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    I was there at the game and we started chanting Henry Henry Henry to bring him back in the game on that last goal line drive.
  2. fanfootballtn

    EFF you

    My ribs are already hurting. Stop it
  3. fanfootballtn

    Corey Davis, Tre'Quan Smith or Martavis Bryant?

    After looking at a couple of ROS, Cobb is the odd man out.
  4. fanfootballtn

    Corey Davis, Tre'Quan Smith or Martavis Bryant?

    Similar thought about Corey Davis. Tre'Quan had a tough matchup against the Ravens last week. I looked at every target to him in that game and he caught 3 of 6. One of the 3 missed targets hit his hand but should have been placed better by Brees which would have been a TD. For me, it's either Corey Davis or Randall Cobb for Tre'Quan and I have Rodgers as my QB with makes this more difficult.
  5. fanfootballtn

    Bilal Powell placed on IR

    What about Isaiah Crowell and Elijah McGuire?
  6. fanfootballtn

    Tre'Quan Smith

    With all of these different suggestions of who to pick up, I think I'm confused now.
  7. fanfootballtn

    Sony Michel - OUT

    Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette are week to week too. I don't trust Belichick when it comes to the injury report. Five weeks later and he is still not in the line while Belichick dodges answer about his return.
  8. fanfootballtn

    Sony Michel - OUT

    I picked up Kenjon Barner and Mike Gillislee just in case they go with either of the two.
  9. fanfootballtn

    Sony Michel - OUT

    Damn that's a good idea especially if you don't have to wait on him to clear waivers. Could be the post of the year
  10. fanfootballtn

    Melvin Gordon Questionable

    Even as a Titan fan, I dread this.
  11. fanfootballtn

    Browns trading Hyde to J-Ville

    Rotoworld took Hyde off the Cleveland Browns depth chart and have Duke Johnson as the RB1
  12. fanfootballtn

    Browns trading Hyde to J-Ville

    I got the same notification and rushed to the players. Chubb was already in a team.
  13. fanfootballtn

    Possible Lynch IR

    Doug Martin or Jalen Richard?
  14. fanfootballtn

    49ers at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    WTF!! The first Packers TD was considered a run??? Rodgers should have 2 TD's
  15. fanfootballtn

    Keelan Cole

    Because of Blake Bortles, he won't be consistent. If you can trade him, do it now before you end up dropping him. I just traded him and Jordan Howard for Ridley and TY Hilton.