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    How close are you to another geek?

    Although I probably live closer to Fairfax County, VA and even D.C. than I do you UNLESS you're the guy who had the blue & white Trump Pence sign on his wooden side yard fence.
  2. My favorite Carlos Santana story as told by my Uncle: It helps an awfully lot if you like the musical group. Helps even more if you know the song Soul Sacrifice. Even more if you are aware of Woodstock and that era. And it puts it over the top if you've ever taken LSD. So, Santana shows up at Woodstock and are told that they would go on stage at late night. So Carlos told some Window Pane LSD. Then with all the mix ups with when Bands were showing up, Santana was told they would be on much earlier in the day. When they took the stage, Carlos was tripping his ass off. And played the entire set, tripping. Years afterwards, Carlos was being interviewed about his performance that day. The question was wasn't it difficult to play Lead Guitar on such a famous song while on Acid and in front of half a million people. Carlos replied that he had played the song so many times that it was 2nd nature to play all the correct chords. He indicated that the problem was that the Guitar neck had turned into a snake and he had to play all the right chords while trying to keep the freaking snake from biting him. I find that so damn funny. Take a look:
  3. ToadSprocket


    I am very sorry and saddened to hear about you dog.
  4. ToadSprocket


    and not just their ass. I can't remember ever living somewhere where their was Rats or just one Rat or even Mice (mouse). Talking about rodents. Wondering if any of you guys have this type problem. Or ever have. So, a few days ago I went to a lady's SFD to see if she needed a new HVAC system. Like always, I went to the Furnace / Air Handler to get the pertinent information like CFMs, BTU etc. Obviously you must slide the lower door open to see the manufacturer's info tag. I did (and you can see where this is going) I was down on my knees and popped the door open and a f*cking Rat jumped out AND LANDED ON ME !!! J*sus C*rist, nothing like that has ever happened to me. I swiped at it but it was already off me and ran to a corner of the Basement and with no place there to hide, it finally found a chair to get under out of sight. I did the only thing I could do. I left and sent one of our 'old country boys' (employee) there to get the information I needed. Any Rat stories here?
  5. I've mentioned here before that I work for an HVAC Contractor. I primarily bid residential HVAC systems. I always take the job very seriously. I meet with the Homeowner and or the Contractor and begin with facts and numbers. I followup with exactly what my plan is and exactly what it will cost. Then I add several options; what the cost is and what it means to the property. I probably win 50% - 60% of my bids even though our bottom line prices are higher than most. Now, my boss has told me that he'd like to see those numbers increase. And he indicated that my Commissions will increase substantially if I reach 75%. I thought that I had done everything I could to be truthful, factual and complete. And then it hit me that I need to try a different way. And I thought of Trump and how he's seemingly so successful. So, I started saying things like 'it'll be the best HVAC system in the history of the world' and 'you'll be so satisfied that you'll call me up every month to thank me'. I actually had to be careful not to laugh or even snicker. I didn't show my costs nor my prices until it was obvious the client was going to award us the Job. And even though our prices are high, most haven't complained. A few questioned the numbers but I replied that they would be so happy and everyone knows it. Then I'd call the competion snarky little negative names. And it has been working! It HAS been working. Positive thinking and positive speaking evidently beats facts and numbers. And no I didn't vote in the last General Election.
  6. ToadSprocket

    Fear of heights

    This past Monday at work I took one of our newer workers (Fred) with me on an appointment to a company that sold Luxary Units in a high rise office building in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Boarding the elevator I pushed the 27th floor button and Fred seemed fine with it. But when the elevator door opened on the 27th floor corridor, the windows were floor to ceiling right beside the elevators. Fred looked out the windows and imediately took a dive on the floor, face down. I thought he was joking but his face turned red and his fingers were clutching the carpet. When I figured out it was his fear of heights, I dragged him around into the hallway away from the windows. After a bit he was okay and so we walked down the hallway to the Office where our meeting was. The gentleman opened the door and when Fred and I walked in, you could see the windows and how high we were. Fred immediately rushed back out into the hallway. So I let him stay out there while I conducted the business I had come for. Maybe 15 minutes. As I left, Fred had regained some composer and I figured we'd leave and all would be well. Not so. When we got back to the elevator corridor, Fred would not turn the corner in view of the windows. I told him I'd call for the elevator and when it came, he could take just a few quick steps and be in the elevator. He wouldn't. Plus he was getting anxious again. I called my boss and explained the whole situation. We ended up calling a Doctor who came and gave Fred a shot to calm his nerves. As Fred, the Doctor, a House Detective and I managed to get back on the elevator and back to the Lobby, Fred was taken by Ambulance to the Hospital. Coming down the elevator Fred was mumbling about jumping off the top of the building. Scary. Very very scary. He doesn't work for us anymore. I think he'll get Employment payments or maybe Workman's Comp. I've never ever seen anything quite like that. Have any of you?
  7. ToadSprocket

    Cracker Jack

    Many of you may remember the little prizes / trinkets that came in boxes of Cracker Jack. Even though it was just a little nothing that would last a day or two, it WAS something. I liked the little 1" x 1'' shiny picture that would change to a different picture when you moved it left to right or up and down. I just bought a bag (yes, it also comes in bags now) and when I found the 'prize', it was a little sticker with directions to download an App and then snap a photo of it. WTF You need a PC and a smart phone. Fork that! Ruined.
  8. ToadSprocket

    The new Gong Show

    Chelsea Handler on Gong Show tonight at 10 on ABC. Surely she'll mentions her tittties. Usually does. This is actually show # 6 but I've only seen 2. Btw, can anybody name a song with the words 'the Gong Show' in it ?
  9. The biggest thing in Pro Football is the Turnover. Higher turnover recoveries equate in more Wins. Therefore if you can knock the focking hell out of somebody, they might Fumble and the opposing team may recover. I'm old school. Block and tackle. I'd rather see a Defensive player tackle the ball carrier neat and clean. But the possibility of causing the ball carrier to Fumble creates the need to 'light em up'. THIS is where the main injuries come from. Tackler and tackled. So if there's any BIG changes coming down the road, it involves the Fumble.
  10. ToadSprocket

    The new Gong Show

    Okay, I watched the 2nd show and it was okay. If there's nothing else on that you really want to see, this is a good diversion. Btw, I noticed that the original creator, Chuck Barras also created the Newlywed Show and the Dating Game. But what I didn't know was Barras wrote the hit Kris Kristofferson song, Why Me Lord. Anyway, Thursdays at 10 PM.
  11. I love Silver Queen boiled for 15 minutes or so in water with a little milk and some butter and a dash of sugar. But my question is do u eat from left to right, right to left, maybe just a swath going around and round. Or maybe u have another way u eat it. Possibly, you've never thought about your method .. if u have one. I was having dinner recently with about 6-7 people. Everyone ate corn on the cob and I watched everyone eat it differently. Some all at one time, others would nibble some and set it down to eat other food. Me with corn skewers, go left to right and back again like a serpentine fantasy draft. With the slightly smaller radius on the left. ETA: sprinkle generously with salt and peppercorn mix and slather in real butter before eating
  12. Seriously. I am an Independent voter and come down on both sides of many political issues. I voted against Trump mainly because on the campaign trail he mentioned that his whole operation was based on debt. Loans. I just felt monetary income was his goal. Plus, his rude and obnoxious behavior just didn't appeal to me for a US President. There were issues that I agreed with from that side of the aisle though. What I have never understood from the Left was why Sanctuary cites. Why allowing undocumented aliens. Especially ones who commit crimes. Why? I hope somebody can explain this without it becoming a slap fight and meandering off on different subjects. Again, I am serious.
  13. ToadSprocket

    Gallbladder / Gallstones

    Symptomatic? Not sure. Loose stool and some stomach issues but no real pain. Not even in the area of the gallbladder. The reason I asked if yu were an M.D. is I just learned that if a General Practitioner prescribes Radiology or Pathology or anything from a specialist, the original Doctor gets a 'finders fee'.
  14. ToadSprocket

    The new Gong Show

    I can do that. Can you do this ... and if you can, will u be able to do it at age 59. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MJX6OxthYo
  15. ToadSprocket

    Gallbladder / Gallstones

    Why? Are you a Doctor?