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    FFToday Suicide Pool '08 - Week 10

    I tried to sign up and I got this message. If there is a way I can move around that, let me know. Otherwise, my loss I guess.
  2. JCW412

    FFToday Suicide Pool '08 - Week 10

    Too late to get in?
  3. JCW412

    What to do in Pittsburgh?

    My wife and I decided to try to find some place to take a "family vacation" this summer. After some discussion and finding a few things to do, we have decided on Pittsburgh. We plan on hitting a Bucs/Brewers game or two along with a couple other attractions / ideas. What are some of the must sees, must dos, and must eats in the Pittsburgh area? Also, we are thinking of staying in the downtown area. Is that a pretty central location with possible walking distances or is there a better location? As a bit of background information, we are driving there from the Milwaukee area (about 8 hours) and we will have our 4 month old along. TIA
  4. JCW412

    What to do in Pittsburgh?

    Door County is always a favorite and the Dells is fun too but I hit them both already. I will check into the UP. Thanks.
  5. JCW412

    What to do in Pittsburgh?

    Thanks to all the people that have provided some useful information. It has been noted and I will write down those ideas. For those of you who question "Why Pittsburgh?" I guess it stemmed from looking at the Brewers schedule and someplace where we might be able to see an out of town game, away park, etc. It wasn't important, but it was an idea. We will have a 4 month old in tow as well so it limits the kinds of activities we can do. We were also looking at someplace close (8 hour drive is not bad) that we haven't been before. If I would have said we were going to many of the other neighboring states I would have got the same "Why the hell there" question. Also, I didn't quite feel like exploring the flying option with a young child and then dealing with the ground transportation once at the destination. I guess I don't know why I felt the need to explain that part but that is the reason in a nutshell. Oh yeah, and thanks again for all those who helped. I appreciate it.
  6. JCW412

    What to do in Pittsburgh?

    I had a feeling this would be a bad day to ask. Oh well. I must say I am disappointed it took 8 minutes for the first Big Ben post.
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    Not relevant

    Not relevant
  8. JCW412

    MOz - JCW - match up

    Best of luck Moz, may the best team win.
  9. JCW412

    MOz - JCW - match up

    My thought is it doesn't much matter. Unless Singman can win this week you or I would run into W4MVP next week and get spanked. I don't care if you say you have a feeling you can beat him or how the match ups look for that week. The bottom line is either of our teams is outclassed and would have a hell of a time making it to the BDL bowl.
  10. JCW412

    Playoff Matchups

    Moz is the underdog as far as the seed number, but I would think you rather play me than him. I limped into the playoffs without my #1 QB, losing a RB mid season and having my big name WR back from injury but not performing. Aside from Alexander who may see less action as the playoffs go on, my team looks more like a team that should be watching the playoffs instead of participating in them. And by the way, you shouldn't be worried about playing any team in this playoffs.
  11. JCW412

    2006 1st Round Draft Order

    I am not going to weigh in on this rule at this time, because I have nothing overly important to say to it. I brought it up when it happened and that is about all I have. I did want to weigh in and say that I still own my pick, it is not Pauls.
  12. JCW412

    LOL @ Uncle Paul's New Team Name

    I guess I should take credit for giving him the name then. Nah, that's OK. Happy Turkeyday everyone!
  13. JCW412

    Horny Toads/Uncle Paul Trade

    I understand that and did when I wrote my little tyraid. That doesn't change any of my feelings on this trade though.
  14. JCW412

    Don't forget the trade deadline

    Just to verify, we can do add / drops up until the last week of the regular season, right?
  15. JCW412

    Horny Toads/Uncle Paul Trade

    So let me get this straight. Uncle Paul trades his #1 RB (top 10 in any draft format next year), his #1 WR and his #1 QB situation for 5 rolls of the dice and a few chumps barely better than waiver wire trash? Now I am not usually one to complain about trades as it is my firm belief that the objective of any owner is to get the better end of the deal. Also, owners have different views of players and different objectives of teams; I understand that. I have to say something on this one though. I am sorry, but this trade stinks pretty damn bad. I don't know what (or if) Paul was thinking when he proposed and accepted this trade. Even if he is in the rebuilding stage, what is he rebuilding his team around? Six rookies? Give me a break. Granted, I don't see picks as valuable as some owners in a dynasty league, but even if I upgrade my thoughts a little bit, I still think this is an awful trade. Take into consideration that other than Paul's sole pick that he would have anyway, he gets 5 picks, which will most likely all be in the mid to late half of the first round. Take a look at any of the past rookie drafts. If anyone can give me even three guys in those drafts that were worth anything in their first year (or most in even their second for that matter), let me know. Finding three guys is tough more less six. That is on top of the fact that he would have to correctly hit those guys as well. In my opinion, at some point we have to step in and protect Paul from himself here. Sorry Paul, but the truth hurts I guess. This has got to be the most awful trade I have seen in a while and by far the worst trade I have seen in BDL history, and there have been some doozies.
  16. JCW412

    Any ideas?

  17. JCW412

    Uncle Paul, congrats to you and the bride.

    He was talking about the offer sent by me. Congrats again and thanks in advance for accepting the deal with me!
  18. JCW412

    Uncle Paul?

    Before I make an official motion to vote out Uncle Paul, I would like to make sure there aren't issues in the "real world" that prevent UP from properly attending to his team. In other words, I don't want to stick my foot all the way in my mouth although it could be close. I, as well as others, don't like the fact that trade offer emails are not returned in a timely matter, if at all. If UP doesn't want to trade, that is fine, but at least make that known. Deeper than the lack of response, is the action, or lack thereof, of not even fielding a competitive team (and I am not talking the talent). Would it have mattered in the outcome this week if he had not started 3 bye week guys? No, probably not. It does however compromise the integrity of the league IMO. It goes deeper than one loss to someone. Points on the year, draft picks, positioning, and the list goes on. I want to make sure this does not happen again, because who knows what it would affect in another week. Uncle Paul, please do the league a favor and just give us a heads up as to what is going on. If there are pressing issues outside of here, let us know and we can cut slack. Also, for future reference, if this happens again you should let singman know as part of the commishs job would to be to assist in such matters. If there aren't issues outside of this and you have just lost interest or don't have the time, please do us the favor and give up your team to someone who does have the time and the desire to do something. Singman, I don't want to put you between a rock and a hard place as I know you and UP are friends outside of this league as well. As commish I would appreciate if you look into this further and take some corrective action(s) so BDL can go on without having such turmoil. I don't believe I am out of line for asking this, and I am sure the responses from others that will follow will reflect such an opinion.
  19. JCW412

    Uncle Paul?

    So you are saying we had that little interaction with him when he was single? We might as well find someone new now. Congrats UP! Now answer my trade email.
  20. JCW412

    Uncle Paul?

    No I do not believe you are out of line for bringing it up. I know Paul has had some difficulties the past couple of months but I have not been in touch enough with him to know any details. I will make contact with him this week and find out his status.
  21. JCW412

    To all of you who didn't want to trade for Gado

    Yeah, I guess I should have traded for a guy that was on the practice squad three weeks ago and five rolls of the dice in the rookie draft for Alexander. Damnit, can I still do that? Let's talk when he is starting next year and then I will take what I have coming.
  22. JCW412

    Uncle Paul

    Are you going to respond?
  23. JCW412

    Uncle Paul

    It looks like Moz sent him something too. I have had this issue in the past. Paul, I don't mean to be rude, but I am curious if you are just that busy or if it is lack of interest. I rather hear something like eat sh1t or your offer sucks than hear nothing at all.
  24. JCW412

    2006 draft picks

    Don't forget with the rule changes next year, we will have 5 rounds of the rookie / FA draft.