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  1. lowman

    TNF Discussion: Dolphins at Bengals - Wk4

    I like them too. I wanted to start Tua over Cousins. But I think Bengals 31-17
  2. lowman

    Mike Evans gets 1-game Suspension

    What ? ALL NFL teams don’t defend their QB? I think the Bucs stepped it up a notch after he was ejected !
  3. lowman

    Starting the draft receiver heavy

    Chase T.Hill Evans D.Hopkins 12 teamed My RBs suck
  4. lowman

    Player you will draft early-ish?

    Its a league. Last year I did 3 small leagues at RTS, for practice to gear up for my 3 main leagues. It helped be last year, so I am doing the same this year. Actually cashed $200 in one of them.
  5. lowman

    Player you will draft early-ish?

    I have done four $30 mock drafts. PPRL With a normal flex. For my taste have those big 3 WRs and Kelce getting drafted early is helping me out. Im ending up with 2 great backs during first 2 rounds. If I am able to draft Deandre a little early, those teams are stacked Not as big on Bateman has I was Fun couple of weeks coming up
  6. lowman

    Gage leaves practice with leg injury

    Is that OFFENSIVE?
  7. lowman

    Where do you rank this past SB all time

    I think Aaron Donald had something to do with that.
  8. lowman

    Player you will draft early-ish?

    With both Ravens RBs coming of ACL surgeries Plus Hollywood Brown and Watkins of the roster Brings me hope. Ravens obviously were big on him , drafting him so early. Then the groin surgery. Never really had a chance last year to shine with injury to himself and Lamar. I realize Andrews is really the number one target, plus the Ravens will be amongst the NFL in rush attempts. However I think the floor on Him is 70. 800. 6. With Upside.
  9. WR Ravens Rashod Bateman.is the guy for me. Every draft is different but once Waddle goes off the board, that’s my round..
  10. lowman

    June Top 150

    If I am in the right spot I would love to end up with Mixon and Diggs. Possibly Andrews in the Third Its so early , but that would be a solid start to a draft in my opinion
  11. lowman

    How droppable is Zack Moss?

    Dalvin Cook David Montgomery Zac Moss On my roster. Have to start 2 RBs a week. There is no one on WW in my league worth it . Jeff Wilson is the only one I am considering. But I doubt I will .I have a lot of free agent $ so I am hoping in the next couple of weeks there is a no brainer soon. But I will probably drop A WR when and if a good opportunity arises . It is a very deep league though.
  12. lowman

    Odell Beckham might get cut today

    He is no longer a star player. It is that simple. He probably lost a step when he broke his ankle a few years back. He would be a number 2 WR on most NFL rosters, number 3 on quite a few. OBJ will be out of the league after this season and maybe 2 more.
  13. lowman

    Who will Ramsey cover this weekend?

    Just a guess that it would be Evans
  14. lowman

    Panthers D

    Anyone else thinking this an extremely good spot for Carolina’s D? i know Taylor is out. I only carry one Defense so gonna spend free agent $ s. To get them