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  1. If he even gets 3-40 I would had one! You can’t sit him but dang A zero maybe it will average out. I guess the #1 corners will maybe start covering CG soon
  2. lowman

    Cooper Kupp

    I must fess up. I did look it up. He did have a really good report August 21st. Draft time I noticed that he did not play pre season. now I see none of the Rams stars did. He only went for 22 dollars. I should not had paid 16 for AJ Green. Nice call!
  3. lowman

    Cooper Kupp

    You do not think people were paying attention. Was he maybe coming off a week 10 ACL injury last season. Ya think Thanks for paying attention Ba Bye
  4. lowman

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    I have watched 3 games so far. I really think there are some 150 combo yard weeks coming mid-late season. In my auction we paid 34 dollars for him and that’s the production we are getting out of him. If he can have 2 or 3 top 5 RB fantasy weeks that will determine if he was a bargain. If I could do it overI probably would had bid a little more on Ingram. He went for 31. But glad I did not go land Mixon. I wanted 3 of Gurley Chubb Mixon Ingram I only ended up with 1
  5. lowman

    Mike Williams Out

    Thank you ! seriously consider him in fan duel! i think he will have a really good day.
  6. lowman

    Mike Williams Out

    Not many on a Bye, but I believe Inman for the Chargers has a more than serviceable week. I am considering him over Diggs.
  7. lowman


    Those 2 big guys got ‘Em covered !
  8. lowman

    AJ Green

    One or 2 weeks would be perfect. I think he might at least need to prove his health for one last BIG contract .
  9. lowman

    AJ Green

    Any Homers have any information on AJGreen? Is there a chance he sits another 4 weeks? Rotoworld says he won’t play/practice until he is 100 percent. Any chance he starts practicing after the Monday Night Game? Their Bye week is a ways away in week 9. Any insight?
  10. lowman

    Value of Darrell Henderson Jr.

    I dropped him last week for Ty Johnson. My thinking was he was a step closer to being relevant than Henderson. They both scored about the same last week and Henderson did not even play. Lots of injuries so far this year already. i want to work on predicting mid—late season changes. i have a feeling the rookie RB or WR for New England will be more relevant as the season progresses. Also young talent from 49ers and Cardinals to move forward too. Anyone ideas of sort?
  11. lowman


    I’m sure Brady to Diggs will be a good combo in 2021. Probably Vernon Davis will be a Patriot too by then.
  12. lowman


    If Cook does get injured. Their back up seems to be good enough for the Vikings to continue to be run first. i can only imagine how frustrating it is for Diggs. His stats are suffering and will eventually cost him millions.
  13. lowman


    I am with you. Prob going to give him another week. Debo Samuel is my only other option. He is on a bye. There are a few scrubs on the WW. Viking's running game is so strong this is not going away.
  14. lowman


    Dang thank you
  15. lowman


    Does it sound like he is done for the day ?