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  1. mdkhsa

    PPR Thielen or Chark?

  2. standard scoring. slightly worried chiefs pats is postponed further
  3. mdkhsa

    Kupp or Parker 1/2 ppr

    great perspective and one I agree with
  4. mdkhsa

    WR2 this week?

    mvs. don't think Adams plays
  5. mdkhsa

    Kupp or Parker 1/2 ppr

    curious on your thoughts. have kupp active now. change my mind
  6. mdkhsa

    1/2 PPR RB Help

    dallas def is in bad shape. sit Singletary
  7. mdkhsa

    Pick 1 for the Flex .5ppr

    McKinnon all day
  8. mdkhsa

    Flex help if Julio out please!

    Kelley. Looking like 1a/1b
  9. mdkhsa

    Crazy to start gage?

    Julio is out. Is Peterson still a shutdown cb?
  10. mdkhsa

    T E hurt .5 PPR league

    Waller. He’s a cog in that offense
  11. mdkhsa

    Tough Choice for 3rd WR - Full PPR

    I like c davis for the reason you stated above
  12. mdkhsa

    Crazy to start gage?

    currently have golladay and kupp active in .5ppr. With golladay a 425 start questionable and admittedly not 100%, and Julio dealing with a hammy that may have worsened this week, am I crazy for benching KG for gage?
  13. mdkhsa

    gurley for evans

    12 team standard scoring. current rbs CEH, gurley, Carson, hunt, Ingram, Fournette and Gibson and wrs woods, r Anderson and crowder. am I crazy trading away an rb at the pace players are going down this year?
  14. mdkhsa

    Just saw the Henry news...

    I'm in the center of that nightmare too. leaning Boone over lewis. with my luck, Mattison is a healthy start and its Boone for the bust!