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    [quote name='jets24' date='Aug 10 2007, 10:57 AM' post='3213334']You wanna support the ending of this war? Good. I don't blame you. That is your given right. Just don't do it by pretending you care any more about those civilian deaths than you do about who is gonna be your first pick in your fantasy draft next week. It's insulting to me and many others who understand what being an American is all about.[/quote]
  1. Angry White Male

    Anyone check Obama's "stimulus package" for funding for tire gauges?

    I'm surprised this "stimulus package" isn't more focused on "global warming". LOL
  2. Angry White Male

    The Dems are starting to push their Socialist agenda hard.

    Hey! The economy is SMOKIN'!
  3. Angry White Male

    Geek Club Republican Strategic Planning Session

    Well, after the inevitable first big terrorist attack under Obama, the American people will see what a mistake they made. Hopefully then we'll get some real Republicans back in Congress in 2010, and they can start pushing for an invasion of Iran. We also need to make sure that the Demwits don't push their junk science on the people. With the majority they have, they'll be pushing evolution and 'global warming' hard, and we can not allow that to happen. Reinvest in funding for ID and anti-GW research. We can probably attach these as earmarks to Bomama's crappy stimulus bill. Lastly, we definitely need to focus on getting Sarah Palin into the WH in 2012. We've only just seen flashes of her greatness, if she wasn't paired with a RINO we wouldn't even be having this discussion. It sickens me how she was treated by the media, and the McCain campaign allowed that to happen. By 2012, she'll be more polished and ready to take America by storm. Anyways, these are three key points of focus, IMO.
  4. Angry White Male

    New CIA Head's Family Connections to Hugo Chavez

    Good... No, GREAT posting. When feminazis like Feinstein say your picks suck, that hurts. This is truly beyond belief at this point.
  5. Angry White Male

    Where did you graduate from high school?

    Nice, bragging about your education. Just more proof that this bored is populated by a bunch of poosy liberal elitists.
  6. Looks like our future CIA Director has a daughter with anti-military leanings and close connections to Hugo Chavez. I doubt the apple falls far from the tree. link pic of Linda Panetta 'palling around' with Chavez
  7. Angry White Male

    Can Obama live up to all this hype?

    nice sig.
  8. Angry White Male

    I was on vacation the last 3 weeks

    Hey, the password isn't working you Demwit piece of shiot.
  9. Angry White Male

    Why do hollywood wimmens keep doing this to themselves?

    I remember her from that show with the rabbit. Man she has some ginormous b00bies. And now some ginormous lips to go wiff em.
  10. Angry White Male

    OK, Obama just pissed me off

    He only just now pissed you off?
  11. Angry White Male

    Let me Get This Straight

    Owl Gore is a moron. Here's what the genius had to say about Iraq in a September 2002 speech: He was still talking about regime change in 2002! Oops...
  12. Angry White Male

    The move to socialism has begun...

  13. Angry White Male

    Al Franken wins Minnesota Senate seat in recount

    WTF? Those Demwits sure do know how to steal an election. You can bet your azz ACORN was involved in this.
  14. Angry White Male

    If---by Rudyard Kipling

    Rudyard Kipling was a liberal Demwit ######. HTH.