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  1. bigmarc27

    What's up...

    Does anyone know if he survived Clemson winning in Chapel Hill? Also I just wanted to point out that Clemson won in Chapel Hill.
  2. bigmarc27

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    Go Tigers!
  3. bigmarc27

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    Where did I get picked? (I can't believe I still remembered my pw).
  4. bigmarc27

    rookie drafts - specific players to target

    I honestly think TE is the position to target this year after the first 15-20 picks are off the board. In my recent 6 round, 12 team draft, I took Cook, Nelson, and Ingram is rounds 2, 4, and 4 respectively. The value was just too good to pass up and there were still guys around I liked such as Beckum and Coffman.
  5. bigmarc27

    Tarheel Boy

    We just don't have the horses to run with you guys. Congrats, and hopefully we can get a rematch in the ACC tourney. Also Ellington can go eat a d1ck. Go Tigers!
  6. bigmarc27

    Colston for rookies Smith and Jones?

    His RB situation is worse than yours... I don't see it happening.
  7. bigmarc27

    Tarheel Boy

    Please let me have this one today. Please, I'm begging you. I want a title. Also as an fyi, I've got a few sources and I hear Purnell will have an extension offered today or tomorrow. Go Tigers!
  8. bigmarc27

    OK Tarheel Boy

    Alright, I'm not one to ###### about the refs in a game and I'm not saying they cost Clemson the game last night. However, there was some shady stuff going on. Clemson had shot 3 FTs w/ 1 minute to play in the game. That's b.s. From a blog: DUKE AND NORTH CAROLINA PLAYED HOME BASKETBALL GAMES THIS WEEKEND AND THE BLUE DEVILS AND TAR HEELS COMBINED TO SHOOT 69 FREE THROWS WHILE THEIR OPPONENTS SHOT 20. DUKE AND NORTH CAROLINA COMBINED TO MAKE 51 FREE THROWS AND THEIR OPPONENTS MADE 10. Combined, they MADE 31 more FTs than their opponents attempted.
  9. bigmarc27

    OK Tarheel Boy

  10. bigmarc27

    OK Tarheel Boy

    75-66 w/ 5 minutes to go - just posting to say I hate Wayne Ellington
  11. bigmarc27

    OK Tarheel Boy

  12. bigmarc27

    New Owner in the league

    OP Forever! Also --> http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=308254
  13. bigmarc27

    Does Tarheel Boy still post here?

    Ellington hit a 3 with .4 left in OT. It was a hell of a game, though. Clemson has still yet to make the tourney since my time as a fan (freshman year was '99-'00) but I'm hopeful we can finally break that trend this year.
  14. I haven't been around in awhile, so I'm not sure. Either way, hell of a game by the Tarheels. Ellington was playing out of his mind. WE'LL SEE YOU IN CHAPEL HILL!
  15. bigmarc27

    Any plumbers?

    I actually think I need an electrician. I went home and checked the heating elements - one for sure had electricity running through it... trust me. It wasn't working, though. Then I switched the circuit on and off and I hear it start running again.