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  1. Joey Gladstone

    Post your team if you made it to your league finals!

    Rivers McCoy Kamara Hunt Thomas Hopkins Evans Baltimore Lutz
  2. Joey Gladstone

    Jay Ajayi traded to Eagles

    Steer clear of whoever takes the load on in Miami. Stay far away, probably not a worse RB situation outside of Seattle. Ajayi owners just got a new lease on life. Smallwood is obviously now (even more) worthless.
  3. Joey Gladstone

    DeAndre Hopkins ROS

    I'm a fan
  4. Joey Gladstone

    Seattle Seahawks

    Hey, they have a pretty good tackle now!
  5. Joey Gladstone

    Alex Collins

    Actually, they kind of are. They have a better option sitting out there but their owner already prayed on it and God told him not to sign him. Bastian of integrity and honesty, Ray Lewis, blamed said player's girlfriend.
  6. Joey Gladstone

    Alex Collins

    They haven't. They will also be starting Mallett at QB.
  7. Joey Gladstone

    Alex Collins

    Allen should keep passing duties until Woodhead is back. When Woody returns Allen can join West on the bench where both JAGs belong. Thats how a team with a clue would handle the situation.
  8. Joey Gladstone

    Allah praise the Baltimore Defense!

    They got me 29 points last night. My team is averaging 110.5 points a week.
  9. Joey Gladstone

    Allah praise the Baltimore Defense!

    They have been killing it for me most the year. Damn!
  10. Joey Gladstone

    Alex Collins

    Yep. I've been crying about it since Carson went down.
  11. Joey Gladstone

    Kareem Hunt...sell or hold?

    Reid and penchant for getting cute. I'd trade him for Gurley or McCoy (sexy schedule Ros).
  12. Joey Gladstone

    Nelson Agholor

    Grabbed him off the wire. I thought he was going to be out of the league soon, he was an absolute dog his first two years. He's really turned it around and is taking advantage of Wentz's play. So lucky a guy performing like this was even available, his name must have kept the wolves at Bay.
  13. Joey Gladstone

    Michael Thomas did not practice Wednesday

    For what it is worth, Payton is saying he doesn't believe it's serious. He hasn't blown up this year, but he's gone for 80 in 4 out of 6 games. The big ones will come, it's impossible not to have monster games as Brees' #1.
  14. Joey Gladstone

    Carson Palmer Surgery on Broken Left Arm

    NFC West is trash again.
  15. Joey Gladstone

    Week 7 Streaming Defense

    Because I over think things