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  1. mdkhsa

    Just saw the Henry news...

    I'm in the center of that nightmare too. leaning Boone over lewis. with my luck, Mattison is a healthy start and its Boone for the bust!
  2. mdkhsa

    Henry out!!! Boone or D Lewis? non-ppr

    would lock and load Boone if Mattison status were known. looks like he's unlikely. do you roll the dice with Boone, or take the likely 8pts from lewis?
  3. mdkhsa

    PPR Flex

    ekeler. especially in ppr
  4. Losing Henry hurts. Have Carson and Chubb starting. Boone or Lewis as flex?
  5. mdkhsa

    Please select Two

    k hunt & allen. if rivers doesn't produce, he's toast. allen gets fed today. total hunch here, but I think the browns destroy Pittsburgh and hunt see 10+ runs and 5+ receptions with a td
  6. mdkhsa

    Hardman or Allen Robinson in non ppr

    hardman for me.
  7. mdkhsa


    I like the deal too. you're essentially trading Henry for gordon - I presume Sutton will be by week fill in/matchup dependent only for you (he ww fodder in leagues)
  8. mdkhsa

    Robinson or Kirk?

    Kirk is my play. especially in .5ppr. az may be finding their groove
  9. mdkhsa

    Carson or McCoy?

    I'm going against the grain here (and I'm starting Carson in 2 of my leagues), McCoy is the play, but barely. det defense has been carved up by rbs - both on the ground and through the air. my guess is sea relies in the pass today
  10. mdkhsa

    flex spot ?

    c Samuel (essentially runs the go route - feast or famine), s diggs (can't seem to catch a cold, but was top 10 wr last year - something needs to give...), or s Michel (can't seem to find a running lane). Samuel is in the lineup now, as I like his upside with a favorable matchup; however, I can make a case for starting any of the three. a penny for your thoughts.
  11. mdkhsa

    2nd Receiver Help

    what can brown do for you? give you wr1 upside at wr2 spot
  12. mdkhsa

    Wk 3 Sit/Start - Ridley or Brown?

    hollywood. Likely playing from behind and/or trying to keep up with KC.
  13. mdkhsa

    who to start in flex spot

    need to start one in flex spot - M Hardman, C Samuel, or C Hyde. In my estimation, Hardman's ceiling is the highest and Hyde's floor is the highest. Currently have Hardman starting.
  14. mdkhsa

    no love for Carlos Hyde

    He's the clear #1 on a dynamic offense. Why the no love? He's averaging over 5.5yds/. I keep seeing him being ranked outside the top 30 rbs for week 3. What am I missing?
  15. browns def. plenty of turnover and sacks today. atonement game. divisional games seem to always be tough. although, I dumped chargers def for dal