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  1. Sorry your Highness Spell it out simply for you Rookie ( First Year NFL) Running Backs Going Early Equals If you want Taylor or CEH Get then early
  2. McCaffey - Mixon Were 1-17 Kelece and Lamar went in First Round Second round Mahomes-OBJ CEH went 2.11 Swift and Taylor went in 3rd We are in the fifth right now Watson still there Hunt Mosert JBriwn Kirk 2 highest rated WR Enron Fant I do not pick until 22 picks Not only 17 teams 1 QB 1RB 2 WR 1 TE 4 flex So it’s a very deep league I am hoping Manny Sanders or Hurst in the sixth I have only Kamara at RB 1.5
  3. lowman

    Who is the Swiss Army Knife this year?

    Thank you Dude was not on my radar I’m going to keep an eye on him
  4. lowman

    Who is the Swiss Army Knife this year?

    Anybody get a chance to see Lynn Bowden Jr play in college. He could play RB/WR/WildCat It would have to be a pretty deep league that is full PPRL too, to make him draftable. I am in a 14 teamer 1QB ---1 RB--2WR--1 TE- 4 flex (RB,WR,TE), si will target him, a little later. Also might be too many mouths to feed.: Ty Williams Jacobs Waller Ruggs Should hog most of the offense. I am not sure who the Raiders are trying to be on offense. But they got faster this off-season. If they had a better QB I would be more excited, but I am satisfied with MM being the back-up. Any Thoughts?
  5. lowman

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Henry Ruggs III, Raiders

    On paper offense is shaping up . Jacobs Williams Hunter Ruggs I wish they had something better than an average QB
  6. lowman

    Week 14 Focks out

  7. lowman

    Odell Beckham

    He is definitely a great athlete. But just an average NFL WR I do not think he is top ten.
  8. lowman

    Raiders Chiefs

    The Refs always call the game so one sided. On the same call the Raiders get penalized for, Chiefs get flagged for the same thing. Only to have Refs say, never mind no foul. Mahommes slurp fest
  9. lowman

    Odell Beckham

    Just a random statement. In my opinion the most over rated player in 20 years. You have the one catch. Ok . He does make some spectacular catches. But Overall can not get separation. Just do not understand how the NFL markets him so strong.. Not to mention his diva attitude. It does not add up
  10. lowman

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 11

    Some people play for money. Why leave easy money in someone else’s pocket. I am not that good at FF anymore. But Fantasy Baseball. i will not turn any league down.
  11. lowman

    Jaylen Samuels

    I have been starting P.Lindsay. Gurley on a bye Benching Lindsay. Starting Samuels and Robby Anderson. Need both to produce because my QB and TE are not looking good at all this week.
  12. If he even gets 3-40 I would had one! You can’t sit him but dang A zero maybe it will average out. I guess the #1 corners will maybe start covering CG soon
  13. lowman

    Cooper Kupp

    I must fess up. I did look it up. He did have a really good report August 21st. Draft time I noticed that he did not play pre season. now I see none of the Rams stars did. He only went for 22 dollars. I should not had paid 16 for AJ Green. Nice call!
  14. lowman

    Cooper Kupp

    You do not think people were paying attention. Was he maybe coming off a week 10 ACL injury last season. Ya think Thanks for paying attention Ba Bye
  15. lowman

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    I have watched 3 games so far. I really think there are some 150 combo yard weeks coming mid-late season. In my auction we paid 34 dollars for him and that’s the production we are getting out of him. If he can have 2 or 3 top 5 RB fantasy weeks that will determine if he was a bargain. If I could do it overI probably would had bid a little more on Ingram. He went for 31. But glad I did not go land Mixon. I wanted 3 of Gurley Chubb Mixon Ingram I only ended up with 1