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  1. tanatastic

    In your remaining life, will you ever see -

    Good lord can you imagine the insurance premiums?! Think of the houses crashed into, the falling debris, I don’t even think thousands of dollars a month would cover it. For that reason I’d say won’t be happening.
  2. tanatastic

    Zeke just got offered a contract!

    That’s so petty though, it’s a boatload of cash right now, just take it and be set for life.
  3. tanatastic

    Zeke just got offered a contract!

    Betting he rejects it.
  4. Why waste a third round pick? They aren’t playing, at all. Won’t be playing when they come back either and injured when they do. I’d say rnd 7 at very highest.
  5. Agree neither is worth the risk. Zeke is in Cabo partying and groping women right now. He isn’t just going to roll into week 1 ready to go full speed. If they sign him, big if, he will be prone to hamstring injuries like I’ve seen a lot of these holdout boneheads get. That’s what happens when you aren’t in tip top game day form.
  6. tanatastic

    Sleeper defenses this year

    I like the saints pick, they keep the ball on offense and the defense stays fresh.
  7. tanatastic

    Consensus #1

    Barkley is the majority consensus. Shefter took Mahomes 1st overall in an espn “experts” draft lol.
  8. tanatastic

    Why no love for Dalvin Cook?

    There’s some love as he’s somehow still going mid round 2 despite completely ruining people’s season last year. That has to mean something for a guy yet to help anyone in his career.
  9. tanatastic

    Drafting from the 1 spot

    Kamara would be my ppr top pick. He might not finish top overall RB but he’s a decent bet for top 5 and that’s what you are shooting for. He’s twice proven to be able to do it even with sharing work and not even hitting 1k rush yards. Saquon would be second, I’m really expecting a drop off from him though.
  10. tanatastic

    Anyone got FF drafts this coming week?

    Oops, Labor Day.
  11. tanatastic

    Exotic animals you would like to own

    None, it’s not smart to keep wild animals. People who say they want lions and wolves and stuff are watching too much tv. It’s a ton of work and oh yea they will kill you if you get too close.
  12. tanatastic

    Favorite Nintendo games

    Just played through double dragon 2 on my Switch last night. Their online service has access to a library of NES games they add to periodically. Also has a cool rewind feature so you can quickly replay annoying parts rather than lose lives, keeps the game flowing.
  13. tanatastic

    Anyone got FF drafts this coming week?

    This Saturday. Usually do it memorial weekend but it’s already hard enough to get 12 guys online and everyone has plans and trips and stuff. Labor day weekend I meant.
  14. tanatastic

    Former RB Cedric Benson dead at 36

    Ah, riding a motorcycle, smart move.
  15. tanatastic

    Thielen or Diggs?

    I still like Theilan in ppr but can’t really say why, they are both good.
  16. tanatastic

    Travis Kelce

    I still wouldn’t spend a 2nd on a te. Especially if there is the last of the really good WR available. I’d prefer to jump down to the next tier of te in rnd 5-7 if I had to have a good one.
  17. tanatastic

    Travis Kelce

    He will be gone rnd2 and likely by the middle, surely by the end.
  18. tanatastic

    Drafting from the 12 spot

    You get a much better RB/WR combo at 12. Still great RBs with just as much risk and upside as the top 4 and you get your pick of top shelf stud WRs. Or two of them if that’s your bag. At 1 you get what? A likely RB bust and then sketchy choices at the 2/3 turn and no stud WRs left.
  19. tanatastic

    What RB to take with 5th pick

    Easy Gurley. I’m all in this season on him being fine and the worry being echo chamber fluff. Chris Harris, a very sharp journalist I respect, has him at RB4 so he agrees with me. Everyone has risk, I’ll take my risk with the best RB in fantasy.
  20. tanatastic

    Where does Antonio Brown become value vs. risk?

    Helmet-gate drama still?! I’d say this is getting silly but it was silly from the start. My conspiracy theory of his foot having nerve damage and the helmet thing being a distraction so he can get his defense in place before they sue him is still alive.
  21. tanatastic


    Not worried about a guy who will only be relevent starting week 10. Chubb will be the main man for 8 games then at worst be the 1a in a strong offense. I’d look at Chubb starting at the end of the 1st. He has top 5 upside and still top 10 upside once Hunt is active if he gets a big role.
  22. This has legs. Lauer I’d consider normal looking, not outwardly good looking like a Pitt or Clooney.
  23. tanatastic

    What fruit spread do you prefer

    I’ll take a blackberry or strawberry jam.
  24. tanatastic

    Preseason Games - Week 2

    Starting to agree here. I like DJ, but a top 6 pick to me needs to have top overall upside and I don’t think that’s realistic for him in this situation. He can do better than last year and still not be worth a top pick. A guy like Hopkins or Adams on the other hand has firm top 3 WR potential. But then factor in positional scarcity and how landing a top 5 RB is more important than a top 3 wr. Argh!
  25. tanatastic

    Consensus #1

    Oh no none towards me, I’m more concerned with what Kamara would say to you when he reads your thoughts. He’s my homie after all, we kick it.