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  1. jtztdm

    FU Week 1: We back!!

    I'm a Mike Evans owner and I could very well be pissed off at him but how can I be pissed off at him when he can't throw himself the ball. For some reason Brady was really not looking his way. Such as life.
  2. With Evans, Godwin and Brown---which one has the most value and what round are you drafting him?
  3. jtztdm

    David Montgomery or Gibson with pick #20

    Thank you for feedback. I am crossing my fingers I can snag Montgomery.
  4. I play in a 12 man ppr league. A lot of rb's will go in the 1st and early 2nd rd. I did a mock tonight and I'm taking a guess that both Montgomery and Gibson should ( I Hope) be there at pick #20 in the 2nd rd. Which one would you rather have? I don't pick again to #29 and I am not sure what rb would be still available at that spot to draft.
  5. Is round 2 pick #20 to early in a 12 man ppr league?
  6. I am in a 12 team ppr league and I chatted with owner who picks at #7 and he has interest in moving up in the draft. So if I do that trade maybe select Taylor at # 7 overall. I know some say risky but I read up on Mack and to me I don't see him being a factor this year.
  7. I play in a 12 team ppr league and rb's get drafted very early and often. I have the number five overall pick and I am considering Taylor as my first pick at #5 overall. He finished last season on fire and really think he will take it to the next level this season. Anyone think this could be a risky decision taking him at 5 overall? Some feedback on this would be appreciated.
  8. I play in a PPR league and TE's are considered a flex pos. along with WR'S. I just need to sign one of these and would like some advice. Jimmy Graham, Anthony Miller, Justin Jefferson, Preston Williams
  9. jtztdm

    Murray and Jones as top 5 qb this year.....

    Could Murray be this years Lamar Jackson? He has a better receiving corps for sure. I think Murray will finish in top 3.
  10. jtztdm

    How good is ESPN for FF?

    We have been using cbs for many years now but we were considering jumping to espn. I like to ask has anyone on here used it for there league amd if so what are your thoughts? How much does it cost? Also since this year we are not drafting in person, how good is there draft room?
  11. jtztdm

    Is Miles Sanders a top 20 pick?

    I think if given the opportunity he will be a top 5 pick. I love his skills and I really think Pedersen will make him the spotlight of the offense. I pick #21 in the 2nd rd and I hope I get him.
  12. Sanders is a explosive player and reminds me of Westbrook a little. With that said Pedersen likes to rotate his backs. Anyone think Sanders think he is worth drafting in the top 20?
  13. jtztdm

    Crabtree owners?

    I read that Flacco and John Brown look like they have chemistry together. No thanks for Crabtree.
  14. Just wondering where he is being taken in ppr leagues?
  15. jtztdm

    LeGarrette Blount this year?

    I got him last yr and was lucky enough to watch him have a break our yr. I say he is worth holding on to as I expect him to even have a better season.