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  1. lowman

    June Top 150

    If I am in the right spot I would love to end up with Mixon and Diggs. Possibly Andrews in the Third Its so early , but that would be a solid start to a draft in my opinion
  2. lowman

    How droppable is Zack Moss?

    Dalvin Cook David Montgomery Zac Moss On my roster. Have to start 2 RBs a week. There is no one on WW in my league worth it . Jeff Wilson is the only one I am considering. But I doubt I will .I have a lot of free agent $ so I am hoping in the next couple of weeks there is a no brainer soon. But I will probably drop A WR when and if a good opportunity arises . It is a very deep league though.
  3. lowman

    Odell Beckham might get cut today

    He is no longer a star player. It is that simple. He probably lost a step when he broke his ankle a few years back. He would be a number 2 WR on most NFL rosters, number 3 on quite a few. OBJ will be out of the league after this season and maybe 2 more.
  4. lowman

    Who will Ramsey cover this weekend?

    Just a guess that it would be Evans
  5. lowman

    Panthers D

    Anyone else thinking this an extremely good spot for Carolina’s D? i know Taylor is out. I only carry one Defense so gonna spend free agent $ s. To get them
  6. lowman

    Washington says bye-bye to Dwayne Haskins

    I am a Raiders fan, I was sweating big time thinking they were going to draft him. Although they did not strike gold with the 4th overall. Wish they would had Ended up with Josh Allen . Raiders franchise just strike out so much on those ‘lottery’ picks.
  7. lowman

    Kamara/Murray Owners - Starting or Sitting vs Atl?

    I think I am sitting Kamara in one league and putts my in Gas Myles for Thr Dolphins. Either Murray or one of the Lions RBs in the other league
  8. lowman

    Why do Ravens Wr suck?

    Maybe it was better having Hurst and Andrews.
  9. Are you sure that is not a different Hill?
  10. lowman

    Herbert ROS

    I have seen only about a game and a half with JH QBn I could not believe how good he looked. i am loving the up and coming generation of QBs. Kyler-JHPatrick M-Josh Allen-Burrow- and probably Tua
  11. lowman

    FU Week 7

    Can not believe I started D Jackson Was optimistic after the during the first quarter . Oh Well
  12. lowman

    Chargers at Saints: MNF Discussion

    Yeah Jackson looked alright . Worth a start with Bye and COVID. 9-15 points probably