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    Mike Boone anyone?

    I'm sitting here with Boone, Lindsay, and Drake....no idea what to do. If Mattison could come back then its between those 2. Who would you guys start? If Mattison doesn't come back though then I'm going with Boone.
  2. Phinfan0301

    Need help w/lineup for the SHIP!!!!

    Gurley & Mostert - double down on this game. I don't expect this game to get "out of hand" one way or the other...this bodes well for both players to have excellent games even though its tough defenses. I don't like Chubb...Baltimore is a completely different team now than they were before. I think hes a total bust this week because Mayfield will be playing from behind and gonna be turning the ball over. Don't bet against the #1 team in the league in your championship....don't do it. WRs - Do NOT go with Edelman or Moore...really bad plays this week. Go big or go home...Diggs / TY Hilton. Pick up Perriman and replace Diggs if you can though. Flex - Mack - double down on the Colts too...everyone has been destroying Carolina and these 2 should put up some points for sure. good luck.
  3. Really tough decisions this week guys...I've bolded the positions that are up in the air for me. All of my bench players have excellent match-ups and some positive games of late. I don't know what to do! Standard scoring. 12 teams. QB - Aaron Rodgers @Min RB - Christian McCaffrey @Indy RB - Mike Boone .vs. GB WR - DeVante Parker .vs. Cin WR - A.J. Brown .vs. NO TE - Hunter Henry @Oak DST - Ravens @Cle BENCH RB's: Do I go with Boone because of one week...? Or do I play Lindsay like I've been playing all season, or do I play the recently hot Drake? This is a tough one. And while I don't think Cook comes back this week...what if Mattison does? Phillip Lindsay .vs. Det Kenyan Drake @Sea BENCH WR's: I feel pretty confident in my choices, but Winston is on fire and Perriman is getting the looks...I love the other guys match-ups too but I just can't see myself replacing them in a slot above unless you have a reason. Breshad Perriman .vs. Hou Mike Williams .vs. Oak DK Metcalf .vs. Ari Waiver Wire QB's: Don't feel comfortable with A-Rod...do I "R-E-L-A-X" or do I get desperate? Tom Brady .vs. BUF Jimmy Garoppolo .vs. LAR Jared Goff @SF Baker Mayfield .vs. BAL Gardner Mindshew @ATL Andy Dalton @MIA Daniel Jones @WSH --------------------------------------------- My competition: QB - Lamar Jackson @Cle RB - Alvin Kamara @Ten RB - Devin Singletary @NE WR - Julian Edelman .vs. Buf WR - Allen Robinson .vs. KC TE - Darren Waller @LAC DST - 49ers .vs. LAR --------------------------------------------- He could have snatched up Perriman and Boone because I was down to $0 FAAB but he slept on them! Do you guys think I'll win? I feel pretty good about this given the state of his roster. I'm worried I'm going to overthink my situation and make a poor substitution, but I really want to know if you guys think I should substitute anyone and why? Just as I'm thorough in my post...I'll be thorough in my response to you as well. Really appreciate your time and advice. *WHIR*
  4. Phinfan0301

    Chargers at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    No Bell cannot play this season. If its a high ankle sprain then it could be as short as 1-2 weeks (seems optimistic) or as long as 7 weeks.
  5. 14 team. Keeper league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 DEF My team: QB - Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins WR - Josh Gordon, Corey Davis, Will Fuller, Alshon Jeffery RB - James Conner, Jay Ajayi, Royce Freeman, Kenyan Drake, Dion Lewis TE - Kyle Rudolph DEF - Titans TRADE (FLEX player) --- My Kenyan Drake for his Mike Williams Drake has been awful. The O-Line is missing its LG and C for season. Gase will change things up on offense...but when? And will he continue to split with Gore as hes been doing? Mike Williams has been what I thought he'd be. He could end up being a #2 indefinitely in a solid air attack for years. I feel like this trade is a no brainer as far as the future is concerned (Mike Williams went undrafted in my league, so if he broke out and I kept him for next year he'd be $1...I spent $25 on Drake this season in the draft. But as for THIS season...i'd hate to see Drake turn it around and then I suffer a loss (e.g. Conner is benched for rest of season for Le'veon Bell and then I'm hurting in depth rest of year.) .... Thoughts?
  6. PICK 1: Mahomes - faces Jags DEF...but ballsy to sit the best QB in NFL this year or Cousins? - missing cook, will throw a lot. question is - does the O-Line hold up? PICK 2: Corey Davis, - just broke out last week (finally) Alshon Jeffery, - comes back and scores and 100 yards in first game, torched them for 80 yards and 2 TD's last year in playoffs Will Fuller, - this dude just scores TDs...insane, but his hamstring has been an issue PICK 2: Jay Ajayi, - face 6.4 defenders in box per game ( best in NFL ) might try to control possession in this game against Vikes Dion Lewis - lots of potential for pass targets in this game Royce Freeman - TD in last 3 games, but no value if he doesn't score...facing decent jets rush D
  7. Phinfan0301

    Mahomes or Cousins?

    I own both players. I'm starting Cousins for same reasons mentioned above. Please tell us who you choose before kickoff.
  8. So we have 5 of us considering or actually BENCHING MAHOMES, the #1 QB in fantasy....for: Cam Big Ben Wilson Brees and now me - Cousins I personally wouldn't sit Mahomes for Ben or Wilson... But Cam and Brees are reasonable...and I believe Cousins is reasonable. Does anyone disagree with benching Mahomes for Cousins this week?
  9. Phinfan0301

    Kenyan Drake

    R E L A X....relax boys. I warned about this in the original Drake thread. I said Gase was gonna be running HIS offense finally. That meant HURRY UP and LOTS of passing. He finally has HIS guys (intellectually capable, fast, and selfless.) But are we gonna play like this the entire season? Is it possible we've been holding back a lot of plays? Is it possible that its because we intend on shredding the Patriots this week like we did on the ground last year? Calling it now: Drake gets a respectable 120 combined yards and a TD this week in NE.
  10. Phinfan0301

    Who do I start at FLEX? (tough one) **WHIR**

    ESPN rankings just boosted Dion Lewis over 2 full points in the last 24 hours?? He was around 7.8 and now hes 9.8!!!! A 2 point swing the day before the game is HUGE. What could be the reason!? Does anyone know?? I can't find anything significant in the news.
  11. Phinfan0301

    D. Lewis or R. Freeman Rest of Way?

    Who would you be trading for them? I was very high on Royce until this unknown took 50% and went off. I was not high on Dion Lewis at all. But after week 1 things are up in the air. Lets see how this week plays out and then make your decision based on that. My gut would be Royce. I don't trust TEN's lack of tackles, QB uncertainty, and their TE going down. None of those are good things.
  12. Phinfan0301

    Who do I start at FLEX? (tough one) **WHIR**

    This is really a tough one guys. I mean....3 legitimate RB's (albeit might share carries a bit or have injuries to their lines, but still legit...) or a potential big play threat in Fuller...he could have 100 yards and a TD easssyyyy...but he could also get limited targets and not take advantage whereas a RB will get likely 15 opportunities at least to break one. If you wouldn't mind elaborating on why you choose a player and comment with your recommendation I'd appreciate it!!
  13. **UPDATED post-Josh Gordon news: My current lineup: QB - Patrick Mahomes RB 1 - James Conner RB 2 - Jay Ajayi WR 1 - Will Fuller V WR 2 - Corey Davis TE - Kyle Rudolph FLEX - ??? DEF - Broncos Options: RB Royce Freeman .vs. OAK Kenyan Drake @ NYJ Dion Lewis .vs. HOU * Royce Freeman lost me my game last week after what happened with Lindsey. * Kenyan Drake just lost his starting LG for the season and the Jets game last week might not have been a fluke. * Dion Lewis did great last week, but his starting Tackles are out this week, and who knows what is going on at QB? Thanks!!! Please link me to your thread!
  14. Phinfan0301

    Was offered Michael Thomas for Mahomes--yes or no?

    Very nice. I'm also using Cousins/Mahomes. Had I started Mahomes last week I'd have won my game... So who are you starting this week? Cousins or Mahomes?
  15. Phinfan0301

    With the rain and wind in Cleveland...

    Well because of Alshon Jeffery being injured and Fuller questionable against Pats...I'm basically stuck with Josh Gordon in my lineup. But as for James Conner....I also have Kenyan Drake and Dion Lewis (.vs. each others DEF). I know Miami's DEF is weak .vs. RB's but I feel like the Steelers might heavily rely on Conner with this weather.... Should I roll with James?