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  1. thePRO

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    Didn’t Zeke have less evidence against him and even had evidence that she wanted to frame him?
  2. thePRO

    OT Coin Flip Change

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the OT rules and I get it. I, too, would have loved to see Mahomes get the ball and try to respond. But games could go on for way too long, so I would propose having to go for the 2 point conversion. The other issue I heard was, "the coin flip decided the winner." So why not..... Have a rule in place that says the team that held the lead the longest OR the team that LAST had the LEAD OR the team with the greater TOP gets the ball in OT??? I think I would go with the team that last had the lead, gets to kick or receive in OT. They would obviously choose to receive the ball. I think this is a great idea that at least eliminates the "coin flip decided the winner" complaint. I also think this will lessen the complaint about not seeing both teams offenses in OT. If you want the ball in OT, now you know the rules. And it's not decided on a coin flip.
  3. thePRO

    Seahawks at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Division is so bad that they had two teams move on to the divisional round. Sure they're not as consistently good as the Rams and the Saints, but they can beat them on any given Sunday...hopefully this Sunday.
  4. thePRO

    Seahawks at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Thanks dude! Hell of a game! Didnt like how most of that 2nd quarter went!!
  5. thePRO

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    I think WRs tend to be divas more because 80% of your snaps youre either blocking or running routes and not getting thrown too. I think it breeds that diva attitude in some that theyre the best and dont get the ball enough and theyre out there doing all of that and not getting touches.
  6. thePRO

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    Both Dallas and Seattle already said they wouldnt sit starters.
  7. thePRO

    CJ Anderson

    I'm feeling it too man. Went with Breida over Anderson. Hard to blame myself as Breida had a few 20 point games this season and even a 30 point game in PPR. Someone leaked the 49ers games last year against the Jags where they blew their top off and Breida had a great game...ugh...shoulda stuck with my original plan. 13-1 down the drain
  8. thePRO

    CJ Anderson

    Had Breida, Anderson, and Kelley. Was going with Kelley. Then switched to Anderson. Then fell for Breida when there was a mix up of who was going to get more snaps in LA, especially with Davis being active too. Figured Breida would get a lot of dump offs and hopefully stay healthy for this game...didn't make it into the 2nd quarter... So depressed. Will probably lose by 5 or 10...wish I could go back in time to put back in Anderson.
  9. The commish in my league ended up winning 106-105 after losing 105-104 hahaha...bet the other guy was like, "WTF, this some sketchy commish trick BS."
  10. So if Gurley sits I have Kelley, Anderson, and Breida. I'll probably be risky and go Breida and pray he doesn't re-injure himself. Bears haven't been too stout against the run lately and SF hasn't been a pushover this season. If JuJu sits, I have Robbie Anderson, Switzer, and McKenzie in a return yards league. Only problem is that 2/3 play early so it'll either be Switzer or JuJu. I know Switzer won't get JuJu's targets, but I'll take the return yards in a potential shootout and hopefully a few extra targets on offense.
  11. I hate FF! Keenan Allen looked great in warmups right now..
  12. Going with Isaiah McKenzie!!! LEAGUE WINNER!!!!
  13. Think hes the one player I could sit. Whats to keep him from getting popped again and reaggravating thst hip injury?? Injury plus a tough matchup sucks!!!
  14. So if there's anyone that's desperate because of injuries, I'm taking a close look at Isaiah McKenzie...ESPECIALLY in return yards/PPR leagues.... This dude has been 13th overall in the last 4 weeks averaging 17ppg... He could even be a desperate play in deep PPR leagues without any points for return yards.. He reminds me of Cohen, but doesn't get as many touches...
  15. thePRO

    Aaron Rodgers 2019 and beyond

    I almost always wait for a QB late, but decided to go against it when I saw him in the 3rd round. Luckily Barkley, Thomas, Conner, and Schuster-Smith carried me. Rodgers was actually the weak-link on that team and it ended up costing me in the playoffs even though I finished 13-1...I don't think I would do it again. I don't know what's wrong with him and that offense. I know he probably was 80% all year, but he doesn't seem the same..injured or not. Would probably pull the trigger in the 4th round next year though. But he won't fall that late.