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  1. Obviously I meant an update on the dynasty rankings, last updated in July.
  2. It just seemed odd that there haven't been any updates in over a month. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hopefully, I'm just not seeing it. What other sources do you like for dynasty?
  4. ellismc

    Rate my team?

    Here was our first round. You can see that due to the large league size, everyone makes sure to grab a RB early. MJD was my pick b/c we also give return yds and that boosts MJD into a top 10 back for sure, maybe even top 5. I appreciate the feedback! 1. LaDainian Tomlinson 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Joseph Addai 4. Marion Barber 5. Steven Jackson 6. Brian Westbrook 7. Clinton Portis 8. Frank Gore 9. Marshawn Lynch 10. Larry Johnson 11. Tom Brady 12. Randy Moss 13. Maurice Jones-Drew 14. Ryan Grant 15. Laurence Maroney 16. Jamal Lewis
  5. ellismc

    Which WR group would you want

    Agreed. Both groups are solid, but I like the first group a little better.
  6. ellismc

    Rate my team?

    I had the 13th overall pick in a 16 team redraft league. 6 pts. for all TD, otherwise pretty much a basic scoring league. Thanks! QB: Anderson, Edwards RB: MJD, Perry, A. Hall, Norwood WR: A. Johnson, Marshall, Reggie Williams TE: Witten K: Crosby Def: Steelers
  7. ellismc

    Anyone here use the CBS site?

    I think that means the waiver process doesn't start until Wednesday morning. MNF ends late, no waivers are run Tuesday am, so thus waivers start running Wed. I think clicking on MTWRF will mean they end on Friday (Sat. at the latest).
  8. ellismc


    I would do it. I'm not real sure you lose that Housh vs. AJ matchup, especially in a PPR league. If you can start Jackson, Addai, Housh, and Wayne, that's pretty nice.
  9. ellismc

    The help master is here.

    You were a big help last week with Kitna vs. Garrard. Kitna was a champ, and Oakland's pass D was overrated, as you said. I might be second-guessing myself here, but I need to start 2 of the 3: Barber III MJD Brandon Jackson I'm currently leaning towards MJD and Jackson, as I think Miami's secondary is so bad, the Cowboys will be content to pass it vs. the decent Miami run D. Jackson has a better matchup than last week, and still has no one to steal touches from him. I expect MJD to bounce back big this week. Am I way off here? Thanks in advance!
  10. ellismc

    The help master is here.

    Thanks for the help, Cuse9!
  11. ellismc

    The help master is here.

    Kitna or Garrard? I know Kitna seems like a no-brainer here, but Oakland's pass D is tough, Kitna's battled spasms, and Garrard has a favorable matchup. Am I overthinking this, giving Garrard consideration? 6 pts all TD, 1 pt/30 yds passing, 1/10 yds rushing/receiving 16 team league My roster: QB: Kitna, Garrard (start 1) RB: MJD, Barber III, Brandon Jackson, Kevin Faulk (start 2) WR: Wayne, Houshmanzadeh, Ginn Jr. (start 2) TE: Shockey K: Gostkowski D: Cowboys Thanks for the help!
  12. ellismc

    Post the "Idiot's" picks

    One guy in our 16 team league drafted Kenny Irons and Pierre Thomas. I guess Thomas was the Saints leading rusher in their last preseason game, but he's not even in the players' list on yahoo.
  13. ellismc

    Ok enough head scratching...

    I absolutely love Addai this year. Then Gore, LJ... not high on SA at all.
  14. 16 team redraft league with one keeper chosen after 7th round: I have the #9 overall, he has the #5 overall. He gets: Picks #9, #41, and #88 (my 1st, 3rd, and 6th picks) I get (also have Kitna as my keeper): Picks #28, #37 (his 2nd and 3rd picks) and Maurice Jones-Drew (his keeper) I basically look at it as I traded #9 overall for MJD + an extra 2nd round pick. We swapped third rounders, so I moved up a few picks there, too. Thoughts on how this will work out? There's already been grumbling about vetoing this trade, probably b/c it adds value to both teams. What do you think? How did I do? Are there any reasonable grounds for vetoing this trade or would it be total BS?