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  1. It's a weird way to award points, but I like it and it's my 6th year in the league....who do you guys like ROS with that point per completion??? Foles Wentz Daniel Jones @Ind NE Bye @Ten Sea @Chi TB @Mia GB LAC NYG @Phi @Oak @Was Mia @ATL Dal @Was Having a hard time picking between Foles and Wentz. Think Jones is probably 3rd out of that group.
  2. Trade those 3 guys for Chubb and Westbrook? I have Bell, Breida, and Hunt. Diggs, Robinson, and Adams at WR. The other team has Brady and Goff. Needs a QB. Winston will be too 6 or 7 after this week. He has Carson at RB and Hill, Allen, and Tate at WR. He is high on Green. Think we’re both worried about Chubbs touches now that Hunt is back. Trade for Chubb right? Don’t know why I’m picturing Green going off and Chubb falling down the stretch with Hunt back. WHIR
  3. thePRO

    Adam Gase

    Fine with me!
  4. thePRO

    Adam Gase

    Fire Nagy Fire Kitchens Fire Gase And fire Garrett for losing to Gase...
  5. thePRO

    Week 9 Injury Thread

    Brissett down, jogged off field. Looked to injure his ankle/knee. Thielen looks like he re-injured his hammy and is questionable to return. Probably won't.
  6. thePRO

    My roster is officially cursed...

    Same! Guice, Hunter Henry, Adams, KJohnson, Green (wasn’t supposed to be out THIS long), and Edmonds.
  7. thePRO

    Walton or Royce Freeman?

    Volume vs Production Walton should get way more volume, but Freeman has a decent floor and a team that’s going to run, run, run. Who would you start? Leave link and WHIR.
  8. thePRO

    UPDATE: TY Hilton? Out With Calf Injury

    Maybe this is the wrong time to trade for Mack. Seems like defenses will just stack the box.
  9. thePRO

    Time For Moves! Good or Bad!?

    Actually looking at trading Allen Robinson for Marlon Mack. Think that’s decent. Other guy has Conner, Jacobs, and Coleman.
  10. thePRO

    Your worst pick this year

    Immediately after last season I wrote a DND list. Bell and Johnson were top of my list. I drafted Bell with the 10th pick. Really wanted Carson over KJohnson, but decided to go KJohnson because all these rankings had KJ slightly ahead of Carson.
  11. thePRO

    Totally Screwed. 3 Cardinal's THURS ughhhh...

    Winston has been tossed around my league like a rag doll. He was dropped last week and I was able to drop Kyler Murray for him. Hope that doesn't backfire. I also thought about getting Drake, but their next 3 games are horrible. Someone picked him up before me anyway. Maybe Kyler uses his legs a ton this game and is able to make plays in both the passing and running game. I don't think the run game will be effective, and maybe the 9ers jump ahead and sit starters and you get some air raid in garbage time.
  12. thePRO

    Who is starting Kenyan Drake

    Avoiding him. Don't think it's going to end up well. Although I could see Murray having a surprisingly decent game if he is able to run the ball a little more and have some bootlegs...
  13. thePRO

    Time For Moves! Good or Bad!?

    He would go from: Chubb/Carson/Hill/Allen/Tate to Chubb/Bell/Hill/Adams/Tate I think he gets the slightly better deal. I just need an RB that can give me 15. I think he definitely does it for just one if his backs and Tate.
  14. thePRO

    Time For Moves! Good or Bad!?

    So is my trade worth it or do you see Bell turning it around?
  15. thePRO

    Matt LaFleur Lip Reading

    Dude I saw this too! Happy you posted it because I forgot. He calls plays too right? Was wondering if he was talking to a coach or Rodgers and one of them wanted to pass on 1st down or something. Can’t imagine what else...