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  1. Like this thread. How do you throw in Stafford and Dalton?? Didnt want to post a new thread. Im a Baker owner and am looking at Stafford...
  2. thePRO

    Week 2 FU

    F my opponent for having Patriots defense and scoring 47 points
  3. thePRO

    this site is dead

    Nothing lasts forever! But I’m sure it’ll get traffic come week 1 or next week when most FF drafts start!
  4. thePRO

    2019 FF Team Names

    May you be blessed with wins!
  5. thePRO

    Consensus #1

    Fruit Loops is Zeke or what? Link me to this best shape article? Dude his eating amazing Mexican food and drinking margaritas in Cabo while maybe working out for an hour. He also did this two years ago and didn’t look good coming back. Think I’d still have to go Barkley. Elliott can be #2 or #3 in standard and probably #3 or #4 in PPR.
  6. thePRO

    Preseason Games - Week 2

    Looks too reminiscent of last year. Just don’t like it and have a really bad feeling about that offense again. I’m not cool with DJs production last year and now he’s being discussed as the #5 pick? I expect similar numbers, so I’m staying away from DJ.
  7. thePRO

    2019 FF Team Names

    Let's hear some!! I've had Multiple Scoregasms for probably like 6-7 years and I'm over it. I had other team names like Multiple Score-osis! I enjoyed that one. Any of you watch that Ozzy Man Reviews where he commentates over videos? One of his go to's is his Destination F*cked videos where people hurt themselves. I wanted to possibly run with that but maybe make it Destination (something football related)....Destination Tucked? Destination Bucked? You guys are more clever than I am!
  8. Always! It's a good distraction from work on that other boring stuff!! Football is fine enough, but fantasy gives you a little more to do Tues-Sat! I'm in 3 $$$ leagues and that's perfect. Last year was the first year where I thought I should do more, but I think 4 would be too much. I do another 4-5 leagues for fun and take some risks and do random FF lineups like 2 QB leagues etc...I don't pay attention to these as much, but will still make moves throughout the season.
  9. thePRO

    A.J. Green - Out 6-8 Weeks

    You just cursed him. Just got carted off. Hopefully just an ankle injury.
  10. thePRO

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    Didn’t Zeke have less evidence against him and even had evidence that she wanted to frame him?
  11. thePRO

    OT Coin Flip Change

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the OT rules and I get it. I, too, would have loved to see Mahomes get the ball and try to respond. But games could go on for way too long, so I would propose having to go for the 2 point conversion. The other issue I heard was, "the coin flip decided the winner." So why not..... Have a rule in place that says the team that held the lead the longest OR the team that LAST had the LEAD OR the team with the greater TOP gets the ball in OT??? I think I would go with the team that last had the lead, gets to kick or receive in OT. They would obviously choose to receive the ball. I think this is a great idea that at least eliminates the "coin flip decided the winner" complaint. I also think this will lessen the complaint about not seeing both teams offenses in OT. If you want the ball in OT, now you know the rules. And it's not decided on a coin flip.
  12. thePRO

    Seahawks at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Division is so bad that they had two teams move on to the divisional round. Sure they're not as consistently good as the Rams and the Saints, but they can beat them on any given Sunday...hopefully this Sunday.
  13. thePRO

    Seahawks at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Thanks dude! Hell of a game! Didnt like how most of that 2nd quarter went!!
  14. thePRO

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    I think WRs tend to be divas more because 80% of your snaps youre either blocking or running routes and not getting thrown too. I think it breeds that diva attitude in some that theyre the best and dont get the ball enough and theyre out there doing all of that and not getting touches.
  15. thePRO

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    Both Dallas and Seattle already said they wouldnt sit starters.