, ATL, CAR, DET, LAC, NYG, TB, WAS AFC: BUF, CIN, HOU, IND, MIA, NYJ, PIT, TEN Please be patient as I finish filling the league, tweak the rules & rearrange the website & graphics. I'm always open to feedback for improvement! The rules & format have been simplified & condensed to 1 PAGE & listed below. Rosters, contracts & salaries etc are updated at the END of each season to help make planning next year's team easier. INAUGURAL AUCTION & ROOKIE DRAFT - Will be held as soon as we fill the league. 3 nominations at a time per owner. Highest bid wins when 24 hr bid clock runs out (resets with a higher bid). Inaugural dradt order will be randomized, straight draft MAR 1st @ 3 AM MT - SEASON BEGINS - Owners may drop players, acquire free agents via auction, trade picks & players, use 5th yr options, tags, extensions & amnesties MAY 1st @ 3 AM MT - ROOKIE DRAFT - straight, worst 1st, 6 rounds -8 hr clock (no pauses) use your pick or lose it DEC 1st @ 3 AM MT - TRADE DEADLINE - No more trades allowed until next season JAN 1st @ 3 AM MT - SEASON ENDS - No more transactions allowed until next season. Payout deadline & league fees are due ENTRY FEE: $40 via Leaguesafe - majority vote, NO REFUNDS. To avoid teams being ditched at the last minute the NEXT SEASON'S FEES WILL BE DUE AT THE END OF EACH SEASON PAYOUT: 32 teams x $40 = $1,280: (MFL fee = $140), Round 1 (12 teams x $40 = $480), Rd 2 (8 teams x $40 = $320), Rd 3 (4 teams x $40 = $160), Rd 4 (2 teams x $40 = $80), League Champ (1 x $100 = $100) IDP League - PPR - Standard scoring 32 Teams (NFL names) 2 Conferences (NFC & AFC) 4 Divisions per conference (North, East, South, West) 4 Teams: per division 12 week season - Playoffs: Weeks 13-16 NFL style - Top 12 teams (includes 8 division winners), 2 brackets, 4 rounds (Wild Card, Divisional, Conference Champs & League Champ). Top seed plays lowest 22 total starters - 11 Offensive (QB 1, RB 2-3, WR 3-5, TE 1-2, PK 1, PN 1) 11 Defensive (DT 1-2, DE 2, LB 3-4, CB 2-3, S 2-3) 2 player pools - 53 man roster - 8 Taxi Squad - 10 Injured Reserve TAXI SQUAD - 8 spots - Only ROOKIES (drafted or FA) may be placed on the TS. They can stay until promoted/dropped & CAN NOT RETURN after they leave. 50% of salaries count against the cap INJURED RESERVE - 10 spots - Only IR designated players may be placed on the IR. They must come off when they lose their IR designation. 50% of salaries count against the cap TRADES - Are processed automatically. Traded players retain their contracts Tags, extensions & amnesties CAN NOT be traded FREE AGENTS - Are acquired via auction. Nominations run all season long. Minimum bid $0.5M. Highest bid wins when 24 hr clock runs out (resets with a higher bid). 1 to 5 yr contracts ROOKIE DRAFT - 6 rounds - 8 hr clock - 1 to 4 yr contracts. 4 yr contracts come with a 5th yr option. Salaries: (1st rd - $5M) (2nd - $4M) (3rd - $3M) (4th - $2M) (5th - $1M) (6th - $0.5M) 1 FRANCHISE TAG per season - 1 yr contract - Franchise tag a player unlimited times. CAN NOT be extended, dropped or amnestied. 20% salary increase or top 5 position salary avg, whichever is higher 1 TRANSITION TAG per season - 1 yr contract - CAN NOT be retagged, extended, dropped or amnestied. 20% increase or top 10 position salary avg, whichever is higher 1 EXTENSION per season - Any contract that has NOT been tagged may be extended 1 TIME up to 5 yrs during any season before the contract expires. Salary increases 20% at the time of extension 1 AMNESTY per season - Any contract that has NOT been tagged may be dropped without ANY cap penalties RESTRICTED FREE AGENT TENDERS - (pending) Still deciding whether or not to have a 1st & 2nd round RFA tenders SALARY CAP - Hard - $177.2 Million for 2018. We match the NFL Salaries increase 20% at the END of each season. A $10M 5 yr contract is paid ($10M - yr 1) ($12M - yr 2) ($14.4M - yr 3) ($17.28M - yr 4) ($20.736M - yr 5) HOLDOUTS - (pending) Still deciding whether or not to have any holdouts Dropped contracts count 100% against the cap of the current season (unless amnestied). Dropped players are locked for 24 hrs & become FA's with 0 yrs & 0 salary Dropped contracts with 2 to 5 yrs incur a penalty the next season (60% - 2 yrs) (80% - 3 yrs) (100% - 4 yrs) (120% - 5 yrs). A $10M contract would be ($6M - 2 yrs) ($8M - 3 yrs) ($10M - 4 yrs) ($12M - 5 yrs) Retired players - count 100% against the cap if they are on your roster. They do not count against the cap once dropped & there is no drop penalty. However; you do not retain their rights if you drop them TANKING & UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT - Tanking or acting inappropriately is not tolerated & may result in the lose of picks/winnings or getting kicked out of the playoffs/league
  8. 16 team IDP Dynasty Auction Salary Cap – 100% Payout* Funds to be held at LEAGUESAFE.COM. The GM Experience - Create a legacy by effective roster management using rookie drafts, free agent auctions, contract lengths, salary cap issues, player holdouts & franchise tags... It's going to be tough to dominate your peers year after year. Are you ready for the challenge? SUMMARY: 16 teams with All-Play Regular Season format and H2H format in playoffs (best teams will make the playoffs) 53 man rosters, 8 man taxi squad, IR, etc. built to mimic NFL. 2018 Salary Cap of aprroximately $180,000,000 with 5% increase each year Variable length contracts for all players on your roster. Manage player holdouts & retirements, apply franchise and transition tags to your players. 21 starters, balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism. Balanced IDP / PPR scoring. 6 team Playoff structure where only the best teams qualify. Annual rookie-only draft occurring soon after the NFL draft. Rookie Salaries slotted and based closely to real NFL Rookie Contracts Annual Free Agent Auction and blind bidding waivers. Minimum Salaries similar to the real NFL minimum salaries (based on # of yrs played) Sign players off opposing franchises' practice squad just like in the NFL. Holdover of 20% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have double prizes (Super Pool Concept) every 5 years - WE ARE CURRENTLY ENTERING OUR 9TH SEASON!! Large prize pools with 100% payouts (*less MFL league fees of $70/yr (~$4 per team) and site graphics of approx $60 (~$4 per team)) If interested in joining this great league, please email me at salperalta@hotmail.com and please provide a brief history of your fantasy / auction dynasty experience. We currently have 3 league openings.
  9. WDL http://www9.myfantasyleague.com/2015/home/16501 Orphan Team – Milwaukee Rams $250 20% holdover of prize money in years 1-4, Double Prize in year five (Super Pool) 100% payout less MFL fees and minimal graphic fees 16 Teams – 2 Divisions All-Play format – each team plays every team weekly 6 Team Playoffs, teams seeded, play in Head to Head format 53 – Single Player Rosters Salary Caps & variable length contracts for all players 8 - Player DTS (Dynasty Taxi Squad) sign players off opposing franchises DTS IR 21 Starters, 10 Off - 11 Def Holdouts, Franchise and Transition Tags Cap Hits Annual Rookie-only draft, soon after the NFL draft Annual Free Agent Auction, shortly after League draft Blind Bid Waivers Trading 2015 is year one of five year Super Pool League is year round contact me here or post interest with contact information...thanks in advance
  10. league is full as of 4 Feb.....thanks to those who responded.
  11. team 30 is now taken.....need 3 more owners....
  12. 32 team startup needs 5 owners to fill league. once full the league plans to start Veteran draft to fill rosters. League details: 1. Dynasty, IDP, Salary cap 2. large rosters: 53 active plus 8 PS. 3. rosters will include Team Off Lineman (e.g. Den OT, Den OG, Den OC, Den OG, Den OT). link to keague here: http://www2.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/60853#0 you can PM me or contact commish at the above location.. hope to get 5 owners from FFToday to join ... thanks RR