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    usemytv email

    well I wonder how they knew I was a fftoday subscriber ? Same thing is happening to users of Roku Forums http://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=89220&sid=d431028417d7e062ea3f579cf3fdf519 gmail had sent the message to spam, so it seemed to know what it was. I do think that somehow they have purchased or infiltrated a database, but I could be mistaken. I no longer have the spam but it was different than the one posted on the roku forums. hmm ... roku subscribers getting messages mentioning roku and fftoday subscribers getting messages mentioning fftoday.
  2. Randy Perkins

    DB Survivor Contest - 2013

    It is fixed now. Was able to submit my pick. Thanks for fixing this.
  3. Randy Perkins

    DB Survivor Contest - 2013

    Hi I'm having trouble finding where to set my choice for this week ( week 4) . I can get to the page but it isnt clilckable. yes I am logged in. I can see my players in myfftoday, which I use every week. thanks. I'd like Denver ps. I like football but dont eat,drink,sleep it. the draft buddy has allowed me to win our 12 team league twice in the last 5 years, and win my division one of the other years. I'm the only guy with a laptop at our dinosaur draft