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  1. Bets? ETA: Cruzer: $50 (anybody but Trump) Penultimatestraw: $100 (anybody but Trump) MikeHoncho: $1,000 (anybody but Trump)
  2. BLS

    I feel bad for cops.

    I get the whole "stop f*cking with us because we're minorities" aspect. I do. I also understand how a cop becomes jaded over time because he/she is always arresting sh1tbags, and those sh1tbags always have a similar appearance. This woman could have done a whole lot more to make this go better. Honestly I would've tazed her after 5 minutes of this BS.
  3. BLS

    I have Cancer :/

    Well Jerry, man. You may not remember, but about 7 years ago we talked on the phone about a leadership quiz I took. You basically told me I was leadership material and that I was underachieving. Since then I quit my job, quit my new job and found a great place to work and a big chunk of that happening was YOU; some dude I've never met, who inspired me and encouraged me to chase my dreams and get out of my toxic job. I never really told you, because it didn't really manifest itself until a few years ago, but I'm doing great where I'm at. You really influenced my choices and made a very positive change in my life buddy. I got inspiration and guts from someone I have never met. While I did the work, and chased those dreams, you gave me the guts to do it. Which is more than any single person in this world did for me. I know you have you and your family to deal with....so I don't want to monopolize your time. But if there's something I/we can do, could you please let me know? Are you coming back to Minnesota for this procedure? Is there something, that we at the Geek Club can do for you or your family during this difficult time? If not, that's cool. There's no pressure to find something to appease our guilt. But if I can do something....anything for you or your family....just name it. Chris
  4. We're almost out of time, folks. Donald Trump will win re-election. I'm willing to wager on it.
  5. I'm watching Hard Knocks. Sean McVay is watching the video of Jacob being shot. He's flabbergasted and proclaims "WTF are people thinking?! How can he shoot that guy for just walking away?!" My initial reaction to his reaction is "WTF are YOU thinking?". That being said, I reserve the right to be wrong. Maybe my perceptions need calibration. So, I'd love to hear opposing viewpoints. But with a caveat. Here's my issue. They were called because his baby momma called the police and said he showed up, uninvited and took her car keys away. He would not give them back and was combative as best I understand. The police arrive and he was detained. That means lawfully, he cannot leave. He resisted, was tased (to no effect) and then walked to his driver's door, with what APPEARs to be a knife in his hand. But I will admit, it's tough to tell from the video. He walks towards his car and opens the door where he is obviously shot. My argument would be that he could easily have a gun or weapon in the vehicle and could then be capable of killing or hurting anyone in the area. So....what am I missing? Because I truly don't understand, but I AM trying to see the opposing viewpoint.
  6. Please tell me you're trolling. Otherwise, that's just dumb.
  7. BLS

    Real-life visual of the Trump Campaign

    You're gonna be a miserable, miserable beta cuck on November 4.
  8. BLS

    I have Cancer :/

    Get some rest buddy. Glad to hear you're doing OK. How are they going to address the rest? Meds?
  9. I LOVE football. Love it, love it, love it. Love to play fantasy. But I really wanna turn my head and walk away. Just entertain me......fock.
  10. They will all walk. Chauvin will never work in LE again. Mnpls/StPaul will burn. The cops in Kenosha will have any charges dismissed when body cam video comes out. The Kenosha Kid will walk, and he'll sue the ever loving f*ck out of tens of news outlets and personalities. If that doesn't start the war, nothing will.
  11. BLS

    Man brings real issues to city council

    Get a haircut, get a job, move out and get laid. This is what you get when we remove warning labels from toasters.
  12. Don't know much about handgun wounds obviously. He missed everything vital.
  13. Blake had a cop in a headlock? Hadn't heard that.
  14. So if everybody agrees both these guys were Dbags and could have prevented their situations by just following orders, why is the whole damn world so blown up about this? It's as if they're jamming an agenda down our throats.
  15. BLS

    I have Cancer :/

    Holy F*ck. How did I miss this thread. First off, sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Happy to hear it sounds like it's curable. You're probably in Minny right now. Praying your procedure goes well and you're on the road to recovery by tonight!! I'm 2hrs away from you if there's something I can do for ya! You got this buddy!!
  16. Ugh. So why? Can't the black folks who aren't shitbags see this guy is a shitbag? I don't wanna see anybody die. I don't want to see anybody get shot. But even intelligent black people who are productive members of society, HAVE to see this doesn't apply to them, right? I'm not trying to be an ignorant, racist d1ck. I'm trying to understand what I'm missing.
  17. BLS

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    Dude, he landed 5 out of 5 shots on a moving target. Yes, it was CQC distance, but still. This kid was stone cold. Honestly I'm amazed that a 17 yo kid was finally the one to stand up to these shitbags.
  18. BLS

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    whatever cupcake.
  19. There's no doubt the Democrats will try to cheat.
  20. anybody else want to throw a grand on this?
  21. BLS

    Kenosha next?

    Fair enough. Not everybody is capable of analytical thinking though...and you know that.
  22. BLS

    Kenosha next?

    It's because she's been conditioned to be a victim. She's no different than you or I; she's just looking for confirmation bias.