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  1. boilerddd

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Henry goes on Covid, but luckily I have Logan Thomas just waiting on the bench to save the day! FOCK! Leveon feel free to fade into the sunset and concentrate on your horrible rap career. Years ago that upright, deliberate style was a thing of beauty. With zero ability to accelerate remaining, its just sad now. The ultimate FOCK Off goes to myself. I'm ashamed to admit who I left on the bench in place of this cooked turd.
  2. boilerddd

    Week 15 F.U playoff edition

    Hey Sean Peyton FU buddy. Feel free to turn Kamara into a 3rd down back only you freaking idiot. The best player on your team gets in for 1 damn play while you go 3 and out. You deserve to get run out of the dome by the Chiefs.
  3. To echo most of the comments so far, play your best line-up. I'm all for strategic moves, but doing this to the other team seems really shady. You will also feel like an idiot when the "lesser" team sends you home in the first round!
  4. The mystery of how he managed to stay healthy for the majority of this season has been solved!
  5. Dobbins/Swift/Theilen/Chark/Taylor....That's why you pick him up and Start him.
  6. That's a huge relief! All the Fantasy Football ethicists can now take a breathe and relax.
  7. I picked him up on waivers last Tuesday from the 7/10 ww position. The majority of the league had the opportunity to do the same. I decided with the KNOWN dual position on ESPN he might be a good play if he happened to get a little more work than usual as a QB. Him getting the start at QB was a lucky bonus for likely one single week before ESPN does the right thing and adjust his position based on the current known situation. I've heard nothing negative from any of the guys in my league because I don't play FF with a bunch of whiny bitches.
  8. I think there's always a chance he becomes the QB, but at that point I expect ESPN will yank his TE designation, thus removing any reason to put him in a lineup. His only real value is if he happens to get a lot of work at QB while being in your TE slot. Not saying I wouldn't give it a try, if your playing the typical TE carousel anyway.
  9. boilerddd

    Taysom Hill - TE (odd i know..), worth an Add

    He's correct on ESPN league Taysom Hill is listed as a TE. Crazy as it sounds it is in fact true. Projected point on ESPN 2.8, Josh Hill projected pts 0.5
  10. boilerddd

    Week 9 FU

    Need to drop this POS to the waiver. Just can't deal with it any longer. I'll bench him next week and he'll score twice on my bench then suck for 4 weeks after that.
  11. boilerddd

    Would you Veto this trade ?

    Seems like the magical Mahomes factor didn't translate into wins for the father, so what's the big deal about him downgrading his QB slot by maybe 5 pts per game on average. It's not like the son didn't pay up for this trade. Burrows last 3 games for my league scoring is 22, 39, 19. Mahomes 21, 13, 40. I'll bet that 13 pt performance by Mahomes didn't help dad's season much. I'd say the trade was fine if it was Burrow and Ridley for Mahomes, Bell may make it uneven toward the son paying too much IMO. If dad get's a healthy Ridley soon, he's easily a top 10 wr. He's currently WR 4 in my standard league. This includes getting 0 pts somehow week 4 and leaving the game very early week 8! I'd take a chance on that...
  12. boilerddd

    Another week, Another FU 8

    Swift , Golloday, Thielen combined 1.5 pts thus far. I have no words these MFs have broken my spirit for FF.
  13. boilerddd

    FU Week 7

    Mike Davis FU. Apparently the gravy train has ended a little early.
  14. This whole situation is nauseating. The narrative being pushed after the riots was how we all need to have honest conversations about race relations, police violence, etc. Brees steps up gives his honest heartfelt opinion and since it differs from the views of some he is immediately labeled and a Racist and was told he should shut the F up. Heaven forbid he doesn't feel kneeling is the way to heal the country.
  15. boilerddd

    Seahawks at Packers Discussion

    Jimmy Johnson being told he was selected for the HOF was pretty awesome. Thought for a moment he was going to collapse on set from the news.