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  1. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    I've got: John Brown vs MIA or Bobby Trees @ ATL Or I could bench Chalk @ CIN and start both, which is what I would normally do, but I see CIN just put a CB on IR so I was thinking he's going have a decent game.
  2. RabidSeaCows

    Flex start 2nd League 1/2 PPR

    They are all ranked w/in 5 spots of each other... If you can't figure it out either....Say who you would NOT start!
  3. RabidSeaCows

    Kamara again

    I'd go sanders. It is the CHI DEF...
  4. RabidSeaCows

    Pick One

    Hilton. But I'm thinking either play is $$$$
  5. RabidSeaCows

    Flex help

    I would start a RB in the flex 85% of the time. This is one of those times plus we know GB can't stop the run very well...
  6. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    He's my #1 WR. Which is why I'm down to Woods, Brown & Chark
  7. RabidSeaCows

    RB to start

    I would not start Duke or Drake. DEF are really good vs run So....Gore? Though Singletary is suppose to be back this week too...
  8. RabidSeaCows

    who to stream qb week 8

    I like Allen vs that Philly D....or lack of a D. Stafford would be my 2nd choice
  9. RabidSeaCows

    Continue to start Gordon?

    I don't disagree. But I've looked at a couple of websites and they are saying that Ekeler's ranked higher as a flex play this week.... Confusing. I don't see what I'm missing.... What I'm really hoping is this is solved this week. Gordon will feel pressured into carrying the team, like he's supposed to do and prolly would of by now had he not missed 5 games. He'll succeed or hurt himself and we can move on from there!
  10. RabidSeaCows

    Continue to start Gordon?

    I think Ekeler did fine behind this same O-line.... Right? <---- Frustrated Ekeler owner.
  11. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    Ok, I'M gonna start Woods. If A. Cooper does play, would you sit Woods? (Flashes of C Godwin comes to mind when I sat him due to injury and he went off for like 45 points....)
  12. RabidSeaCows

    Flex and QB help!

    I'd lean Hyde then? You know he's gonna get 18+ carries.
  13. RabidSeaCows

    Julio for Aaron jones

    ATL DEF sucks and will have to throw ALOT for the rest of the season. A. Jones plays in a Conf that has really good DEF's. Can you see where I'm going with this?
  14. RabidSeaCows

    Trade H Henry and J Allen fo K Murray?

    I think Allen and Murray will be the same ROS. Allen has a slight edge due to his playoff schedule. You can do better for Hunter in a straight trade since TE's are a premium this year. JMHO
  15. RabidSeaCows

    Robby Anderson

    Dallas has Cooper, Denver has Sanders, Though his matchup sucks this week, I've stashed Anderson for certain matchups.
  16. RabidSeaCows

    Tevin Coleman or Ekeler ROS?

    Unless something happens to Gordon, I'd have to go with Coleman
  17. RabidSeaCows

    ROS RB

    Or, maybe, they thought they'd be in the playoffs and would need fresh legs....
  18. RabidSeaCows

    ROS RB

    I don't know about this. Hunt was good in Reed's offense....Any RB is good in Reed's OFF. I'm not sure Hunt can run behind Cleveland's half-asses line like Chubb can.
  19. RabidSeaCows

    Thoughts on Lineup?

    Dallas is weak vs RB that can catch out of the back field. I'd go Sanders
  20. RabidSeaCows

    Flex and QB help!

    If SB is back, I'd play Danny Dimes over Cousins. Something tells me that Cook is gonna be the main focus this week after giving all the attention to the WR's the last 2 weeks. Def start Gallup. Unless Cooper is near 100% by sunday...
  21. RabidSeaCows

    Trade Edelman and Waller for Julio Jones ? PPR

    I have both Edelman and Jones on the same team. I can say, at this point, they are even. But, as we saw last year, Brady stopped throwing and they started running a lot more in November. But, If you're gonna do the trade, I'd trade Henry. He seems to lose time every year. I wouldn't do the trade though unless they threw in someone else you could use.
  22. RabidSeaCows

    Bills WRs, upgrade potential?

    True but I can see Allen running for 50+yards and 1-2 Rushing TD's
  23. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    Also, anyone feel its time to start Singletary vs MIA?
  24. RabidSeaCows

    QB Streamer PPR league

    I'd go Brissett then Danny Dimes. If SB comes back this week, AZ has a average DEF.
  25. RabidSeaCows

    Trade advice after losing Dissly

    Me either. I rather roll the dice with Luke Wilson or Herndon